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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6860

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 11/04/14, Five: 25/04/14

• Chris is angry that he got cut off from his skype call with Hudson and he has to deal with everything by himself
• Naomi lands a contract in Chile for Toadie but Sonya doesn’t want him to have a lot of travel
• Naomi talks to Sonya to convince her to let Toadie take on the Chilean contract
• Naomi, Toadie & Sonya celebrate winning the contract with Toadie thanking Sonya for encouraging him to go for it
• Doug Willis tells Josh he is there to teach him the basics of his trade

Ramsay Street - No 26 Driveway: Doug is admiring the hut he built and Sheila thanks him for helping out. Doug says he couldn’t have done it without Josh, Brad was always hopeless at DIY but he thinks Josh has a natural talent for it. Sheila and Doug start flirting but Josh interrupts them to ask when they would get paid. Sheila will drop the money round later as she is waiting on a call from Thailand where her grandson Dane has got himself into trouble. Doug offers his help if Sheila needs a hand with anything else as him and Josh make a good team.

Rebecchi Law: Naomi is reading Toadie’s itinerary for the day out to him and he comments that with all the new work Naomi is bringing in he will be earning as much as he did before at Simmonds and Colbert. Naomi questions why he left and he says it was the travel and the hours; Sonya needed him to be more flexible as they had Nel. The new clients are coming to sign and Naomi has arranged their schedule so they get to see lots of sights in Melbourne whilst they are here. Toadie is impressed and questions whether all her hard work is because she will get 15%. She says it is and he says that isn’t a problem, in fact he’s starting to wonder how he managed without her!

Erinsborough Hospital: Chris is coming round from his anaesthetic and thinks he is dreaming as he sees a good looking male nurse, Will. He is clearly out of it from the operation and is saying whatever he is thinking out loud. Georgia smirks at Will. Chris tells Will how hot he is, Georgia says she is going to speak to a doctor to change his analgesia as Chris is clearly having a reaction to it. Terese and Josh have popped in to see how Chris is, Georgia advises he isn’t up for visitors but the operation had gone well. As they walk out, Josh says he’ll take Terese out for lunch as a thank you for her driving him to the hospital for his physio appointment. Terese sees through him and Josh admits that he is trying to avoid Doug as he is trying to make him do things together all the time and he doesn’t want to be a builder!

Harold's Store: Doug is telling Brad and Imogen how he thinks Josh has a future in the building trade. Imogen is surprised as is Brad. Doug says you can make a lot of money in building these days but Imogen says she can’t imagine Josh would get his hands dirty. Doug seems confident that Josh will be happy when he gets his first pay check, leaving Imogen and Brad giving each other a knowing look.

Rebecchi Law: Naomi and Toadie are discussing general work when Sonya walks in to surprise Toadie. Sonya wants to ask if Toadie could write one of her non-paying customers a letter as he now owes $1200. Naomi offers to do it and Sonya accepts. Toadie checks that Sonya is ok to come to the meet and greet tomorrow with the new potential clients and she is fine to come. She actually wants to ask them about their environmental policies… at this Naomi looks a little concerned. Naomi offers to come to the nursery with Sonya to get the details for the demand letter.

Sonya's Nursery: Sonya gives Naomi the details she needs. Sonya tells Naomi that Toadie is impressed with her and she can see why. Naomi brings up the meeting with the clients tomorrow and mentions the dress code will be “Glam”. Sonya doesn’t want to be something she isn’t but she will make an effort. Naomi questions Sonya about what she wants to know about the environmental policies as she doesn’t want Sonya to say anything that would put the deal under threat. Sonya assures her she knows how important the meeting is to Toadie but if they can’t answer the questions she has then Toadie shouldn’t be working with them. Naomi walks off looking concerned.

