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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 48
Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 22/05/85 BBC One: 05/01/87 UK Gold: 06/01/93

• Patch’s owner Mr. Graham thanks Lucy for saving his dog’s life
• Lucy chooses a new family dog from the RSPCA adoption centre

No.26 – Kitchen: Paul helps out by doing the drying up as Helen washes the breakfast dishes. She remarks that he looks like he is still trying to come to a decision about his future and Paul admits he is. He’s tired of being ‘solid, dependable Paul’ and he is afraid of becoming boring, even with himself. Helen agrees he can achieve in other ways and assures him he doesn’t need Nick to do it for him – she tells Paul he can earn his own independence. Paul kisses his grandmother on the forehead, knowing she is right, again.

. . .

No.24 – Dining table: Danny is lounging around listening to music and reading when he is interrupted by Nick and Maria. Nick tells him he has a surprise in store for them both but refuses to reveal where he intends to take Danny, just advises him to take a jacket to wear. As Danny rushes to his room to get his jacket, Maria thanks Nick. As Danny & Nick go to leave Shane arrives and asks what is going on but Nick whisks Danny off to get the surprise on its way. Maria explains that Nick is taking Danny flying but it doesn’t impress Shane. He tells his mother that he would prefer Danny was trying to reconcile with Max and expresses he thinks Nick is in the way of that happening.

. . .

. . .

Airline Office – Dean Canning’s Office: Paul arrives all dressed up in a suit and announces to the secretary that he is there to see Dean Canning. The secretary, Miss Higgins, however realises he doesn’t have an appointment but Paul’s charm gets her to speak to Dean Canning, who agrees to see Paul between appointments.

Airfield – Hanger side: Danny is stunned as he arrives with Nick and discovers they are going flying.

. . .

Airline Office – Dean Canning’s Office: Paul waits patiently for the meeting Dean Canning is in to finish and after Dean shows out the men he has been speaking with, Paul is introduced to him by his secretary. Dean remembers Paul from the recommendation Nick gave him and asks him into his office.

Airline Office – Dean Canning’s Office: Paul admits he made up the fact that he needed to speak to Dean urgently just to get in and meet him about his application for steward. Dean is impressed by his determination but not by his methods. Dean however agrees to get him to see personnel officer Miss. Woodfield. Paul is thrilled but Dean reminds him he has a long way to go yet to get the job.

Airfield – Runway: Danny takes it all in as Nick speeds down the runway and the plane takes off. As the plane climbs higher Nick notices how the boy seems a little overwhelmed and smiles.

. . .

No.28 – Lounge: Daphne’s breakfast is interrupted by Shane who is clearly upset and admits it is all down to Nick again. Shane changes the subject to how Daphne is feeling, noticing she isn’t her usual ‘bubbly’ self and she admits she is serious about moving out of Ramsay Street after Des losing out of his promotion. She intends to hand Des her notice that evening. Shane is clearly upset at the thought of her going.

Airline – Personnel office: Kathy Woodfield asks Paul into her office and to sit down. She takes a call about another meeting and it is clear to Paul that her schedule is a busy one. Kathy admits that he was lucky to have been able to see her and remarks offhandedly that Nick’s name seem to carry some influence. Paul however makes it clear he wants the job from his own merit and not through Nick but Kathy is confused why Paul would give up a degree he has almost completed to join the airline. She remarks that the job is a serious one where people who are there just to chase stewardesses are not welcome. Paul questions if she is saying he cannot cope with that kind of job role but Kathy assures him she hasn’t made up her mind.

Airfield – runway: Nick lands the plane.

Airfield – Hanger side: Danny thanks Nick for such an amazing experience and Nick decides it is Danny paid him back by buying them coffee and doughnuts.

. . .

