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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 39
Written by Alan Coleman, Directed by Colin Budds, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 09/05/85 BBC One: 18/12/86 UK Gold: 24/12/92

• Maria is thrilled to see old boyfriend Nick Burman when he pays her a visit at No.24 but her joy turns to tears when Nick asks her about her separation. Nick gives a friendly hug but things get worse when Shane arrives home and sees them embracing

No.26 – Kitchen/Lounge: Lucy is desperately trying to eat her breakfast and try and finish her homework but Jim has little sympathy for her. Lucy justifies herself by blaming Nick for not helping her as he promised and as he never returned from seeing Maria. Julie mentions that Nick told her about how he & Maria were seeing each other before Maria married and suggests maybe Nick would like to rekindle things. Jim urges Julie to stop voicing her thoughts in front of Lucy. Helen enters the room after finishing a call with Maria. She informs them that she is going out to the theatre with Maria that evening so she’ll prepare them cold meat & salad for dinner. Jim seems a bit disappointed at not being invited to go too but all agree he’d be bored and asleep within the first ten minutes of the show. Helen urges Julie to get going for work as Nick arrives with an offer to give Julie & Lucy a lift in his car. Julie declines as she has to take her own car in and kisses Jim on the forehead before rushing out of the house. Lucy also has plans and has arranged to meet her friends Elizabeth & Susie to walk to school. Helen hands Lucy her schoolbag and Lucy questions if she see Nick later. Nick tells her maybe and she leaves for school. Nick follows Jim into the lounge and mentions he’s planning to visit Max that evening and asks why Jim never mentioned Max & Maria had split up. Jim assures his friend he meant to but Jim clearly doesn’t want to discuss the reasons surrounding the separation and leaves for work. Helen offers to cook Nick bacon & eggs for breakfast after he mentions he doesn’t like eating with the airline crew in his hotel. He feels awkward accepting but Helen insists as it’ll give him a chance to relax and hands him the morning paper.

. . .

No.24 – Kitchen: Maria rushes into the Kitchen to stop the sink overflowing as Shane appears back from fixing a leaking pipe under the house and snaps at him for not telling her he had turned the water off. Maria makes it clear she is still unhappy with him for being so rude to Nick the previous evening and it was none of his business to question why she was hugging Nick. Shane tells her he believes with Max gone it is his business. Maria reminds him that it was Max’s decision to leave and as much as Max is feeling lonely, she is experiencing it too. Maria informs him she refuses to stay ‘locked up’ alone and in fact is going out that evening. She teases Shane to think it is with Nick but silences her son when she reveals she is actually going out with Helen and he have to get his own dinner.

. . .

No.26 - Kitchen: Nick thanks Helen for breakfast and tells her he can see just how lucky Jim and the family were to have her. Helen tells him it always felt the natural thing to do after Anne died. Nick mentions Maria spoke to him about the Scott & Danny situation and Helen explains she just wishes the boys would get back in touch with them or at least the woman from the farm would call again. Helen gets her purse and mentions she has to go shopping. Nick offers to drop her off in his car and she accepts, joking about a single woman driving with a rich man in a fast car.

No.28 – Lounge: Des appears from his bedroom to find Daphne still sowing the button back on his shirt and is concerned she hasn’t finished it yet as he is late for work. Daphne reminds him she is doing him a favour and jokes he needs to relax to impress Mr. Arnold enough to get her a loan. Des explains she doesn’t have a secure enough income to get her application passed but Daphne has ideas it is more about what her job is that is the problem. Des hurriedly puts on the newly ironed shirt and puts his tie on before rushing out of the house collar up and shirt roughly tucked in.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Des notices Helen getting into Nick’s Mercedes and jokes did she win some money – Helen jokes back that she is being abducted by a wealthy man as Nick holds the car door open for her. Confused who the man could be, Des makes his way to his car.

No.26 – Lounge: Later, Nick recalls to Paul how Helen made him move his car every time she wanted to go to another store in their shopping trip. Helen calls it an easy way to shop. Paul explains he is home early from University after dipping out of a lecture he could afford to miss. Nick asks what his career goals are and Paul explains he’ll probably go into engineering like Jim but he finds it boring at times. Overhearing, Helen reminds Paul that a good education is essential to get a good job before going off to the kitchen. Nick agrees with her but tells Paul that he should work in something he enjoys doing as work is such a big part of life. Paul explains that it is always been expected that he would join Jim’s company after leaving University and have a safe & secure 9-5 job. Nick advocates that life at Paul’s age is about having fun and if the job is fun too then what a great way to live. Nick mentions how working as a flight attendant is one of those jobs where you can have a lot of fun, much more than Paul would have in Ramsay Street. Paul is beginning to like the idea of adding fun into his life.

. . .

The Pacific Bank: Julie mentions to Des that Mr. Arnold was not happy with him being late and missing his first customer appointment but Des reminds her he had no choice or turn up ‘naked’. Des tells her it was thanks to Daphne’s help he was only a few minutes late or it would have been longer. Julie points out that when anything goes wrong it always seems to involve Daphne. Des laughs at her flawed logic and tells her to get back to work.

No.26 – Lounge: Nick is recalling to Lucy, Paul & Helen how he, Jim & Max were cautioned by the police at fourteen for painting polka dots all over police cars. Helen explains she has to leave them as she needs to get ready for her night out with Maria and goes to her bedroom. Shane arrives but is clearly unimpressed by Nick’s story and makes a comment clearly meant to warn Nick away from his mother. Paul is confused about Shane’s remark and Nick decides it is time to get on his way to see Max. Lucy follows him to his car. Shane asks Paul what he thinks about Nick and Paul explains he has made him realise that they need to get out and see the world before settling down like their parents. Shane jokes about Paul really thinking about such a life change but Paul is very serious.

