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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6814

Written by Libby Butler, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 06/02/14, Five: 20/02/14

ē Josh has an abseiling accident
ē Brad and Amber both blame Mason for Joshís accident
ē Brad requests a sports surgeon to operate on Josh
ē Brad asks Brennan who is to blame for the accident
ē Kyle breaks up with Kate telling her he is in love with Georgia
ē Kate is surprised when she bumps into Brennan at the hospital

Erinsborough Hospital - Triage: Kate and Brennan sit down in a side room to catch up. She asks Brennan what he was doing at the scene of Joshís abseiling accident. Brennan explains heís been road tripping through the area since he sold the abseiling business; things werenít panning out for him in Sydney. Kate asks about Sienna, Brennan tells her they broke up a month ago; it was a mutual decision. The conversation becomes awkward when Brennan asks Kate how she has been. He mentions her break up with Mason and when he asks her if she is seeing anyone yet she is evasive and makes an excuse to leave.

Erinsborough Hospital - Josh's Room: : Terese has fallen asleep at Joshís bedside but Josh is awake and hasnít managed to get any sleep. Terese suggests that he gives himself another dose of pain medication but Josh admits it isnít the pain keeping him awake but his worry that the surgery may not work. He is worried that he may not swim again; it is only 5 months till the Commonwealth Games. Terese reassures him; Brad has researched the specialist surgeon and he has successfully worked on many Olympians in the past. She tells him he will be back in the pool before he knows it and he should get more sleep, although when Josh closes his eyes Terese appears worried.

Harold's Store: Amber, Matt and Lauren are discussing Josh and his impending surgery. Amber is not sure whether to visit again before he goes into theatre as she is worried he will kick her out again, but Lauren assures her he will want her there as he was probably just scared before and didnít want Amber to see him in pain. Mason offers to go with her to the hospital but Amber snaps at him, asking why he thinks Josh would want him there. Mason leaves, upset that he is being blamed, with Matt following him to check he is ok. Lauren tells Amber that Mason was only trying to be nice but Amber doesnít think it makes up for what he did to Josh. Lauren and Lou both think that Mason isnít to blame for the accident and that Josh should take responsibility for his actions. Amber still believes it is Masonís fault as Josh would never have been abseiling if it wasnít for Mason pushing him to do it.

Erinsborough Hospital - Josh's Room: The sports surgeon, Dr Croker, has arrived and is asking Josh how he felt through the night. Josh says it was pretty tough. Dr Croker is positive about the surgery and after looking at the CT scans, he is confident that the humorous can be reset easily. The tears in Joshís shoulder are the tricky part but if he does an arthroscopy he can get a better look at the injury and repair the torn tendons at the same time. Brad questions whether he thinks Josh will be able to swim after this, the surgeon says nothing in the scans is telling him otherwise; it looks like a standard procedure. Dr Croker leaves telling them that theatre is booked for half an hour. Brad is glad they waited for the specialist surgeon to arrive and Terese agrees that he seems confident. Josh asks Brad to call Amber for him before he goes to theatre.

Erinsborough Hospital - Josh's Room: Josh apologises to Amber for being an idiot, he was scared he wouldnít be able to swim again and it freaked him out. Amber isnít mad at him, sheís glad he told her the truth. Josh wishes they had spent more time together on the camping trip instead of worrying about what Imogen and Mason were getting up to. Amber reassures him they can make up for it when he is recovered. The nurses arrive to take Josh to surgery and he asks Amber to be there when he wakes up. She thought she had made it clear to him that she isnít going anywhere.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Kate walks into Brennan again. She explains she still lives with Kyle and Chris but is just staying with Paul in the Penthouse for a while. Brennan makes a joke about Kyleís untidiness, which makes Kate look uncomfortable and she says that isnít exactly the reason she moved out. Kate questions why Brennan hasnít left Erinsborough yet and when he says he wants to catch up with Kyle she tries to put him off saying that Kyle is really busy and probably wonít have time to see him. Brennan asks Kate if she wants to get some breakfast and have a proper catch up, but she makes an excuse not to go. He tells her that if he doesnít get to see her before he goes she should take care of herself, she says the same to him then leaves.

Erinsborough Hospital - Triage: Brad, Terese and Amber tell Josh they love him, he says he loves them too then is wheeled off to surgery. Amber goes to the cafeteria, leaving Brad and Terese alone to discuss Josh and his injury. Terese is still angry with Brad as she feels he pressured Josh into waiting for the sports surgeon, which meant she had to sit there watching him struggle with the pain all night. Terese asks Brad if he realises how hard it was for her to do that. Brad said he offered to do it but Terese wanted him to go home to look after Imogen. Brad insists that waiting for the specialist was Joshís decision but Terese saw how scared he was through the night and Brad didnít. Brad reassures Terese that she has got Josh through the worst of this now; Dr Croker said it was a standard procedure and it will be smooth sailing from here. Even though Brad reassures her it will all be fine, Terese is still concerned.

No 32 - Kitchen: Lou asks Mason if heís still upset about what Amber said. Mason says itís hard not to be as Amber is convinced the whole accident was Masonís fault. Imogen walks in just as Lou is blaming Josh, saying he has a big ego. She laughs this off and agrees with Lou. Mason and Imogen flirt with each other and eventually Lou realises he is in the way and leaves. Imogen tells Mason she doesnít blame him, it was Joshís call although Mason is starting to wonder if he messed up the rig. Imogen doesnít think that and tries to reassure Mason. He thanks her for the pep talk and then kisses her.

