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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6823

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 19/02/14, Five: 05/03/14

Mason and Imogen keep their relationship a secret
Amber mistakenly believes that Imogen's bracelet is for her
Toadie and Sonya fall out over her plans to become a convenor
Nell walks for the first time, and Toadie ignores Sonya's call

Ramsay Street: Toadie arrives home, and Sonya runs outside to greet him, asking why he didn't answer any of her calls. He says that he was on the computer, and she tells him that Nell took her first steps. Toadie's very disappointed to have missed it, but Sonya says that she'll do an encore performance when she gets up from her naps - and says that Callum filmed the whole thing, so it'll be like Toadie was there anyway.

No 32 - Kitchen: Mason and Imogen are together, but she admits that she can't relax, as she's worried that someone might walk in on them. He agrees, and says that he's been thinking about them finding somewhere nice to be alone, suggesting that he could book a room at Lassiter's with his staff discount. Realising what this means, Imogen looks a bit worried, but eventually says that she's ready, so Mason says that he'll make the arrangements. They're about to kiss when they hear someone coming, so they both jump up from the couch, and Amber walks in, surprised to find Imogen there. Imogen claims that she's come over to work on an assignment together, which is news to Amber, who knows that Imogen hates doing homework with her. Mason then leaves, telling Amber that he needs to take care of a booking, and smiling at Imogen as he goes. She, however, doesn't look completely convinced.

No 32 - Kitchen: A bit later, Amber is complaining about the assignment, when Imogen suddenly asks for her advice on sleeping with someone. She asks - hypothetically - when you know you're ready to do it, and Amber immediately asks her if she's still seeing Isaac. Imogen says that she's not that stupid, and Amber then asks if it's Liam from school, but Imogen reminds her that this is just a hypothetical question. Amber says that she realises this is real, and asks Imogen where she met this guy. Imogen claims to have been online dating and says that the guy is really special, but she isn't sure if she's ready. Amber tells her that probably means that it just isn't the right time yet.

Harold's Store: Lauren finds Amber on the laptop, searching for Imogen's online dating profile. She explains that things seem to be getting serious for Imogen and this guy, but it all seems a bit weird as she hasn't said anything until now. Amber recounts her earlier conversation to her mum, and Lauren thinks it was great advice. Matt then walks in, and, once Amber's gone, Lauren tells him that she's just found out something about Imogen and thinks that Terese deserves to know.

No 30: Toadie is watching the video of Nell's first steps, again, and Sonya comes into the room and tells him that he'll wear it out if he's not careful. He says that he wishes he could have been there - Sonya replies that he shouldn't beat himself up, as he was working hard for his family. He then admits that he was actually playing a game on the computer, and ignoring her calls, because he was angry. She asks why, and he explains that he spoke to Lauren and found out about the convenor job, and he can't believe she's abandoning her family like this yet again. She says that she phoned Bob and turned down the convenor job, so Toadie says that obviously there's no problem then, but Sonya isn't happy. She says that she really wanted to take the job - Toadie reminds her of all her other commitments, but she says that she's an addict and will always be an addict, and reaching out to other people is just something she needs to do. Toadie tells her that she can reach out to him, but she explains that she needs people, like Lucas, who understood what she was going through and her fears. Toadie says that it seems like he's not enough for her, but she tells him that she loves him, Callum and Nell, but if he can't understand why this is so important to her, then maybe they have a serious problem.

No 30: Later, Toadie and Susan are having tea and cake, and he's telling her about his problems with Sonya, and how much she's struggling without Lucas. He says that he just wants her to get everything she needs from him, like his parents do, but Susan says that sometimes you just can't get everything you need from your partner. She says that she and Karl have separate friends and interests, but Toadie reminds her that they've been separated three times, and the most recent time was because of her friendship with Jim Dolan. Susan points out that there were other problems too, and maybe they could have stayed together if she'd articulated them, and if Karl had been more open-minded. She tells Toadie to put aside his ideas of the perfect relationship, and just keep an open mind.