Erinsborough Hospital: Sheila has come to visit Chris but Georgia says he isn’t ready for visitors yet. Sheila and Georgia discuss the problem with Dane in Thailand and the fact that Kyle has to stay longer than expected. Sheila’s plan B is to ask Doug Willis to help out. Sheila will do the books now she has spare time with Charlie’s being revamped and there is no one else to do it.

No 22 - Back Garden: Imogen has made some food for Brennan and she wants Doug to try it. He says it’s delicious and the cooking skills have obviously skipped a generation implying Terese is a bad cook. Sheila arrives to pay Doug for the job he did. Sheila asks Doug to cover for Kyle at the yard and he agrees. He thinks Josh will be over the moon to know they have got more work lined up but Imogen looks as though she doesn’t agree.

Erinsborough Hospital: Georgia is telling Chris they have switched his pain medication. He is feeling ok but says he was having crazy dreams. Georgia tells him they weren’t dreams and he actually said what he thought he dreamt. He is embarrassed and can’t believe he asked the hot nurse, Will, to marry him. Will comes to check on Chris. Chris asks him to forget what he said this morning and Will says it’s ok. Will is flattered by Chris’ attention and says he is assuming there is no boyfriend or girlfriend as he hasn’t had any visitors. He gives Chris his number and leaves, leaving Chris feeling guilty for not mentioning Hudson. Georgia brings Chris some flowers from Hudson. Chris is looking unhappy and Georgia reassures him he isn’t the first person to have doubts about their relationship. Hudson obviously cares about him and she is saying he is a perfect boyfriend for sending him flowers just as Will walks in and hears her. Chris looks guilty as Georgia leaves. He tells Will he’s not single and he was tempted but he isn’t a cheater so he wouldn’t have called him. Will thinks Hudson should be here holding Chris’ hand and Chris says it’s not that simple.

No 22 - Back Garden: Terese and Brad are discussing when the right time to tell Doug about Brad and Lauren’s daughter is. They need to tell him before the street barbecue that Doug wants to organise goes ahead. Doug walks in saying how good Imogen is at cooking; once again implying that Terese doesn’t cook. Brad asks Doug not to say things like that to Terese even if he is joking as it makes her feel like they prefer Beth. Doug lives near Beth and sees her more often so of course they will be closer. Doug tells Brad he doesn’t see him enough. Doug walks over to tell Josh he has some more work for them and Josh says that’s great – through gritted teeth!

Erinsborough Hospital: Chris is talking to Georgia about feeling guilty over Will and Hudson. Georgia tells him he’s only human for being tempted. Chris needs to figure out what he wants. He’s not sure he can keep it going with Hudson as he’s sick of being alone. He really needs someone especially as they’ve lost Kate. Chris didn’t realise how tough his relationship with Hudson would be.

Sonya's Nursery: Naomi has come to see Sonya who is thinking of getting a new outfit for the meeting. Naomi says she’s sure Toadie wouldn’t mind if Sonya backed out but Sonya is definitely going to go. Sonya is happy with the letter that Naomi has written for her. Sonya has to leave to deal with a customer and whilst she is gone Naomi takes a picture on her phone of Sonya’s diary for the date of the meeting with the client. Imogen disturbs her but doesn’t catch her doing it.

No 30: Sonya and Toady are discussing their days when Sonya receives a phone call from the customer that hadn’t paid. She tells Toadie that the letter that Naomi wrote worked and he will be paying his bill by the end of the week. They both agree she is good at her job, but Sonya mutters to remind her never to get on Naomi’s bad side.

Rebecchi Law: Naomi is on the phone with the clients they are meant to be meeting tomorrow asking for the meeting to be changed to today. She looks at the picture she took of Sonya’s diary and knows that if the meeting is changed to tonight, Sonya won’t be able to come as she has a gambler’s anonymous meeting. The meeting is rescheduled and she says goodbye to the client, looking relieved as she puts the phone down.

Featured Regular Characters: Sheila Canning, Josh Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Naomi Canning, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Christian Heath as Will Dampier

Summary by Nicola

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