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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 47
Written by Patrea Smallacombe, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 21/05/85 BBC One: 02/01/87 UK Gold: 05/01/93

• Lucy upset returns home telling Jim something terrible has happened
• Jim & Scott find the injured dog in the road but still alive
• Shane tells Daphne that he doesn’t want to get involved with her at the risk of losing her as a friend- as he needs his friends at the moment
• Lucy introduces Robert the dog to Max as the new addition to the Robinson family. Max believes he knows Robert’s real owner

No.26 - Kitchen: Max can see how upset Lucy is that she might lose Robert and apologises but Jim makes it clear they were always going to try and find the dog’s owner before keeping him. Max explains he thinks the owner Mr. Graham, calls the dog Patch. Jim decides to make a visit to see Mr. Graham accompanied by Lucy to check out if this is his dog.

No.24 – Kitchen: Shane is trying to appease a customer who has been waiting for Max to do a quote for them. Helen arrives just as Shane loses his temper and tells the customer to ‘stick their lousy job’. Shane confides in Helen he now appreciates how difficult it is for Maria to run the house and take calls for Max now he isn’t around. Helen asks after Maria but Shane explains she is out shopping. Helen shows him a wedding invite that she has received from a mutual friend, Christine Hudson and suggests Maria will also have one in the post for her & Max. Shane doubts Max will want to go and Helen suggests Shane escort his mother should she wish to attend. Shane seems non committal and Helen reminds him about the pressure his mother is under - Shane promises her he is trying to help out as much as he can. As Helen leaves another call for Max comes through.

. . .

. . .

Bedford Street: Jim pulls over the car outside of No.25 and Lucy is appalled that Patch lives in a rundown old house. Lucy asks to join her father to speak to Mr. Graham and they both make their way to the front door.

. . .

No.25 Bedford Street: Jim knocks on the door but there seems to be no one home until an old man in a wheelchair struggles to make his way to the front door. Jim introduces him and Lucy and asks if he has a dog. Mr. Graham confirms he has but points out that his dog Patch has been missing for the last couple of days and Jim delivers the good news. Jim mentions about the accident and Patch’s broken leg but assures the old man the dog is fine. Jim offers to bring Patch home and Mr. Graham thanks him for doing all he has to help. Jim proudly explains it is all really down to Lucy and Mr. Graham thanks her.

. . .

No.26 – Kitchen: Lucy comforts Patch as Jim tells Helen how relieved Mr. Graham was to learn Patch is okay. Jim asks Lucy to come with him to drop Patch home and he picks the dog up to carry to the car. Lucy looks on, upset that her dream of having a dog is all over.

Erinsborough Court House – Clerk of courts entrance: Max waits nervously outside for his lawyer to arrive. When Mr. French does he tells Max not to be nervous as it is all pretty routine but expect to be banned from driving. Max is surprised there is no leniency due to pleading guilty but Mr. French thinks his role is more about keeping the fine to a minimum by telling the court what a model citizen he is. Max jokes that at least being in a suit means he’s dressed for the part. Mr. French leads them into the court house.

. . .

. . .

No.25 Bedford Street – Porch: Jim places Patch down next to Mr. Graham and the old man is thrilled to have his companion back. Mr. Graham explains he has had the dog since it was a puppy and has kept him company ever since his wife died. Jim refuses to take any money from the old man to repay him for any vet bills and offers to take Patch to the vet to get his leg checked again rather than Mr. Graham having to get the animal ambulance involved. Jim decides it is time to say goodbye but Mr. Graham asks if Lucy can stay in touch by taking the dog for a walk every so often. Lucy is thrilled as Jim agrees.

No.26 – Kitchen: Lucy seems down about not having her own dog around despite the offer to walk Patch by Mr. Graham. She tells Jim & Helen that she obviously was never meant to have dog.

. . .

Bedsit – Hallway: Shane is interrupted by Mrs. Harris; a very over friendly woman who asks if he is wants to see someone in the bedsits. Shane explains he is there to see Max and the woman bangs furiously on Max’s door to let Max know he has a visitor.

Bedsit – No.19: Max opens the door to see Shane and invites him in but in there process has to virtually close the door on Mrs. Harris who has no intention of leaving them alone. Shane questions who the woman is and Max explains she ‘cleans the rooms and grills the tenants’. Shane asks his father how court went and Max explains he has been banned from driving for six months and was fined $A1000. Shane blames Nick but Max tells him he made the decision to drive and throwing blame around won’t solve anything. Shane asks if his father has thought any further about his offer for them to move in together. Max admits he was tempted but with work likely to fall off as he cannot drive, he really cannot afford to move to anything better. Shane is disappointed and admits he lost a customer for Max earlier as well. Max isn’t too concerned but questions if he still intends to move out of home. Shane explains he is unsure. Both men decide to swap a cup of tea for sharing a beer with each other.