. . .

Bedsit – Hallway: Nick arrives and places a coin on floor outside Max’s bedsit before knocking and stepping off to the side. Max opens the door but is confused when he sees no one there but his attention is drawn to the money on the floor and he bends down to pick it up. Nick calls out that Max always fell for that trick. Max is delighted to see his old friend ‘Bodsie’ Burman and asks him into the bedsit.

Bedsit – Room 19: Max gets him and Nick a beer and asks if Nick has married yet but Nick clearly wants to avoid the question and drink his beer.

Bedsit – Room 19: A couple of beers later and Nick explains he saw old girlfriend of Max’s Thelma Wimple in Singapore but she has put on over 200 pounds in weight and now runs a massage parlour. Nick suggests they get Jim out and go for a few beers together as the ‘terrible trio’. Max agrees and points Nick towards the call phone in the hallway.

No.26 – Lounge: Jim is testing Lucy on her knowledge about the capital cities of the world when they are interrupted by Nick’s phone call and Julie answers it before handing Nick over to Jim and leaving the house to visit Des.

. . .

Bedsit – Hallway / No.26 - Lounge: Nick explains to Jim about going out but Jim is too tired to go with them. Nick calls him boring but Jim laughs it off and wishes them a good night out.

Bedsit – Hallway: Max joins Nick as he’s ready to go and asks after Jim. Nick explains Jim isn’t coming and is acting like an old man but ‘c’est la vie’. The two men set off but not before Max returns to the phone to give it a bash on the side to get Nick’s money back.

No.28 – Lounge: Des and Daphne are enjoying a glass of wine whilst listening to some music. Des suggests it could be possible for them to get a joint mortgage together and Daphne leans over and jokes about Des inferring more than just a business arrangement. Des explains you don’t necessarily need to be married to get a joint mortgage. Julie walks in to find Daphne still leaning in towards Des and remarks that they look ‘cosy’. She hands over a box file of papers she thinks Des forgot to bring home for a meeting he has the following day but Des explains it is work he left for Greg Arnold to do. Julie comments on how Greg must have forgotten as he left work early. Des realises he’ll have to prepare for the meeting and leaves the girls on the sofa. Julie remarks at how good Daphne is to Des judging by the mending of his work shirt that morning but takes pleasure in telling her it made Des late for work and got him in trouble with Mr. Arnold. Julie explains that Des just seems to be in constant trouble these days. Daphne gets the message and tells Julie what she really means is that Des is only in trouble since knowing her. Julie denies it and Daphne changes the subject and offers her a sherry but is ‘concerned’ it might be too sweet for her.

. . .

Pub: Max struggles to finish his beer but Nick returns with another for them both. Max voices that he thinks he has drunk enough but Nick tells him they are making up for lost time! Nick explains he does what he wants when he wants once away from the schedules and set times the airline put upon him. Max begins to drink his next beer.

No.28 – Dining Table: Paul arrives with a calculator that works for Des to use. Des asks after the man he saw with Helen and Paul explains who Nick is. Paul remarks that he is even considering leaving University to become a steward on an airline after Nick’s conversation. Des is surprised and unsure it is the best decision. Paul thinks his father would hate if he changed career path. Des tells him he isn’t the only one handling tough times and explains about how he is constantly covering the mistakes made by Greg. Paul tells him to sack the guy but changes his mind when Des explains that Greg is the boss’s son. Before Paul leaves, Des urges him to really think before making a decision about quitting University.

Car Park: Nick and Max stumble towards Nick’s car and Nick gives Max his car keys. Max wants them to get a cab but Nick insists they drive home in luxury! Max stupidly agrees and gets into the driving seat telling Nick he is going to drive real steady and they set off.

. . .

No.26 – Lounge: Paul and Julie settle down to watch some TV after he makes them a coffee. Paul remarks about how Des told him what a ‘drongo’ Greg is but Julie makes it clear she believes it is Daphne who is the one getting Des into trouble at work for being late, untidy and not concentrating on his job. Paul tells her that is ‘bull’ and it is a classic boss’s son syndrome. Julie tells him Des just needs to give Greg a chance and Paul throws back to her she needs to do the same for Daphne. Paul accuses her of being jealous of Daphne but before Julie can respond Paul turns up the volume of the TV to drown her voice out. Julie storms out of the room.

No.24 – Lounge: Shane calls out to his mother when the phone rings but answers it himself when she doesn’t appear. Shane is surprised to hear his father call so late but Max tells him he has been in an accident in Nick’s car but he is okay.

. . .

Police Station: Nick is sitting his head hung and Max has his left arm bandaged up. Max explains to Shane he has been charged with drink driving.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman

Trivia Notes
• Julie mentions that Nick told her that he and Maria were seeing each other before she married Max
• At fourteen Max, Jim & Nick were cautioned by the police after painting polka dots on the police cars parked at the local police station
• Max refers to Nick as ‘Bodsie’ Burman
• Max went out with a girl called Thelma Wimple when he was younger. She has gained over 200 pounds in weight since then and now lives in Singapore running a massage parlour
• The advert on TV refers to film premiere of Break-dance being shown in a televised format
• Maria & Helen spend the evening at the theatre
• Lucy mentions meeting school friends Elizabeth & Susie to walk to school with
• Shane repairs a water leak under No.24 only to cause Maria to overflow the kitchen sink
• Nick drives a Mercedes
• Nick and Max celebrate meeting up again by going to the pub
• Off screen Max & Nick are involved in a car accident and Max is charged with drink driving

Summary by Paul