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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6840

Written by James Walker, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 14/03/14, Five: 28/03/14

Amber tells Josh to stop taking the drugs
Amber tells Brad, and Josh says that he'll never forgive her for it
Chris learns about his mum's gambling problem, furious that Sonya didn't tell him
Rebecca tries to resist Paul's advances
Rebecca and Paul share a kiss

Lassiter's Hotel: Rebecca wakes up, relieved to find that Paul has gone, only for him to come in the door with some breakfast for her. He says that he's never been happier than he is right now, and declares that he's decided not to do any work today. She tells him that she'll still need to work, as she has a conference call with the Sydney office later, but Paul suggests that she might be able to give up her job soon, and asks her to move back to Erinsborough. He says that he knows that there's still a lot to work on, but he's sure that they can do it, and he tells her to think about it, before going upstairs to check on Kate.

No 26 - Back Garden: Chris is having breakfast with his mum, asking her about her plans for the day, and she realises that he's checking up on her. She says that she can look after herself, and he'll need to tone it down a bit as George is due back from Greece soon - she doesn't want him to know about anything that's gone on in his absence. Chris thinks that she should tell him, as maybe with the strength of her family behind her, she can beat this. Patricia, however, is adamant that she doesn't want George to know.

Park: Josh is running in the park, when he gets a sudden pain in his shoulder. He forces himself to continue, but then has to stop again as he receives a text from Imogen, telling him to meet her at Harold's in ten minutes.

Harold's Store: A worried Chris is asking Toadie if he's heard anything further about Patricia's case - Toadie tells him that it's still set to take place in two weeks' time and that Chris shouldn't be concerned, as she has a very good chance of getting off without a conviction. Chris thanks Toadie and leaves, and then Sonya also thanks her husband for how supportive he's been recently. She suggests that they make plans to watch a wrestling tournament on TV later that day. As they walk out, Josh arrives to find that Imogen is sitting with Amber. He tries to leave, but Imogen forces him to sit down. Amber and Josh immediately start to bicker, and Imogen says that maybe they're just both in the wrong, so they should accept it and start talking properly. She then says that they need to hurry, as there isn't much time, and she leaves. The couple sit in silence, and Josh's phone starts to ring.

Erinsborough Hospital - Car Park: Brad complains that Josh still isn't answering his phone, and the orthopaedic surgeon won't like to be kept waiting. Terese tells him to relax, but he says that it's difficult with everything that's happened lately. Terese agrees that the situation with Lauren is a mess and that she's struggling to deal with it, but Brad says that it's hard for him too, as he lost a child he never even knew he had. Terese agrees, but says that they need to think about their own kids and how they're going to cope with this - if the news from the surgeon isn't good, then Josh is going to need a lot of support. Brad says that they can't keep it from them forever, and they go into the hospital, with Brad again trying to call his son.

Harold's Store: Amber asks Josh what Imogen meant, when she said that there isn't much time - she asks if he needs to be somewhere, but he says that he doesn't. She tells him that she was only trying to look out for him and asks if he can honestly say that he was no longer tempted to take the medication - Josh is silent, which Amber takes as confirmation that she's right. She says that she doesn't want to fight; she just wants to support him and his recovery - she goes and sits next to him and says that she believes in him, and she knows that he'll recover from these setbacks. Josh thanks her, and then reads a text from his dad, before putting his phone down. Amber asks if he's going to respond, as someone is clearly trying to get hold of him, but he says that they should go to the movies. Amber tells Josh that she loves him, and he says the same back to her.

Lassiter's Complex: Chris is sitting outside Charlie's, when Patricia tracks him down with the money she borrowed from him. He asks if she's been gambling, and she reminds him that she does have a job, but clearly he no longer trusts her. She says that she needs him to trust her, and that his support has helped her to turn a corner with this problem. Chris apologises, and promises that he'll try to trust her from now on.

Harold's Store: Susan and Rebecca bump into each other, just as Rebecca is about to leave. Susan talks about how she's at a loose end, as Karl's away in London, and suggests that they could meet up later. She quickly realises that Rebecca is trying to avoid talking to her and asks if something's happened, quickly jumping to the conclusion that Rebecca's fallen for Paul's charms again. Rebecca can't deny it, and she sits Susan down and breaks the news that she spent last night with him. Susan is shocked and tells Rebecca that she's mad, though Rebecca tries to justify why she did it, and says that it feels like she's recaptured a moment in time, and that all of the bad stuff never happened. Susan asks if she's thinking about getting back together with Paul - Rebecca admits that she isn't sure; she has feelings for Paul but she doesn't know if it's love.

