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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 35
Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 03/05/85 BBC One: 12/12/86 UK Gold: 18/12/92

• Shane does not believe his parents reason for splitting up
• Des is concerned about Daphne’s safety when she is ‘attacked’ by a client
• Mrs. Forbes pays Danny & Scott but despite their concerns for her health they decide to leave

Mrs. Forbes farm – property gate: Scott and Danny get to the front gate of the property and are met by one of Mrs. Forbes neighbours who have come over to see if she is okay after learning from the police officer of Ned’s death. The boys are stunned to hear the news and that she was even married. The good neighbour explains how the Forbes couple kept themselves to themselves but he did know she was visiting Ned every night in the hospital for over a month. Suddenly the boys feel very guilty. The neighbour decides to carry on his way and after he drives off the boys realise they cannot walk away from Mrs. Forbes now.

. . .

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm –Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes looks through her husband’s possessions that were returned to her by the officer. She lovingly places each item onto the kitchen table but when she gets to Ned’s wallet she opens it to find a picture of her & Ned in it. Clutching the photo she begins to cry. Scott followed by Danny re-enter the kitchen and Mrs. Forbes confused, thinks they are still working for her. Scott explains they know about her husband and she softens when Danny offers to make her a cup of tea.

. . .

No.28 – Lounge / Kitchen: Des arrives home from work and is greeted by Daphne who offers to make him a coffee as he has been working late. Des explains that he was in a meeting with the bank manager as he has been offered the chance to be promoted but it would mean moving to Canberra. Des is unsure of what to do as he explains how happy he is living with Daphne & his life but the promotion could be what she needs to get on in his career. Des confirms Daphne’s worst fear – he would have to sell the house too.

Mrs. Forbes farm –Kitchen: Mrs. Forbes shows the boys the picture from Ned’s wallet and Danny comments on how good it is to see her smiling in the photo. Mrs. Forbes reveals how she and Ned would trick their ‘busybody’ neighbours into believing they were unfriendly to keep them away but she actually had a fantastic marriage. Scott asks if she has any relatives but she tells him no, adding that Ned used to call them ‘Darby & Joan against the world’. She begins to cry again and Danny offers her a friendly pat on the shoulder but he is annoyed when Scott tells her that they would like to stay on longer at the farm working for her.

No.28 – Lounge: Daphne tells des she would miss him if he goes but he tells her he is far from deciding what to do. Shane interrupts them looking for some refuge but realises by Des’s surprise that Daphne hasn’t told him the news of Max & Maria splitting up. Shane explains he still cannot understand why his parents refuse to tell him why and comments on how everything is changing around him.

No.26 – Lounge: Paul arrives home to find Helen sitting watching as salesman Roger Willis demonstrates his vacuum cleaner to her. Helen introduces Paul who quickly sees just how slick Roger Willis’s sales patter is. Helen decides she has seen enough and assures the salesman she will call him the following day after discussing it with Jim. Roger makes reference to Maria deciding not to go ahead with her demonstration and Helen plays it down. After Roger leaves, Paul asks where Jim is and Helen explains he has gone to Scott’s school to tell them about what has happened. Paul empathises how hard it must be for his father at the moment dealing with losing Anna as well. Helen tells Paul that Jim will have to get over it now Anna is married. Paul tells her the family are so lucky to have her after the way she coped after Anna left but he wishes Scott would return home so they can be a family again.

. . .

. . .

Mrs. Forbes Farm – farmhouse porch: Danny & Scott are met by a man who introduces himself as Mr. Fletcher and it soon becomes apparent that he wants to see Mrs. Forbes as he is interested in buying any antiques or old farm machinery from her. The boys are unhappy as he explains he is willing to pay them if they help persuade Mrs. Forbes to sell to him and take advantage of her grief. Mrs. Forbes comes onto the porch and makes it clear she wants nothing to do with the man. She decides to go into the house to get her shotgun and the boys advise Mr. Fletcher to make a hasty exit. He decides to take their advise and scurries off.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm –Kitchen: The boys enter the house to find Mrs. Forbes sitting at the kitchen table. She explains she was out taking a walk as she used to with Ned but without him it didn’t feel right. Danny spurns Scott into helping him prepare breakfast for them all.

. . .

No.28 – Lounge: Daphne ties up her trainer laces as she prepares to go for a jog while Des finishes getting ready for work. Des wants her opinion whether he should go to Canberra and Daphne explains staying as he’s happy or moving to have a better quality of life are equally as tempting. Des is clearly thankful for her unbiased view and tells her he is lucky to have her as a friend and kisses her on the cheek.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm –Kitchen: The funeral director questions Mrs. Forbes as to whether she wants Ned to be buried or cremated but she is unsure as they never discussed it. Scott asks about the cost and everyone is shocked to learn it’ll be around $A1200. She explains that she doesn’t have that kind of money but the funeral director assures Mrs. Forbes that he’ll sort everything out for her and not to worry as he leaves. The boys look to each other, worried how the funeral could be paid for.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Gwen Plumb as Mrs. P Forbes, Tom Coltraine as Mr. Fletcher, Peter Sinclair as Roger Willis, Unknown as neighbour, Raymond Rich as funeral director

Trivia Notes
• The parcel Mrs. Forbes opens includes a wallet, glasses, pen & pocket watch
• The photo Mrs. Forbes looks at of her and her husband is a publicity shot taken when actress Gwen Plumb was in The Young Doctors. She can be seen with on screen partner Frank Lloyd who played Ted Wilcox. The picture would have been taken in 1982 or 1983
• Off screen Jim visit’s Scott’s school to update them on Scott going missing

Summary by Paul