No.26 – Kitchen: Helen takes a break from painting to speak to Jim about Lucy’s desire to get a dog but tries to do it diplomatically rather than head on. Jim tells her he can see what she is trying to do and Helen admits she has real concern that Lucy is feeling as little lonely and that a dog could be just what she needs. Jim refuses to discuss it, still adamant that it could bring more pain rather than joy to the family if the dog ended up sick or got run over and they lost it, just as they did Digby. Jim’s mood only worsens when he sees Patch’s collar lying on the kitchen floor as he realises he has to go back to the Graham house to drop it off and storms off.

Bedsit – No.19: Shane finishes his beer and decides to make a move home. Max thanks his son for coming but they are interrupted by Mrs. Harris who wants to drop off clean bedding linen to Max. Shane leaves and Mrs. Harris makes a comment about what a ‘nice lad’ he looks. She enquires why Max is dressed in a suit and asks if there has been a death in the family. Max jokes that there kind of had and Mrs. Harris tells him to give her a call if he needs anything. Max closes the door only for there to be another knock. He opens it and Mrs. Harris hands him the pile of linens. Just as he thinks he has got time alone, someone starts playing loud music.

No.25 Bedford Road: Jim helps to put Patch’s collar back on and Mr. Graham thanks Jim for returning it. Mr. Graham questions if Lucy has any pets herself but Jim tells him how he put a stop to anymore family pets after the family dog was baited. Mr. Graham agrees it would put anyone off from getting another animal and jokes that he has had a pet all his life, picking up all sorts of strays as a kid to bring home. Jim admits he did the same and recalls how he brought home a sheepdog that eventually became the family pet. Mr. Graham comments that every childhood should include owning a pet. Jim realises what a stubborn fool he has been.

No.26 – Lounge: Lucy and Julie arrive home from their walk and Helen is surprised that they are back so early. Lucy is clearly still in her bad mood and wants to make effort to get out of it even when Helen suggests she take Patch for a walk. Jim arrives back and tells them he wants to take them all out, refusing to explain where they are going.

. . .

RSPCA - Animal Adoption centre car park: Jim pulls up with the family and Lucy questions why they are there. She is thrilled when Jim announces he has decided it is time to get another family pet.

RSPCA - Animal Adoption centre sale pens: Julie questions the RSPCA attendant about the work the adoption centre does for abandoned animals as Lucy walks her way around all the different cages looking at all the different dogs looking for a home. They stop finally at a cage where there is a puppy wandering around. Lucy decides that this is the dog for her.

. . .

RSPCA - Animal Adoption centre car park: Lucy announces that she intends to call the dog Basil despite Jim reminding her that the dog is female. Jim thanks the attendant for her help and Helen tells him he has made Lucy very happy. Jim however still cannot get past the fact Lucy wants to call the dog Basil.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Guest Cast: Eve Godly as Mrs. Edith Harris, Max Davidson as Mr. Graham, Joy Dunstan as RSPCA Attendant, Earl Francis as Solicitor (Mr. French)

Trivia Notes
• Max mentions that Mr. Graham lives at No.25 Bedford Street.
• Off screen Maria is mentioned as being out shopping.
• Helen receives a wedding invitation from Christine Hudson, who is also mentioned as being a mutual friend of Max & Maria.
• Mr. Graham explains that he was given Patch as a puppy and he was a present form his late wife who died shortly afterwards.
• Max receives a six month ban from driving and $A1000 fine for pleading guilty in court for drunk driving.
• Helen refers to Jim as ‘James’ when becoming angry at him.
• Jim recalls bringing home a stray sheepdog. At first his father wouldn’t allow it in the house and then it won him over to eventually the dog was sleeping in Jim’s room and on his bed.
• An instrumental version of the theme tune is played for the first time during the RSPCA scenes.
• Eve Godly is credited as Mrs. Harris but mentions her Christian name as being Edith.
• Earl Francis character is credited as ‘Solicitor’, although Max calls him by his surname ‘French’ in the court house scene.
• Shown on the BBC with no repeat the following day due to New Year TV scheduling.
• Jim’s car registration is BOB 912.

Summary by Paul