Harold's Store: Terese walks in, and as Lauren makes her drink, Terese apologises for all the recent problems with Mason. She checks that they're still friends, and says that Brad and Josh will come round too, eventually. Lauren then says that, in the interests of parental solidarity, she's found something out about Imogen that Terese deserves to know. She explains that Imogen told Amber that she has a boyfriend and is planning to sleep with him. Terese's face shows that she knew nothing about this, and she admits that Imogen has been a little out of sorts lately - she thanks Lauren for the information and looks quite concerned.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Amber turns up and finds Josh on a break, so they sit down for a chat. She says that she's glad that recent events haven't come between them, and tells him that every time she looks at her new bracelet, she thinks of him. He looks confused and asks why, and she says that it's because he gave it to her. He says that all he gave her was the card and the rose, and now he understands why she was so excited. She wonders who bought it - and for whom - and Josh tells her that she's found herself a mystery to solve.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Terese tells receptionist Glen that she's leaving work early, but he stops her to ask about the staff discount. She tells him that it went up to 15% in January, and Glen says that Mason's going to be even happier, as he's just booked the Honeymoon Suite. Glen says that Mason claimed that he was just booking it for himself, but he's bound to sneak a girl in there. He then goes to deal with a hotel guest, and Terese takes a look at the booking, with a worried expression on her face.

No 32: Amber dangles the bracelet in front of Mason and says that she's worked out, by a process of elimination, that he's the one who bought it. She adds on that she's also worked out that Mason and Imogen have been secretly seeing each other - Mason confirms that they've been together since the camping trip, and also tells a worried Amber that he isn't just using Imogen to get back at Josh. Amber then tells him that Imogen might be smart, but she's also inexperienced, and that he shouldn't push her into anything that she's not ready for.

Dingoes' Den Gym: As Brad is finishing a call with the solicitor, Terese arrives looking for Imogen. Brad says that he hasn't seen her, but then breaks the news that the hire company are only offering a token amount of compensation, as Mason didn't fill in the forms. Terese agrees with the solicitor's opinion that they should accept it, and says that they can then end all this tension with the Turners. Josh, however, sarcastically says that them all being friends again isn't going to fix things, and he leaves for his therapy appointment.

No 30: Toadie is putting away the cake, telling Sonya that Susan brought it over, to celebrate Nell's first steps. She says that she's sorry, but she hasn't changed her mind about accepting the convenor's job - Toadie tells her that he's happy for her to take it, if that's what she wants. Sonya is surprised, and Toadie admits that he can't understand her completely, as he just isn't wired in the same way as an addict, but he realises that this is something she needs to do. Sonya thanks him, saying that him admitting that has made her feel like maybe he does understand her. They kiss and make up, and Sonya gets herself some cake.

Lassiter's Lake: Mason tells Imogen that he's booked the hotel room but from the look on her face, he can tells that she isn't keen on the idea. She says that she does like the idea, but just not yet. He admits to being disappointed, but he knows it'll be worth the wait. He then tells her that Amber's worked out their secret but she's going to keep quiet. Imogen isn't convinced that she'll be able to manage that, but Mason just tells her that soon they'll be able to tell everyone, and get their love lock engraved, then they'll be together forever. He hugs Imogen, who doesn't look entirely thrilled with the prospect.

No 22 - Back Garden: As Imogen sits down with a book, Terese starts grilling her on where she's been. She claims to have been with her friend, Michaela, and that her phone battery died, but Terese presents her suspicions that she was actually with Mason, and that she's planning to sleep with him. Imogen explains that Mason did book a hotel room, but he cancelled it when she told him that she wasn't ready. As Josh and Brad walk in, they catch the end of this conversation, and Josh is horrified to hear what Imogen's been up to with Mason. Imogen is left shocked as Josh tells her that she's a traitor.

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Luke Jacka as Glen Darby

Trivia Notes
Imogen and Amber have a classmate called Liam Hodges
Past characters Lucas Fitzgerald, Jim Dolan, Angie Rebecchi and Big Kev Rebecchi are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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