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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 40
Written by Alan Coleman, Directed by Colin Budds, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 10/05/85 BBC One: 19/12/86 UK Gold: 25/12/92

• Max calls Shane to tell him that he has been in a car accident and charged with drink driving

Bedsit – Room 19: Max calls out to his visitor but it causes him pain in his arm that is all bandaged up. Shane comes in and asks what his father called him over for. Max tells him he needs a lift to the hospital as his arm is really hurting. Shane is surprised at Max drink driving after he always had such strong views against it and is sure he’ll lose his driving licence over it. Max tells his son it doesn’t concern him and all he wants is a lift. Shane comments about the business suffering but Max is beginning to lose his temper as his hangover kicks in. Things don’t improve when Max cannot unlock his door and turn the handle at the same time with his one good hand. Shane opens it for him and it knocks his bad arm causing Max to feel further pain.

. . .

No.24 – Porch: Maria opens the door to find a very guilty looking Nick who is clearly still feeling the effects of the alcohol and wearing dark glasses. Nick tells her he stopped over to see her on his way to see Max. Maria explains Shane left to see Max over an hour ago too and asks what happened last night. Nick explains it is his fault that Max drove but has no idea why the accident happened but just felt Max slam on the brakes. Nick offers to drive her over to see Max but she explains she has already spoken to him and Max said he was fine. Nick asks if he could have a coffee with her since Max is not in any real pain. Maria asks him in.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm – barn: Danny & Scott are clearing the barn when they come across an old milk churn and carry it outside.

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Danny spots Mrs. Forbes and a visitor coming out of the farm house. The boys leave the milk churn and dart back into the barn. Mr. Gabbott informs Mrs. Forbes that she really does need to consider the future of the farm now that Ned has been buried. Mrs. Forbes spots the milk churn and comments on how she and Ned would sell their milk to the village. She points out that the village no longer exists since too many people and machinery moved in. Mr Gabbott tells her it is progress.

Mrs. Forbes farm – barn: Inside the barn the boys are shocked when Mr. Gabbott tells Mrs. Forbes the bank is no telling her she has no choice but to sell the farm.

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: As Mr. Gabbott goes to get in his car, Mrs. Forbes agrees to sell and asks him to arrange for the papers to be brought over to her to sign. She wanders back towards the house and looks over at the milk churn.

. . .

No.26 – Kitchen / Lounge: Paul is trying to get on with some study but is interrupted by Julie. He asks why she is off from work and she explains she is taking some holiday owed to her after working extra hours. Paul jokes about her leaving Des to fend for himself at the bank and Julie retorts back that Des has Greg to fall back on. Paul thinks it more likely Des would like to pull him apart. Julie cannot understand why Des & Paul dislike Greg so and tells him that Greg is a real man and showed how grown up he was by pushing Marilyn away when she came onto him strongly. Paul takes delight in just laughing at his sister and she continues to get angrier with him until storming out of the kitchen.

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Mrs. Forbes is sweeping through the kitchen when she receives a visitor who introduces herself as Pam Hammond. Mrs. Forbes invites her in and Pam jokes that she half expected to be met with a shotgun after hearing stories about her. Pam explains she is not from the bank but from social welfare, there to discuss Mrs. Forbes future after leaving the farm. Mrs. Forbes seems confused and tells her she isn’t leaving the farm with so much to do and her boys, her brother’s sons, to look after. Danny & Scott suddenly appear calling out to Mrs. Forbes and are shocked to see the visitor. Mrs. Forbes introduces them as her nephews but Pam seems unconvinced about them after hearing Danny call the old woman Mrs. Forbes and tells them they’ll all need to look at their future as well.

. . .

Bedsit – Hallway: Shane & Max arrive back from the hospital but Max is whinging about having to be kept waiting for two hours before being seen as well as having to be seen by different people in different departments.

Bedsit – Room 19: Max sits down and rests his foot up on a chair to try and undo his shoe but grudgingly lets Shane untie his lace for him. Shane tells him that family is about helping each other out in a crisis. Max is surprised when Shane suggests they look at his diary to see what work is coming up and to speak to ‘their’ customers.

