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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5668
Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 15/04/09 Five: 17/06/09

• Declan, Zeke and Bridget re bury the $20’000 in the allotments. Zeke says that Guy to him, Steph and Charlie hostage and shot Toadie in the back
• Toadie tells Zeke that Guy is on parole, but says not to worry as there’s no reason why he should show his face around here
• Steve and Toadie talk to Mickey and Toadie, who have a $50 note. They say they found a lot of money buried in the allotments
• Zeke tells Toadie about the money buried in the garden, hidden by Katya
• Guy looks at the article about the money in the Erinsborough News and focuses on the image of Callum
• Guy appears behind Zeke, asking where his sister and his money is

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's bedroom: Zeke checks his balance online, which is nowhere near the amount Guy wants. Susan enters with a pile of clothes and other bits and pieces, causing Zeke to jump and shut his laptop. Shaken by her sudden entry, he snaps at her, and annoyed, she leaves.

No 28: Immediately after the previous scene, Zeke enters the main room. Susan is folding laundry and Zeke offers to help, but she says she’s okay. He apologises for snapping at her. She seems to accept the apology buts asks Zeke what is going on with him. He replies that nothing is and at that point Sunny enters from the bedrooms. Susan asks her she slept all right and Sunny, not unkindly, says no. She goes to the kitchen, followed by Susan who says that Rebecca saw her yesterday and said she was lost. Susan reprimands Zeke for not showing Sunny around. Zeke says she seemed to be doing okay. Sunny says that she was at the radio station and she didn’t really want him around, to which Zeke makes a ‘you see?’ gesture to Susan. Susan won’t give up that easily, however, and tells the two teens that they should go and audition for the school play. Neither is happy about that. Sunny says she doesn’t do theatre, but Susan replies that it will give her a chance to see her new school. As Susan heads back into the bedrooms, she gives Zeke a ‘do it, or else’ look. Sunny comments that Zeke must want to be famous as well, getting involved with the play, to which Zeke hastily replies with a definite no. He asks Sunny what she would so if she needed money, and Sunny gives the offhand answer that she would get a loan.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Dan is reading an amateur dramatics book and looking very nervous.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Dan enters the hallway, where a group of students is gathered around, including Declan. He tells them what he wants them to do, naming classical characters Cassandra and Agamemnon, who he will be auditioning for. As the students head off, Steve approaches Dan. They enter the classroom...

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Steve congratulates Dan on the new job, but Dan says it all hangs on this play. Steve asks if there’s anything he can do to help and Dan says that’s why he called him, asking if Steve would be production manager. Steve is unwilling, saying he was a business to run. They joke that as it mostly involves saying no, Dan should ask Miranda. Dan asks if Steve would be able to build sets, but just then Cass and Donna enter with the other students, Donna wearing a toga, and Steve takes the opportunity to sneak off. Donna is clearly uncomfortable, as she is the only one in costume. She tells Cassandra that she told her she shouldn’t be. Cass shrugs it off, saying that Dan ought to see what it’ll look like on the night and then, when Dan says there are a number of other girls interested in the role, that the auditions are just a formality. She then starts showing Dan her designs for other costumes. Dan likes them, and asks Cassandra if she’d like to stick around to see the auditions and get a feel for the play. Donna is unhappy with this.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: A little later, Declan is standing at the front, reading for a role. He is not good at all, and the onlookers, who include Dan, Donna, Cass and Steve, agree, watching painfully. As he reaches the end of his performance, Declan pretends to stab himself and collapses on the floor, groaning. He gets up and asks Dan how he was. Dan says he’ll give him a call tomorrow. Declan asks if he should be hanging around the phone, to which Dan replies probably not, causing barely stifled giggles from the others. Declan grins and goes to sit by Donna. Dan says that Donna is up next. Dan is presently surprised when Donna says she knows the scene off by heart. Donna prepares to begin, but Cass pipes up, reminding Donna to project, and making Donna uncomfortable. Donna begins, looking away from Cass, who is sitting with Steve and Dan. Cass interrupts to tell Donna to turn and look at them. Dan asks Cassandra to be quiet. She apologises and mimes, zipping her lips shut and throwing away the key, giving Donna the thumbs up. Donna, very nervous, is about to continue when Cass jumps in again. Dan interrupts before she can speak, suggesting they take five, which Donna is relieved by. She heads into the corridor as Dan looks disapprovingly at Cass, who isn’t bothered at all. Donna stands in the corridor, unhappy.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's bedroom/Somewhere outdoors and secluded: Zeke is sitting on his bed with a roll of cash and Guy’s mobile number on a napkin. He dials it, and Guy answers. Zeke says he has $2’000, which annoys Guy, who demands the rest of his money. Zeke, getting riled, asks if he wants the $2’000 or not. Guy says they’ll call it a first instalment. They arrange to meet in one hour, at 11am, at the same place as they met this morning, Harold’s.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Donna is doing her audition, which is going very well. Everyone applauds as she finishes. As everyone surrounds her, congratulating her, Cass stays back, looking put out at her daughter’s success.