Charlie's: Susan tracks down Paul, and says that she's just been speaking to Rebecca. She declares the whole situation to be madness, but Paul insists that he isn't just deluding himself, and he knows that he can't just magically make everything perfect again. He says that he needs to show Rebecca that he's changed, but Susan says that Rebecca's heard all that before. Paul then points out that Susan and Karl's marriage has hardly been perfect, and that he doesn't need to justify anything to Susan anyway.

Erinsborough Hospital - Car Park: Brad and Terese are leaving after the appointment, and Terese is on the phone to Imogen, who says that she last saw Josh at Harold's a little while ago. They realise that Josh must have chickened out, worried that the news would be bad. Terese says that she can hardly blame Josh, as the news did turn out to be bad, and they decide to go home and tell him together.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Rebecca arrives to see Paul, very impressed with the spread he's had laid on for lunch. He says that he's got an even more impressive banquet prepared for the Twin Cities announcement dinner later in the week at the mayoral chambers. Rebecca jokes that Paul only became mayor for the networking and fancy dinners - Paul says that it did play a part, but there's also a lot of boring paperwork. He says that being mayor of Erinsborough was a role he was born to play - he asks if she has similar dreams, telling her that if she moves back, he can make them happen for her, and that Declan and India can move back too. Rebecca points out that these are some very big changes he's asking her to make, and he says that he just wants her to see how much he's changed.

Erinsborough History Wall: Patricia and Sonya meet up, and Patricia breaks the news that she won't be attending any more GA meetings. She explains that George will be back next week and it'll be impossible to hide this from him if she's always out at the meetings. Sonya thinks that Patricia's kidding herself - she's nowhere near ready to be going cold turkey. Patricia thanks Sonya for her concern, but stands up to leave, saying that she's made up her mind and she'd appreciate it if Sonya could respect that.

Harold's Store: Josh and Amber are chatting about the movie they've just seen, and he notices that he's got seven missed calls from his dad. She asks why they came to Harold's and didn't just go home, and Josh claims that he wanted to buy her a slice of cake, for being such a great girlfriend. Amber, however, gets a text and says that she has to go as she has a surprise to organise. As she leaves, Toadie and Sonya come in, to buy snacks for the wrestling tournament. Sonya then spots Chris sitting at one of the tables, looking depressed, and she gets Toadie's permission to go over and talk to him. Sonya tells Chris about Patricia going cold turkey, and he says that it'll be because his dad is about to come home. He admits that he doesn't know how to deal with any of this, and asks Sonya for advice, just as Toadie walks over, arms full of snacks. He tells Sonya to stay and help Chris, and she says that she'll be home to watch the wrestling as soon as she can.

No 30: Toadie gets a text from Sonya, saying that she's still with Chris and she'll be home soon. He and Nell then sit down together to watch the wrestling.

Lassiter's Complex: Rebecca is standing and staring up at the mezzanine, having flashbacks to the night she pushed Paul. Susan then walks by, interrupting Rebecca's thoughts, and Rebecca claims that she was just looking up at the sail Paul had installed over the outdoor area. They sit down, and Susan apologises if she seemed judgmental earlier, then starts talking about how shocked she was, before realising that she's sounding judgmental again. Rebecca says that she's glad to have someone looking out for her - Susan admits that she spoke to Paul and she believes that his reasons for wanting Rebecca back are genuine. She then admits that she's worried about Rebecca's reasons - she wonders if she's trying to make up for past mistakes. Rebecca says that she genuinely believes that there could be a chance for her and Paul to make things work. Susan accepts this and leaves, and Rebecca then looks up at the mezzanine again.

No 22: Imogen, Brad and Terese are all worried about Josh, who then walks into the house. He tries to go straight upstairs, but they stop him and Terese says that he needs to hear what the specialist said. Josh learns that his shoulder isn't healing well, and he made things worse by exercising under a blanket of painkillers, so he'll never swim professionally again. Josh declares that he wants a second opinion - Terese tells him that they could get one hundred more opinions and they'd all be the same, but Josh says that he's still on the Commonwealth team, and he's going to pass the physical - he can't give up on this.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Chris Pappas, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Katerina Kotsonis as Patricia Pappas

Trivia Notes
Past characters Declan Napier and India Napier are mentioned
Several flashbacks from episode 6021 are shown

Summary by Steve

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