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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6815

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 07/02/14, Five: 21/02/14

Mason tells Josh that his shoulder is never going to get better
Brad tells Mason that he's suing him
Kate is devastated to learn of Georgia's pregnancy, and cries on Brennan's shoulder
Brennan finds out that Kate and Kyle have just broken up

Fitzgerald Motors: As Chris works on a car, Brennan chats to Kyle, who says that he and Kate weren't together for long, but he feels terrible about how upset she is. He asks if this is a bit too weird for Brennan, who insists that he and Kate are ancient history and asks if the guys want to get some lunch. He admits that he isn't sure what he's going to do now - he has some money from the sale of the abseiling business, but he has no firm plans for the future. Kyle tells him to stick around in Erinsborough, and offers him the spare room at number 26, but Brennan says that he'll probably just leave town once his car's been serviced.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Terese is going through some paperwork and tells receptionist Wendy that she'll be out for the afternoon. Wendy then mentions that she needs access to the list of emergency temps, as Mason Turner hasn't turned up for work, claiming to be unwell. Terese says that he should know better and tries calling him.

Lassiter's Complex: Lauren says that she'll get Mason to call Terese if she sees him - Terese, however, says that he should call his supervisor, as she'll be at the hospital with Josh for the rest of the day. Lauren asks after Josh, and Terese says that he's doing as well as can be expected in the circumstances, but she gets annoyed when Lauren says that all of the Turners are thinking of him. Lauren insists that Mason wouldn't throw a sickie at a time like this, but he is under a lot of pressure. She adds that she's sure that Mason would never do anything to deliberately hurt Josh, and that surely blaming him won't make Josh any better. Terese says that she can't discuss this, and she walks away.

Fitzgerald Motors: Brennan is planning a quick patch job on the hole in his car's radiator, as Danni arrives. Chris introduces them, and Brennan's surprised to learn that Lucas has sold up, mentioning that he used to let him work on his bike at the garage in his free time. Danni says that it's a wonder Lucas ever made any money, given the amount of freebies he gave to his mates - Chris quickly tries to cover, claiming that Brennan offered to help with the backlog, if he could work on his own car too. Brennan goes along with it, and tells Danni that he has his mechanic's certificate, so she agrees to him sticking around and helping for the day.

No 26: Kate is trying to sneak into the house to collect some of her belongings, but she runs into Kyle. She says that she thought he'd be out, and explains that she's decided to move out permanently. Kyle understands, but asks if they can still be friends - Kate thinks he'll have more important things to think about, with a baby on the way. He's surprised that she knows about it, but they're interrupted by Sheila, who quickly makes herself scarce when she hears the topic of conversation. Kate says that she realises why Kyle broke up with her - Georgia can offer him fatherhood, which is something she couldn't do. She goes off to her room, and Sheila tries to support Kyle, but he just says that neither Kate nor Georgia wants anything to do with him, and he's made a complete mess of everything.

No 30: Sheila arrives to see Georgia, saying that she knows she shouldn't be interfering, but she thinks it's very unfair of her to cut Kyle out of the baby's life, when he so desperately wants to have a part in it. She says that Kyle's father wasn't around much when he was growing up, and that Georgia is going to need a lot of help and support when the baby arrives. Georgia, however, says that she has to put herself and the baby first and right now, Kyle's needs can't be her top priority. Sheila, defeated, walks out of the house.

No 32: Matt and Lauren are trying to get in touch with Mason, but he isn't answering his phone. Bailey walks in and says that he saw Mason earlier, and he mentioned Brad's threats to sue him. Lauren says that she got the same impression from Terese earlier, that the Willises are blaming Mason for the accident, and she can't believe that they could lay that amount of guilt on someone, when it was clearly an accident. Matt, too, is completely furious with the way that Brad has dealt with this.

No 22 - Back Garden: Matt is telling Brad that, although he understands how upset he is about Josh, it isn't fair to blame Mason. Brad insists that it wasn't an accident, and that Mason has always had it in for Josh - Matt thinks this is ludicrous, and says that there's no evidence that Mason did anything wrong. Brad then points out that Mason is a convicted criminal, and Matt gets angry, but they're interrupted by Terese, who can't believe that Matt is in her home, behaving like this. Matt simply tells her that Brad had a go at Mason, who's now gone missing.