Airline – Personnel office: Kathy suggests Paul is only applying for the job to spite Jim after Paul explains the reasons for him wanting to leave Uni. Paul agrees he wants to be more his ‘own man’ but resolves that his main reason is because he knows he’ll excel in the job and enjoy it. They are interrupted by Dean Canning who drops off the minutes to another meeting for her and asks how the interview is going; referring to the fact it is Kathy’s first day in her job. Paul notices she looks a little embarrassed and after Dean leaves, jokes about the fact that they are both new to this kind of thing. Thankfully she sees the funny side too and Kathy apologises for being so hard on him. Paul is thrilled when she tells him she has decided to put him through to the next stage as believes he would make a fine addition to the airline. Kathy advises though he sticks with his studies in the meantime, if nothing else to keep his father happy. Paul thanks her for her help.

Airfield – Hanger side: Nick encourages Danny that he could start to learn to fly if he wanted. Danny questions why Nick is so supportive of him and Nick admits if he had a son he wishes he would be just like Danny. Danny remarks he wishes his father was more like Nick but Nick reminds him he really does believe Max loves him very much. Danny sees it that Max just wants his sons to do as he wishes. Danny suggests they go to the movies later before Nick coming back for dinner at No.24. Nick agrees to the movie but has to be convinced about dinner, concerned about Shane’s reaction.

Bedsit – No.19: Max is furiously trying to get his neighbour to turn down the blaring music while a party rages on next door. Shane arrives, explaining he is on the way to see someone about claiming compensation about the car accident and has stopped by to try and get an answer as to why Max and Maria really split up. Max agrees that maybe it is time he learnt the truth but needs to speak with Maria first.

No.26 – Kitchen: Helen is finishing making dessert for the family as she explains to Jim how she has encouraged Paul to seize the opportunity that resulted in him getting an interview at the airline earlier. Jim is not pleased at her doing so but she makes it clear Paul needs to make his own decisions or risk Paul resenting them for not allowing him to do so.

No.24 – Dining Table: Danny is excited at the prospect of joining Nick if he should go sky diving but Maria hates the idea of jumping out of a plane, while Shane tries to wind Nick. They are interrupted by the phone going and Maria goes to answer it.

Bedsit – Hallway: Barely able to hear himself speak over the party music, Max asks Maria out to dinner to discuss something. She agrees to meet up in a couple of days.

No.26 – Kitchen: Paul arrives home and explains to Jim & Helen that despite the success he had at the interview he is going to continue with his studies as it could be months before he makes it into the airline. Jim & Helen are pleased at Paul’s plans.

. . .

No.24 – Lounge: Nick says goodnight to Maria & Danny, reminding her he’ll see here in a couple of days. Maria remembers about her dinner date with Max and apologises that they’ll have to change their plans. Maria follows Nick outside and Shane decides to spy on them. Danny accuses his brother of really hating Nick and Shane admits he doesn’t trust the man at all either. Seeing Maria is only talking to Nick, Shane moves away from the window. Danny questions what Max wants to talk to Maria about but is not pleased when Shane suggests it could be to get back together. Danny thinks it is not a good idea for anyone - Shane remarks that Danny is only thinking of himself. Danny doesn’t deny it. He is convinced Max would start yelling and shouting at him as soon as he moved back in and he would rather Max stayed away than go through that gain.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman, Kerren Ely-Harper as Kathy Woodfield, Marilyn Maguire as Ms. (Angela) Higgins, Barry Main as Dean Canning

Trivia Notes
• In the recap there is a shot of Basil that was not used in the RSPCA scenes from episode 47.
• Nick’s car registration is BVU 200.
• Danny recalls how he, Maria & Shane went up in a plane for a joyride when they were on a family holiday. However Max didn’t join them as he gets travel sickness.
• Off screen Danny & Nick see a movie.
• Paul discovers that personnel officer Kathy Woodfield is on her first day in the job at the airline.
• Marilyn Maguire is credited as Ms. Higgins but referred to as Angela in the airline scenes.

Summary by Paul