Outside Harold's Store: Toadie and Callum get a table outdoors. Toadie goes inside whilst Callum begins to clear the table, which still has the previous occupants’ rubbish on it. Guy appears from around the corner. He asks Callum if he’d like a hand with the table. Toadie comes back out to tell Callum that they’re out of blueberry muffins. He’s stopped in his tracks when he sees Guy. He tells Callum to come over to him. Callum says that Guy’s helping him, but Toadie repeats the instruction sharply and goes over to him. Toadie stands with his arm on Callum’s shoulder as Guy asks the boy if Toadie is his dad. Callum replies that that’s what he calls him, and asks if they know each other. Guy says that they go way back. Toadie, voice shaking a little, tells Guy to just stay away. Zeke enters the area, ready for his meeting with Guy. He sees Guy talking to Toadie, and Guy sees Zeke, and Zeke turns and runs off. Guy says that he knows who Callum is – he’s the boy who found the money. He tells Callum that if he doesn’t get his money, he’s going to come after him. Guy walks off, just as Elle approaches, leaving Callum and Toadie staring after him, scared and shocked.

No 28: Susan opens the door to Toadie, who is looking for Zeke. Susan says he has gone to audition for the school play. Toadie says he only just saw Zeke at Harold’s. Susan is surprised and asks if Sunny was with him – just as Zeke himself walks in from the garden. Susan asks what is going on and when Zeke doesn’t reply, Toadie tells her that Guy Sykes is back in town and Zeke was going to meet him. Susan is shocked. Zeke says that he had no choice. Susan asks if Guy is threatening him, but Zeke says not him, Katya. Zeke recaps the situation – Katya owed him money, Guy got arrested, and the money stayed buried. Susan says that they’re going straight to the police and heads to the phone, but Zeke tries to stop her. Toadie says the police have to handle it, and Zeke angrily replies that Guy is threatening his sister. Toadie asks how Zeke is going to protect and Zeke says he has money. Toadie asks if it’s enough and Zeke admits that it’s not. Susan says they’ll call the police, Sykes will go back to jail, and everyone will be safe. Meanwhile, Sunny has been listening to the whole conversation from the bedroom corridor.

Charlie's: Toadie, Steph and Callum are sitting at a table, where they’ve been filling Callum in on Guy Sykes and the bullet that is still in Toadie’s back. Callum is more excited about the bullet than scared. Toadie tells him to stay away from Guy. Callum gets a little nervous, asking if Toadie really thinks Guy will go after them. Toadie tries to reassure him, saying he likes to talk big. He sends Callum to get some chips. Steph asks if Toadie thinks Guy will stick around. Toadie says he doesn’t know and he’s just going to let the police deal with it. Elle enters and approaches them. Toadie is annoyed, knowing that she is there as a reporter. She asks what’s going on, but Toadie is already moving away to get Callum and they leave. Elle turns to Steph, who says she has customers waiting at the garage and also hurries out.

