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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6915

Written by Sam Carroll, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 27/06/14, Five: 11/07/14

ē Naomi questions Sheila about Georgiaís ring being a family heirloom
ē Naomi is on the phone asking for an extra day before she has to pay the money back
ē Daniel and Amber nearly kiss
ē Sheila tells Josh not to take Amber for granted
ē Amber tells Daniel she is going to break up with Josh so they can be together

No 22 - Back Garden: Josh is busy working on some frames when Amber arrives. He hides them and says he didnít hear her knocking he has been so focused on his project. Amber starts trying to break up with Josh but he is distracted and not listening to her properly. He has received a postcard from his pop which asks how his swimming is going but whenever Josh speaks to him on the phone he seems his normal self. Amber offers to talk about it but Josh just wants to get back to work and says he will have time for Amber later.

No 30 - Living Room: Naomi arrives to ask Toadie to sign off some invoices. When he questions why she is working on a weekend he works out she is trying to get invoices paid as she needs her 15%. Naomi sees Georgiaís ring whilst she is there and they start chatting about the hospital beds launch. Naomi says she wants to talk to Georgia about the fundraiser and asks what she is doing this afternoon.

No 26 - Back Garden: Kyle is putting the finishing touches to his prototype bed. Sheila says it is great and he should stop worrying as the furniture rep will love it. Kyle canít help worrying as itís an international company and the contract is worth a lot. Sheila points out he still has the hospital job but Kyle doesnít think it will pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Chris appears round the corner, he is taking Bossy for a walk. Kyle seems a bit put out but says he can take Bossy for another walk later.

No 30 - Kitchen: Georgia and Naomi are baking cookies for the fundraiser. Georgia tells Naomi itís a great idea to make the cookies and the kids will love them. Naomi thanks Georgia for helping and letting her make them at her house. She tells Georgia to take the ring off as she needs to get her hands in to the cookie dough. They start talking about the ring and Georgia admits she thought it was a bit crass to start with but now she has grown to love it. She puts it on the sink and Naomi looks at it with intent.

No 26 - Back Garden: Amber arrives to take photos of the bed for the company. When Kyle asks if she likes it she says would love it if she was a sick 5 year old. The lady from the company, Amanda, arrives but soon it is clear she wonít be there for long. She is busy and has 5 of these to see today. As she looks at the bed Kyle gives her a spiel about what it is made from and how environmentally friendly his materials are. Amanda asks to take some photos but Kyle explains that is why Amber is here. Amanda dismisses that idea and takes her own pictures on her phone. Kyle tries to show Amanda his other ideas for beds but she ignores him and when he questions her on what she is looking for she says itís hard to say. They shake hands and she leaves. When Amber offers to email the pictures through to Kyle he tells her not to bother as Amanda clearly wasnít interested.

Lassiter's Hotel - Darkroom: Daniel is developing pictures of Amber when she arrives. Daniel says he is trying to keep his cool but she needs to put him out of his misery and tell him what happened with Josh. Amber says she couldnít do it; he was too busy to even talk to her. She is seeing him again this afternoon and will do it then. Daniel says there is no pressure but Amber tells him itís what she wants. They look at a picture of themselves and Daniel tells Amber itís his favourite and he loves the look in her eyes. Amber tells him she feels like she can really be herself with him and they hold hands.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie and Nell are licking the bowl and chatting to Naomi when Georgia tells them she canít find her ring. Toadie tells her to relax and they start trying to look for it. Georgia checks all her pockets but is adamant she put it by the sink. Toadie asks if it could have got into the cookie mix and Naomi says thereís only one way to find outÖ

Lassiter's Lake: Amber sits down and is thinking about Josh telling her she is the best thing in his life. She also thinks about Daniel telling her how he feels about her and she smiles. She is interrupted from her thoughts by a text from Josh asking to meet. She looks nervous then heads off. Chris arrives with Bossy and tries to play catch with her but she doesnít want to move and then runs off.

No 26 - Back Garden: Bossy runs into the garden to see Kyle. Chris explains she wasnít herself on her walk, he felt like Bossy wanted to come home all the time they were out. Amanda comes back to take a second look at the car so Chris leaves them to it. She tells Kyle that itís between him and another guy making a similar product. Bossy jumps in the bed and Amanda starts patting her. Thatís the deciding factor, Amanda offers Kyle the contract. She says there wasnít much separating them but the other guy had a cat!

The Waterhole: Josh is waiting for Amber, as she arrives Josh tells her heís been waiting for this all day and give her a present. Amber opens the present to find some frames that Josh has made for her and have pictures from their memory book in them. Josh says he wanted to do something nice for Amber. She thinks they are beautiful and is taken aback by the gesture. Josh tells her he loves her so much and she looks uncomfortable.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie is looking down the plug for Georgiaís ring. Georgia apologies for ruining the biscuits and worries about what she will tell Kyle and Sheila. Naomi asks if the ring was insured but Georgia says it wasnít but it isnít about the money itís what it meant to her.

The Waterhole: Josh is telling Amber how he enjoyed making the photo frames. She suggests itís his calling but he thinks it is just a hobby. As they are talking Amber sees Daniel at the door and looks away feeling guilty.

No 30 - Kitchen: Naomi is asking Toadie how Georgia is. Naomi blames herself and Toadie makes a joke of it and says that accidents happen. Toadie starts telling Naomi that she is a good person and tells her to sit down and relax whilst he makes her a cup of tea. She sits looking at Toadie smiling.

Lassiter's Hotel - Darkroom: Amber goes to see Daniel and he realises she couldnítí split up with Josh. They hold hands and she tells him she is sorry. Daniel tells her just because they canít be together it doesnít change the way he feels about her. Amber leaves.

No 26 - Living Room: Chris, Sheila and Kyle are talking about the deal and Kyle is saying that Bossy charmed the lady. Chris thinks Bossy knew Kyle needed her which is why she didnít want to be at the park. Kyle says it did feel like that and thanks Chris for looking after Bossy whilst he was gone. Kyle thought Bossy wouldnít come back to him at one point but Sheila told him it would be ok and it is. Georgia enters the room and Kyle tells her he got the contract and they can now set the date for the wedding but Georgia looks upset and tells them she is really sorry but she has lost her engagement ring. She explains what happened and apologises to Sheila but Kyle reassures her that it will turn up.

Power Road: Naomi takes Georgiaís ring out of her pocket and looks around whilst she lingers outside the bric-a-brac shop.

No 26 - Living Room: Sheila has a metal detector and tells Naomi they are going back to Georgiaís to have another look for the ring. When Sheila realises Naomi was the one whose idea it was to bake the biscuits and she was there when the ring went missing she is suspicious. They all leave and Sheila suggests that Naomi comes to help. Naomi tells them sheíll be across in a minute as Kyle reassures Georgia that theyíll find the ring. Naomi looks guilty as they all leave.

Featured Regular Characters: Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Naomi Canning, Georgia Brooks, Toadfish Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Grace Li-Sze Lee as Amanda Lim, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
ē Grace Li-Sze Lee, who plays Amanda in this episode, previously appeared as Yumi Nakano in 2013

Summary by Nicola

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