Erinsborough Hospital - Triage: Brad and Terese sit waiting for Josh as Imogen enters apologising for being late. Terese says there is no news yet but asks where Imogen has been. Imogen says it just took her longer than expected to get there and doesnít tell them she was with Mason. Dr Croker comes out of theatre and when Brad asks how the operation went they are told that the tears were deeper than expected. They did their best to repair them but itís likely there will be some stiffness in the joint and it is highly unlikely Josh will regain enough power in his left shoulder to be able to compete again at the top level. Brad asks about rehab and physio but the surgeon says it isnít that type of injury and given the amount of cartilage he had to remove it will never get back to what it was. He is sorry and he knows they were hoping for a better outcome. Brad is angry and lashes out at the surgeon, saying he thinks as Josh is so young he thinks his body will bounce back, but Dr Croker disagrees. He offers to go in and talk to Josh but Terese says they will do it; it is better coming from them. Brad shouts after the Dr telling him heís wrong, he tells Terese and Imogen that Josh is special and he will beat this.

Erinsborough Hospital - Josh's Room: Terese asks Josh how he is feeling as he comes round from the anaesthetic. Heís groggy but keen to hear how it went. Terese is about to tell him the truth but Brad interrupts and tells him he will be fine and will make a full recovery. Josh smiles and asks when he can get back in the pool. Brad tells him a few weeks of rehab should do it. Terese is clearly not happy that Brad has lied to Josh and asks to speak to him outside.

Erinsborough Hospital - Outside Josh's Room: Terese asks Brad what he is doing. Brad doesnít want to tell him the truth but Terese thinks it is unfair to lie to him. Brad thinks itís about positive thinking, mind over body. Terese thinks heís acting as a coach not a father but Brad says he is being a father and she needs to trust him on this. They canít give up when Josh has worked so hard.

Harold's Store: Imogen has just told Mason the news about Joshís surgery, and he wishes there was something he could do for him. Imogen says there isnít anything he can do but she has to go now as she promised she would video call Piper to tell her what was going on. Imogen refers to their earlier kiss and says they should pick up on it later, Mason agrees. Imogen leaves, passing Georgia as she enters the store. Georgia asks Kate if she is waiting for someone but she is there alone. Georgia wrongly assumes that Kyle has told Kate about the baby so she tells Kate she wants to discuss it to get the awkward conversation out of the way. It soon becomes clear that Kate doesnít know about the baby and Georgia feels even more awkward. Kate says itís great news and congratulates her. Georgia tells Kate she realises it isnít great timing with Kate and Kyle being in a relationship but this makes Kate upset. She gets up quickly and says she has to get out of there, running out of the store.

Lassiter's Complex: Kate runs out of the store crying and into the arms of Brennan. He comforts her and asks what is wrong. She apologises for crying on him but says there is nothing he can do and runs off to the penthouse.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul is comforting Kate as she believes Kyle broke up with her because she canít give him children and he only said he was still in love with Georgia to save her feelings. Kate goes to bed to try to forget the horrible day she has had. Paul is surprised to see Brennan walk out of the lift into his apartment. He is there to check on Kate as he just saw her upset outside. When Paul tells him that she doesnít want to see anyone, Brennan says he will wait. Paul explains that Kate is going through a very emotional break up from Kyle and Brennan realises thatís why she is staying at the penthouse with Paul. Paul tells Brennan the last thing Kate wants is an ex-boyfriend hanging around and calls him the lift.

Erinsborough Hospital - Triage: Brad calls work and tells them heíll be in later this afternoon. Still angry at him, Terese says at least he is being honest with someone and she is glad to see where his priorities lie! Mason enters; he has brought a gift for Josh and wants to see him. Brad tries to discourage him from going in but Terese tells him to go ahead, Josh would really appreciate it.

Erinsborough Hospital - Josh's Room: Josh tells Mason he didnít expect to see him. Mason just wants to see how he is doing and tell him he is really sorry about everything. Mason tells Josh he is handling everything well and he would be shattered if he discovered his career was over. It becomes clear that Josh doesnít know what he is talking about. Mason tries to back track but it is too late. Mason tells Josh the truth, leading to Josh shouting and wanting to know why he hasnít been told this before. When Brad and Terese come rushing in, Josh asks them if what Mason is saying is true. Brad finally admits there is a high probability his shoulder wonít return to how it was but still insists he could make a full recovery as doctors get these types of things wrong all the time. Josh is angry saying he could lose everything because of Mason, when he starts getting worked up Terese ushers Mason out of the room. Brad says it wonít be easy but Josh doesnít normally give up; they are in for a fight but Brad knows how determined Josh is. Brad believes Josh will still make the games but Josh needs to believe it too. They agree that Josh has got a tough few months ahead.

Ramsay Street: Brad bumps into Brennan who has just been to Kyleís house. Brad asks if he has thought anymore about what may have happened with Josh. Brennan doesnít want to get involved but in his experience most accidents are caused by first timers using the equipment wrongly. However, the most likely explanation is that the rig was set up incorrectly leading Brad to look to the Turner house shaking his head.

No 32 - Kitchen: Brad has gone to see Mason. Mason apologises again but Brad tells him he didnít come for his apologies. His sonís career could be over because of Mason and his petty jealousy; heís not going to let this slide. Mason protests his innocence but Brad tells him to save his excuses for court as he is going to need all the help he can get.

Featured Regular Characters: Kate Ramsay, Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Mason Turner, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter, Imogen Willis, Georgia Brooks, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Philip Hayden as Dr Anthony Croker

Trivia Notes
ē Unseen characters Piper Willis and Brennan's ex-girlfriend Sienna are mentioned

Summary by Nicola