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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 36
Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Colin Budds, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 06/05/85 BBC One: 15/12/86 UK Gold: 21/12/92

• Scott & Danny learn from Mrs. Forbes neighbour that her husband has died
• Daphne suggests to Des that his bank could lend her the money to buy him out of No.28
• Helen tells Paul she doubts Jim will ever get over Anna fully but he has to accept she is married to someone else now
• Mrs. Forbes is confused and thinks Scott & Danny are intruders. She points her shot gun at them

Mrs. Forbes Farm – Kitchen: Scott manages to talk Mrs. Forbes around and gets the gun from her. She leaves the room and Danny wants them to get away. Scott tells him they cannot leave her alone when she is so ill. Danny suggests they call a doctor but Scott is worried she’ll be hospitalised. He agrees to seek help but after Ned Forbes funeral.

No.26 – Lounge: Paul is studying at Jim’s desk when Julie arrives home and slumps down onto the sofa. Helen greets her and asks if she has had a good day at work but Julie explains it has been upsetting after learning Des could be leaving the bank to work in Canberra. Paul is surprised but pleased at his friend’s news. Julie however thinks it is a bad idea, claiming that the team he works with now need him. Changing the subject, Julie asks if there has been any news on Scott during the day but Helen tells her no, adding that she wishes the old woman who called, would call back. Des arrives and Helen congratulates him on the job promotion. Paul asks him about Daphne’s future plans but Des wants to talk to him alone, aware that Julie is listening in. As they go to leave the house Paul decides to annoy Julie further by reminding her Des has asked to speak to him away from her.

. . .

. . .

No.26 – Driveway: Paul is surprised at Des wanting to move away after him seeming intent on settling down. Des admits part of the reason to leave is to run away from the reminder of how humiliated he was by Lorraine. Des turns the conversation to Daphne and explains to Paul how she wants to buy the house and get a loan from the bank. Paul thinks it is a great idea but Des has a different opinion and appals him when Des practically admits he feels ashamed of asking his boss to give Daphne a loan, bearing in mind she is a stripper. Des cannot understand his friend’s reaction and jokes with Paul that he sounds as if he has ‘fallen’ for Daphne. Paul doesn’t deny it but reminds Des that he could be just disappointed in him before walking off.

No.28 – Dining table: Des returns home to find Daphne calculating her finances so she is prepared to meet the bank manager. Des questions if she is being realistic about taking on a mortgage but she is determined. Des tells her he’ll organise a meeting with the manager for her.

The Pacific Bank: Des arrives for work and is greeted by Marilyn. Just as Julie explains that Mr. Arnold wants to see him, Mr. Arnold arrives and curtly questions why Des is running late. Des explains he did tell him he needed to get his car into the garage to be serviced. Mr. Arnold remembers but makes no apology but instead asks to see Des in his office.

. . .

The Pacific Bank – Manager’s office: Des is introduced to Mr. Arnold’s son Greg who seems to be very laid back about the fact he is starting a new job as Mr. Arnold explains Greg is taking over the job from former employee Jarrod. Des is more than happy to look out for Greg and mentions he needs to see Mr. Arnold to discuss a personal matter. Des is taken aback when Mr. Arnold seems happy to discuss the matter in front of his son and rather suggests they talk after introducing Greg to the team. Greg follows Des out of the office, watched by his father who sighs after the two men leave.

. . .

The Pacific Bank: Des introduces Greg to Julie & Marilyn but is unimpressed when Greg makes an obvious ploy to charm them with a story that he only wanted to work in the bank because of their great beauty. Julie revels in the attention but Marilyn clearly has the same opinion as Des but has to be the one whom Greg ‘shadows’ as Des goes to see Mr. Arnold. Looked on by Julie, Marilyn takes Greg over to her counter where he stands behind her far too closely. Nervously she introduces Greg to colleague Patrick but Greg barely acknowledges him and instead continues to intently look on at Marilyn.

The Pacific Bank – Manager’s office: Des has explained to Mr. Arnold about Daphne’s loan request but Mr. Arnold wants him to explain more about the entertainment job she has. Des nervously admits Daphne is a stripper and goes onto explain how they are friends and share a house together. Mr. Arnold however is now more interested in what relationship an employee of his bank has with a stripper.

The Pacific Bank: Marilyn is taking Greg through a ledger and jokes how in the future they’ll not need to worry about it once the bank is computerised. Greg pointedly tells her he has no interest in it however it comes and tells Marilyn he considers her to be ‘not bad looking’. She walks away after making the excuse she needs to get ready for the bank to open in five minutes.

. . .

The Pacific Bank: Back at her counter Marilyn makes it clear to Julie that Greg is a creep but Julie thinks it may be first day nerves making a bad impression. Julie reminds Marilyn how badly they got on when she started and Marilyn quips she only remembered the evil look Julie gave her when Des made the effort and spoke to her. Greg comes over to stand by Julie and she asks if she can do anything for him. Greg asks her out to dinner that evening and Julie agrees.

