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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 54

Written by Adrian Van Der Bok, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 30/05/85, BBC One: 13/01/87, UK Gold: 14/01/93

Helen receives a call from her old friend, Victor Armstrong
Shane is furious with his mum, but Jim tells him not to be too hard on her
Helen is happy to see Victor, though he is evasive about his success
Shane, angry about Maria and Nick, leaves number 24

No 26 - Lounge: Victor arrives at number 26 and Julie lets him in, telling him that Helen won't be long. She asks him about his business meeting and he momentarily wonders what she's talking about, before telling her that it went well. She explains that she has the afternoon off work, and says that it was funny to bump into him at the bank earlier, trying to find out more about his accounts. He explains that he just uses the savings account for 'pocket money' and he has other investments - Julie doesn't look too impressed. He then asks for Julie's advice on a pair of earrings that he's bought for Helen, and Julie thinks that they're lovely, but comments that she hopes Victor isn't spending more than he should. He looks quite annoyed at this, but then Helen comes in and wonders why there's tension in the air. Julie quickly leaves, explaining that she has some shopping to do. Helen then asks Victor what's wrong, and he tells her that he's been making out that he has a lot of money, but it's not true - he's broke and he lied about the business meeting. Helen asks him why, and he explains that he didn't want her to think that he was a failure. She calls him a 'silly old fool' and offers him a cup of tea.

Bedsit: Max goes into his room, muttering to himself about living in a nuthouse, when Miss Logan arrives at the door. She accuses him of spying on her in the bathroom, claiming that she can hear him outside, shuffling about and mumbling things. He explains that he was just waiting to use the toilet, and she asks why he didn't use the one downstairs. When he says that Mrs Harris was using it, Miss Logan accuses him of spying on her too. Shane then arrives, and Miss Logan walks out, telling Shane not to trust Max. Max asks his son why he has his bag with him, and Shane says that he needed some space. Max tries to find out what Shane is so worried about, and Shane won't talk about it, but thanks his dad for everything he's done for him over the years and admits that he misses having him around. He stands up and tells his dad that he hopes everything works out for him, then hugs him and walks to the door. Max tells him to come back soon.

. . .

No 26 - Back Garden: Helen and Victor are chatting, and he admits that he came back to town because he suddenly realised one day that he'd grown old and he wanted to see Helen again to try and recapture the way things were. He now realises that it was a stupid idea. Helen then changes the subject, asking him about his daughter. Victor explains that they haven't spoken in 14 years, as, at the age of 16, she got involved with a hippy named Phillip Newman, who got her pregnant and ran off together when he threatened to kick her out. He says that they invited him to their wedding, but he didn't go. Helen asks if he's thought about making contact, but he tells her that some things are best left in the past. Helen admits that she'd love to meet Margaret, and Victor shows her a photograph.

Ramsay Street: As Nick and Maria walk down the driveway of number 24, Jim drives into the street. He goes over to them, and Nick explains that this is goodbye, as he's leaving for Hawaii. They shake hands, and Nick sends his regards to the Robinson family. As Nick gets into the car, he tells Maria not to worry about Shane, and explains that he'll be going to see Max on his way out of town. He tells Maria to get in touch if she ever changes her mind about his offer, but she insists that won't happen. He then drives out of the street, and Jim asks Maria what's going on with Shane; Maria says that Shane was very cruel to her and she doesn't know what's wrong with him.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge/Newman hallway: Helen is the phone, trying to find Phillip Newman, but has got the wrong person. As she hangs up, Jim wonders if Victor will appreciate this, but Helen insists that it's only pride that's keeping the father and daughter apart. Helen explains that Victor has gone back to his hotel for a lie down, then tries another number. This time, Margaret Newman answers, and Helen introduces herself, explaining that she's a friend of Victor. Margaret is relieved to hear that her father isn't ill, but doesn't think he'll want to see her - she says that Helen's wasting her time, but if Victor wants to see her, he can get in touch himself. Helen tells her that Victor carries a photo of her around in his wallet, and Margaret is touched. Helen gives Margaret her address, but Margaret says that she won't come, but Victor is welcome to come and see her. Helen ends the call, and wonders out loud why, when people need to talk to each other, it's the last thing they want to do.

Bedsit: Nick arrives at Max's door with some beers, and Max immediately asks him what's wrong with Shane. Nick isn't sure, and explains that Shane hasn't been very nice to Maria either. He then tells Max that he's in love with Maria - he always has been, and that's why he went to live overseas and never came back to visit, as he was upset that she chose Max instead of him. Max is furious that Nick's come back for a second try, and even more furious when he hears that he asked Maria to come away with him. Nick tells Max that Maria turned him down, and that nothing even happened between them, as she's too honourable, and it's a pity that Max can't see that.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is doing a charcoal sketch entitled 'Pride' and Jim jokes that she can't stop thinking about Victor. Julie thinks that it's all just as well, as Margaret sounded a bit odd anyway. Jim realises that Helen is going to try to convince Victor to go and see her when he arrives, and decides that he and Julie should make themselves scarce. There's a knock at the door and Margaret introduces herself to Helen - Helen is delighted to see her and asks her in, as Jim and Julie make themselves scarce. Margaret explains that her husband persuaded her to try seeing her father, and that he's waiting outside in the car. Helen admits that Margaret is quite different to what she was expecting - not the rebellious hippy she used to be! Margaret says that she's tried to contact her father but never received a reply to any of her letters. Helen explains that Victor is fine, but very lonely and very proud. There's a knock at the door, and it's Victor, who doesn't immediately recognise his daughter, but is happy when he realises that it's her.

No 26 - Lounge: A few moments later, Margaret tells Victor that she's wanted to see him for so long. Helen gives them some space, and they share a hug, as Margaret explains that she's thought about him a great deal over the last 14 years. He asks about Phillip, and Margaret says that they're still very happily married, and that Phillip would like Victor to come and stay with them. Victor isn't sure, but Margaret asks him to give it a chance, as it would mean a lot to her. Victor agrees, and Margaret goes outside to get him. Victor then goes into the kitchen, slightly taken aback at how quickly everything is happening, and that Helen went behind his back. He worries that he won't get on with Phillip, but Helen calls him stubborn. Margaret then comes back in with her husband and their two children, Bobby and Mandy. Mandy is delighted to meet her grandpa, and Phillip asks if Victor would like their spare room. Victor says that he'd like it, and the two men shake hands.

. . .

Bedsit: Nick says that he won't be coming back again, and then asks Max why he really left Maria. Max just says that he has his reasons. Nick thinks that Max is a fool, staying in a grotty bedsit when he has a woman who loves him back at home. Max points out that Nick has never been married, so he wouldn't understand, but Nick points out that he'd rather have a marriage with a few problems, than no wife at all. Max then explains that Maria left him briefly several years ago and met someone else - and that man is Danny's real father. Nick is surprised, but tells Max that he can't hold this against Maria forever - he either loves her or he resents her, but he has to make a choice.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Julie Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Guest Cast: Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman, Frank Wilson as Victor Armstrong, Alethea McGrath as Miss Logan, Suzanne Heywood as Margaret Newman, David G Bergin as Phillip Newman, Mitchell Bartlett as Bobby Newman, Doir Deumer as Mandy Newman

Trivia Notes
Nick's car registration is BVU 200; Jim's is BOB 912
When Helen is giving her address, she tells Margaret that Ramsay Street is just by the Olympic pool
Off screen, Jim and Julie take Lucy to a movie
Suzanne Heywood, who played Margaret, later worked on the Neighbours crew as Drama Coach

Summary by Steve