No 24: Cass is sitting on the sofa, doing costume designs. Donna is sitting in the kitchen, chatting happily on her phone about her audition. When Donna hangs up, Cass asks her to look at her designs, if she’s finished with her fan club. Donna goes to look, but as Cass begins to show her, Donna’s phone receives a text message. Cass looks put out as Donna tells her it’s Declan saying she did really well in her audition. There’s a knock on the door and Cass opens it to Dan. She asks if he’s come to see her sketches, but Dan says he has come to see Donna. He tells her that she is on the call back list and Donna jumps up and hugs him excitedly. He gives her the passage that they will be doing in the call backs. Donna looks uncertain, and says she doesn’t quite understand what Cassandra was feeling in this scene. Her phone rings again and Donna hurries to it. Dan says he has to run now anyway, but invites Donna to come over that evening and go over the scene with him. Dan leaves and Donna answers her phone, as Cass looks on, jealous.

No 28: Susan, Zeke and Toadie are sitting at the table with Senior Sergeant Belinda Caskey. The senior sergeant says that they can’t imprison Guy for what he might have inferred and they need solid evidence. She suggests Zeke sets up a meeting with him, saying he has the money, and they will tape record it. Susan is appalled and refuses to let Zeke put himself in danger. Susan says she’s lost Zeke once, and never again. Toadie suggests an intervention order, but Zeke says he will meet him, which Susan vigorously opposes. Zeke tells her that she has to let him – this is the only way they can get him off their backs for good. Susan turns to Toadie, asking if he agrees, and Toadie replies, unfortunately, yes.

No 22: In the kitchen, Elle shows Lucas a police photo of Guy Sykes, who asks if she is trying to put him off his lunch. Elle tells him that Guy Sykes is a lowlife, who she saw talking to Toadie earlier. She tries to get Lucas – who is adding shredded lettuce to his sandwich – to pay attention, saying that Guy blackmailed Zeke’s sister, Katya, and shot Toadie in the back. Lucas quips that it can’t have been a friendly conversation earlier then. Elle ignores him, going over to the living room window and pulling Lucas behind her. She says that there is an unmarked police car outside the Kennedy house. Lucas asks how she knows it’s a police car. Elle says it’s because she’s a journalist, but Lucas says she just looked inside. Elle defends herself – she has an inquiring mind and an eye for detail. Lucas sits down and takes a bite of his sandwich. Elle asks what is he doing, when the story of the month is taking place outside? He says he’s eating his lunch, so Elle strides to the counter to get Lucas’ camera, saying he’s not the only one who can take happy snaps. Lucas is horrified at his pictures being called happy snaps. Elle picks up the camera and looks at it, wondering if it’s charged. Lucas gets up, telling her to give it to him. Elle says he can just stay and eat his sandwich, but Lucas takes the camera from her, saying she doesn’t even know if it’s charged or not. She kisses him and walks out, Lucas following, still insulted by the happy snaps comment.

No 28/Somewhere outdoors and secluded: They are still sitting around the table, though now Sunny is on the couch. Zeke calls Guy, as Sunny looks on worriedly, and Guy asks what took Zeke so long. He says he had to explain himself to Toadie. Guy coolly replies that he’s dealt with Toadie before and he can again. He asks if Zeke has the money, and where he can pick it up. Zeke suggests Harold’s Store, but Guy laughs it off, saying he doesn’t want to run into anymore old friends. He says they can do it ‘here’. Guy is standing outside somewhere as he speaks, but Zeke assumes he means wherever Guy is staying, and is against the idea, which Caskey also warns against. Zeke tells Guy he wants to meet out of doors, but Guy says it’s not up to Zeke. Zeke replies that it’s take it or leave it. Annoyed, Guy agrees, and says he will meet Zeke at the old oval at 6 o’clock. Zeke hangs up and tells the others the arrangement. Caskey congratulates him, saying there’s only one road out, so they can pull him over as he leaves. Susan worries that the police will be too far away to help if anything goes wrong, but Zeke tries to reassure her that nothing will go wrong. He asks Caskey what to do next. She gives him a recorder that he must wear in the meeting. She tells him to try and make Guy make a threat or admit that the money is from criminal sources, but not to push it, as having the money should be enough to imprison him. Caskey prepares to leave, and Zeke goes to get a glass of water. Sunny joins him in the kitchen and asks if he’s okay. He says yeah, he is. She says he’s an idiot – she would have lent him the money. When he sceptically asks if she has $20’000, she admits she hasn’t. Caskey appears and hands Zeke a brown paper bag filled with cash. As he takes it, his gaze meets Susan’s anxious one, and he looks worried for the first time.