The Pacific Bank – Manager’s office: Mr. Arnold explains to Des that he has reported to head office that he is concerned at Des trying to encourage that the bank does business with a stripper and the fact that it could be bad for the bank’s reputation if his ‘immoral’ living arrangement became public. Des is furious when he is told it could threaten his promotion but more so at Daphne’s character being slandered. Des threatens legal action if he continues and goes to leave the office. Mr. Arnold warns Des that walking out of their meeting could jeopardise his job – Des makes it clear that Mr. Arnold is the only one doing that. After Des leaves, Mr. Arnold reaches for the telephone.

Mrs. Forbes Farm – Kitchen: Scott & Danny wait for Mrs. Forbes to appear after getting ready for Ned’s funeral. She has dressed for the occasion wearing a fur coat and hat, carrying a bunch of flowers. She tells the boys she won’t be long but they ask if they can accompany her. She realises then they too have gone to the effort of wearing a shirt and tie and agree for them to walk with her across the paddock to the cemetery.

. . .

. . .

No.26 – Lounge / The Pacific Bank: Helen entertains a visit from neighbour Iris Gough who has recently returned from a cruise and learnt about Scott & Danny’s troubles. She defends the boys to Helen but is quick to discredit Max as a bad influence. Helen doesn’t rise to the bait and instead over exaggerates how wonderful the Ramsay’s are as neighbours and makes a point of reminding Iris that Maria is an Australian when Iris brings up that Maria’s family immigrated to Australia. Helen finds some relief when Julie calls home to tell her grandmother that she is not going to be home for dinner. Julie sympathises with her on learning Iris Gough is visiting and Helen makes appoint of mentioning she needs to do some work for Jim. Julie jokes she’ll never get Iris Gough to take such a subtle hint as that to leave. Helen returns to Iris after the call and makes a bigger hint she has to get on with her day thanking Iris for bringing the wrongly delivered letter back to her but Iris wants to talk about Des living with a stripper. Helen sidetracks the subject and plays down Scott & Danny living away from home on a farm as being a planned vacation before Iris decides to leave Helen in peace.

Cemetery: Only Scott & Danny are present with Mrs. Forbes as the coffin is lowered into the ground by the grave diggers. Mrs. Forbes throws the bundle of flowers she is clutching onto the coffin lid and calls out to Ned that she loves him. The minister escorts Mrs. Forbes away from the graveside and the boys follow behind.

. . .

Paddock: Mrs. Forbes and the boys walk back towards the farm.

Mrs. Forbes Farm – Kitchen: Danny pours Mr. Forbes a cup of tea and she asks how they got hold of a shirt and tie each. The boys admit they spent a little of what she paid them to get the clothes. Mrs. Forbes thanks them for caring so much. They are interrupted by Joyce Oakleigh, a neighbour, who wishes to pay her respects. Mrs. Forbes seems hostile to her visiting and confused as she still thinks Ned is alive. Joyce asks who the boys are and Mrs. Forbes introduces them and comments on their new shirts but that prompts her to remember the morning’s events and she breaks down in tears. Scott suggests Mrs. Forbes get some rest and Danny escorts her out of the room. Joyce suggests Mrs. Forbes receives professional help for her illness but the boys are unhappy at the interference. Joyce decides to leave sensing the boys are getting agitated by her. Alone, Danny tells Scott things have gotten worse now someone else has seen Mrs. Forbes poor state of mind.

. . .

No.26 – Kitchen: Helen and Paul wash and dry up from the evening meal and Helen mentions how she saw Daphne earlier and they discussed how she wants to buy No.28. Paul makes a vague comment about Des’s lack of support but refuses to enlighten Helen any further before heading off to his room. Jim arrives and apologises for being late due to work. Helen explains her day, how Julie is out on a date and the fact she had to deal with Iris Gough earlier. Jim asks about Scott but Helen tells him nothing new has happened. Jim opens the letter Iris Gough brought over and is disappointed to find it is a reference request from an estate agent for Max as he has applied to rent out an apartment. Jim tells Helen it seems Max is determined to leave Maria after all.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Gwen Plumb as Mrs. P Forbes, John Higginson as Greg Arnold, John Murphy as Mr. Arnold, Maggie Steven as Iris Gough, Norma Brown as Joyce Oakleigh

Trivia Notes
• Ned Forbes funeral
• Greg Arnold takes over the job left vacant by bank teller Jarrod
• Marilyn jokes about the bank shortly being computerised and written ledgers being replaced
• Marilyn recalls on her first day at the bank how Julie gave her an ‘evil look’ when Des spoke to her
• Neighbour Iris Gough has recently returned from a cruise across the Pacific and visits No.26 to hand over a letter from an estate agent that was mistakenly delivered to her house
• The letter from the estate agent reads: “Dear Mr. Robinson, We would appreciate your comments in the strictest of confidence on the suitability of Mr Max Ramsay for one of our serviced apartments”
• Off screen Des has his car serviced at a garage causing him to be late for starting work
• Joyce Oakleigh’s property is a kilometre away from the Forbes farm

Summary by Paul