Bedsit – Room 19: Later Max is shocked but pleased to see Maria has come to visit and invites her in. She explains Nick dropped her off and she is getting the bus back home later. Max offers her a seat and they sit around the table. Max explains that he sent Shane home as he was feeling okay. Maria questions if Max is really okay and he assures her he’ll be able to manage. Max offers to make tea for them and asks after news of Danny. She tells him no and the conversation stops – both of them remembering what has happened to bring them to this point in their lives.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Pam Hammond tries to establish how the boys are related to Mrs. Forbes but no one says anything. Pam asks if they intend to go back to their family once Mrs. Forbes has gone into care but Danny tells her the old woman is their family. Pam insists that Mrs. Forbes will have to leave the farm but Scott calls out that they can look after her. Mrs. Forbes tells the boys they can’t do that and Pam knows what she is doing. Pam comments that she finds it very strange the boys refer to their aunt in such a formal way. She tells Mrs. Forbes that she has a room in a hostel in Bally Vale where she will be with similar aged people and looked after well. Mrs. Forbes enquires how it will be paid for and Pam assures her the money from her pension will take care of it plus some extra for her to spend. Danny assures Pam that he and Scott will look after themselves once they move on too and Pam leaves, promising to return in a few days. Mrs. Forbes tells the boys they need to go home. Scott agrees and wants to call Jim, slipping up calling him ‘my’ dad. Danny carries on the pretence that ‘their’ father will beat them. Mrs. Forbes leaves the room and Danny tells Scott he has no intention of returning home.

. . .

No.26 – Driveway: Paul revels in being in the driving seat of Nick’s car and calls Nick a lucky man. Nick tells him success came down to doing what he wanted and that Paul should question if he really is doing what he wants. Paul mentions that he was looking at becoming a social worker and Nick tells him at least he is starting to think about doing what he wants. Nick vows to help Paul if he wants to step out into a new career path.

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Outside the farm house, Mrs. Forbes watches as the boys load the back of the Ute with rubbish for the dump. It is really hot and the boys have removed their shirts. She tells them that after they finish loading up she wants to talk to them, calling them brothers. The boys look at each other.

. . .

Bedsit – Room 19: Maria washes up the mugs she and Max used while Max explains how Shane is going to help drive him to his jobs. Maria decides she needs to get going to catch her bus and Max thanks her for visiting. She tells him to call her if he needs anything.

Bedsit – Hallway: Max is desperate to say more but he can’t and instead just watches Maria walking away.

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Mrs. Forbes is cleaning the shotgun as she explains she never believed the boys were brothers but just best mates. She comments that neither of them have scars or any marks on them too from their supposed beatings. She tells them it is time for them to consider where they go from here as the farm is all over and it is a time of reckoning.

Pub: Nick toasts Paul with a beer but Paul has concerns about breaking the news to Jim and Nick suggests he take Jim to the pub to do so. Paul explains Jim is not that kind of guy. Nick assures Paul that he can help him if he wants to pursue a career in the airline and will arrange an interview. Paul is unsure and they toast to making the right decision.

. . .

. . .

No.28 – Kitchen: Daphne arrives home from shopping and is confronted by Julie who has received a phone call from Des. Julie explains that her conversation about her causing problems for Des in getting promoted was between them but she has blabbed to Des about it. Daphne refuses to accept that Julie would ever have believed such a conversation would not have been discussed with Des, as it was so insulting towards her. Julie shouts back she hasn’t even started. Daphne remarks she has finally seen Julie’s true colours which enrages Julie to agree that Max was right in trying to keep her out of the street. Paul has overheard everything and calls out to his sister, telling her she never gives up trying to discredit Daphne. Julie tells him to shut up and storms out of the house. Paul apologises but Daphne isn’t too concerned. Paul gives her his good news that he intends to quit university for a steward’s job. Daphne remarks about the fact that Jim is unlikely to like the news.

. . .

. . .

Mrs. Forbes farm – farm house: Danny & Scott are still arguing about whether to return home or not when Mrs. Forbes re-enters the kitchen. She tells then that she is glad they are still there and Scott vows they won’t leave until they know she is okay. She tells them she always knew they were in some kind of trouble but never intended to call the police as everyone makes mistakes that they need to work things out for themselves. She tells them she also enjoyed the life they brought back to the farm and that she has a present for them. She hands over Ned’s penknife to Danny and his watch and chain to Scott. They thank her and she urges them to get on their way before more questions are asked. She tells them they are exactly the type of boys she would have wished for as sons. Mrs. Forbes says goodbye to them before leaving the room. Danny & Scott are touched by the sentiment the old woman has shown but become concerned that there is something more sinister behind giving away such prized possessions. Fearing the worst they rush to the door Mrs. Forbes went through and call out to her, only to hear the sound of the shotgun going off.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Gwen Plumb as Mrs. P Forbes, Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman, Jennifer Jarman-Walker as Mrs. Pam Hammond, Bruce Carter as Mr. Gabbott

Trivia Notes
• Pam Hammond tries to secure a room at Bally Vale’s hostel for Mrs. Forbes to move to
• Off screen Shane takes Max to the hospital
• Location used for the pub appears in both Episode 39 & 40
• Jennifer Jarman-Walker returned in 1989 as Pamela Lucas, in 1993/94 as Wendy Slater and in 2007 as Angelica Cammeniti

Summary by Paul