No 32: Lauren is still trying to get through to Mason, as Matt arrives back, furious with the way Brad spoke to him. Lauren can't believe that Matt went and spoke to Brad, but admits that she's more concerned about Mason's whereabouts. Bailey suspects that his brother just needs to clear his head, but Matt still can't understand how anyone can blame Mason for the accident - Lauren says that there were clearly other things going on, and that there's always been an atmosphere between Josh and Mason, but Matt won't accept that Mason is to blame, as it was Josh's decision to abseil, and he isn't going to allow Brad to shift the blame.

Fitzgerald Motors: Chris is complaining about the number of cars they still have to get through, and asks Danni to think again about employing someone else. She and Chris both look to Brennan, who says that it's a very tempting offer, but he just wants to fix his car and continue his road trip.

No 26: Georgia arrives to visit Kyle - he's surprised to see her and invites her in. She immediately apologises for telling Kate about the baby, admitting that she thought she already knew. Kyle says that it's not her fault, and then admits that he and Kate have broken up, which is why he didn't say anything about the baby, as he didn't want her to get the wrong idea. Georgia understands, and says that it took her a while to get her head around it too. Kyle insists that he'll be there for her with whatever she and the baby need, but Georgia starts to struggle with the situation and goes to leave. Kyle stops her and asks if she'd like to go for a walk, and have a chat about things properly.

Lassiter's Complex: Kyle and Georgia are sitting outside Harold's, talking about her morning sickness and cravings, as Kate walks by. Neither of them sees her, and she quickly darts into Charlie's. Kyle asks if he can come to Georgia's next hospital appointment, and she agrees, and suggests that he read up on pregnancy. He says that he might find it easier to watch a DVD, but Georgia just smiles and tells him that'll come after they attend birthing classes. They continue to chat and laugh, but when Kyle suggests that she could come over for dinner and they could discuss their future, Georgia tells him that they're no longer a couple, and they won't be getting back together because of the baby. Kyle tells Georgia that he loves her, but she says that he can always be a part of their baby's life, but nothing else is going to happen.

Harold's Store: Lauren continues to try calling Mason, and Matt continues to blame Brad for the situation. Bailey shows them an article on the front paper of the local newspaper, about Josh's shattered swimming hopes. Matt says that he's more concerned about Mason right now, but Lauren points out that this must be incredibly difficult for the Willises, and she hopes that they can find some way to fix this mess, as the families live across the street and are tied together through Josh and Amber.

Erinsborough Hospital: Brad is in the waiting room, angrily talking to journalist Ruby on the phone about the article, telling her that it's nothing but speculation. Lauren comes in and says that she can't believe they get away with making stuff up like that, and tells Brad that she's brought some snacks and magazines, and is happy to help with anything else the family needs. She asks if there's been any change with Josh, as she'd like to let Mason know - Brad turns on her, saying that he's not going to help to alleviate Mason's guilt, then he walks out, saying that he wants nothing to do with any of the Turners.

Charlie's: Kate has been drinking alone, and Sheila tries to persuade her to eat something. A guy then comes and sits with Kate and starts cracking on to her. He wants to buy her a drink, but she turns him down. He continues to hassle her, but then Brennan walks in and gets rid of the guy. Rather than be grateful, Kate is annoyed, saying that she could have dealt with him on her own. Brennan explains that he heard about what happened with Kyle and he's just trying to be a friend to her, but she tells him to stay away.

Fitzgerald Motors: Chris and Danni are almost finished for the night, when Brennan calls in. He tells them that, if the offer's still open, he'd like to take the job. Danni's very pleased to hear it, and Brennan explains to Chris that he realised that he'd need to start earning some money sooner or later. Chris wonders if Brennan has another reason for sticking around - he says that he'd forgotten just how much he likes being in Erinsborough...

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Laura McIntosh as Danni Ferguson, Robin Darch as James Spector, Danielle Butlin as Wendy Barkley

Trivia Notes
Past character Lucas Fitzgerald is mentioned

Summary by Steve

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