Ramsay Street - Elle's car: Lucas and Elle are in the car, Lucas with his camera at the ready. He asks what they’re doing and Elle replies that something is going to happen. When Lucas asks what, she doesn’t know. Lucas, not really buying into it, says but she knows that it something to do with “this Guy guy” and it will be the story of the year. Elle, faltering, says yes – he’s ‘shaking down’ Toadie or Zeke or someone, and Lucas laughs at her use of ‘shaking down’. Suddenly, Elle notices a taxi pull up, and though Lucas laughs at her interest, he raises his camera. He pictures Zeke heading to the taxi, followed by Susan and Toadie. As Zeke gets in the taxi, Elle grabs Lucas and kisses him so that the others won’t notice them watching. The taxi drives off and Elle starts her car, following Zeke.

No 28: Susan and Toadie re enter the house. Susan is regretting letting Zeke go and says Karl will never forgive her. Toadie says Zeke would have done it anyway. There’s a knock at the door and Toadie answers it to Steph. Toadie jumps, asking where Callum is – she was supposed to be looking after him. Steph says he’s with Libby and she just wanted to see how they were doing. Susan says she’s glad of the company. Steph says that the thought of Guy makes her turn to water and that Zeke is so brave. Susan replies that she doesn’t want him to be brave, she just wants him to be safe.

Top of the road leading to the Oval: Zeke has got out of his taxi and is standing with Caskey and another officer. Caskey turns on his recorder and tells him to put it in his pocket. Zeke gets back into the cab, which drives off. Caskey and the other officer watch him go.

The Oval: Zeke gets out of the taxi at the bottom of the road – just a few metres down. The taxi reverses back up. Zeke, with his backpack, heads out into the Oval. (There is a shot of Caskey and the other officer watching him from the top.) Zeke waits, looking around for Guy.

A little distance away, behind a wire fence, Elle and Lucas approach. They hide by a bush when they spot Zeke and Lucas takes some more photographs.

Guy arrives on a bicycle, watched by Caskey and the other officer from one direction, and Elle and Lucas from another. Guy reaches Zeke and asks for his money. Zeke takes it out of his backpack. Before he’ll give it to him, he tries to make Guy promise that he’ll leave Katya alone, but Guy just repeatedly asks for his money. Zeke asks how Kaya got the money, but Guy tells him not to worry about it. Zeke asks again.

As he speaks, Lucas and Elle move away from their bush because Lucas can’t get a clear shot. But they move right into the sight of Guy, who takes off quickly when he spots them. Zeke calls after him to just take the money, but Guy cycles off.

Caskey and the police officer run down from the top of the road. Zeke turns around and sees Lucas and Elle. He is furious, yelling “what the hell have you done” at them. The couple look a little nervous and abashed as Zeke angrily stuffs the money back into his bag.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Zeke Kinski, Stephanie Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Callum Jones, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Fletcher Humphrys as Guy Sykes, Elise Dickinson as Snr. Sgt. Belinda Caskey, Dennis Kruesler as Police Officer

Trivia Notes
• The play that the high school intends to perform is Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, a Greek tragedy

Summary by Sian