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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 55

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 31/05/85, BBC One: 14/01/87, UK Gold: 15/01/93

Shane says an emotional goodbye to Max
Daphne tells a delighted Des that she's quitting stripping and becoming a secretary
Max tells Nick that Danny isn't his son
Nick tells Max that he'll have to decide whether he loves Maria or resents her

Bedsit: Max says that he'll have to think about his decision. Nick stands up, declaring that the bedsit is awful and he doesn't know how Max can stand to live there. He doesn't think it's worth living like this. He then says his goodbyes, and tells Max not to keep Maria waiting forever, as one day, another man will come along and she'll say yes to him.

No 28 - Lounge: Des is on the phone to his mum, trying to end the conversation as she complains about her health. He mentions that he needs to have some breakfast so that he can go and open the bank. He then covers the mouthpiece and stops listening when Daphne walks in, asking her to make him some fried bread, despite her reminding him that it's bad for his health. Des then tells his mum that he'll take her out to dinner one night this week, but won't bring Daphne. Daphne is amused, rather than offended, by this. As Eileen starts going on about her health again, Des quickly ends the conversation. A few moments later, the phone rings again, and Des makes Daphne answer it, as he doesn't want to get into another conversation with his mother. The call is actually from the temp agency with a job for Daphne, and she rushes off to get ready, leaving Des to make his own breakfast, which he promptly messes up.

. . .

Bedsit: Mrs Harris is outside Max's door and she declares that she can smell burning. He drags her inside and shows her his toaster, on the floor. He asks how he's supposed to get the toast out of it before it turns, and she tells him he just needed to tilt it. He demands that she provide him with a decent toaster, and she says that Max clearly got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. She leaves, and Max picks up a burnt piece of toast and puts it on his plate.

No 24 - Dining table: Maria pours tea for her and Helen, complaining about how quiet it is without Max and Shane in the house. Helen tells her that she'll need to find some new things to occupy her time, or she'll just stagnate. Maria explains that she's been taking bookings for Max until he gets his own phone, but she doesn't think he'll be coming back. Helen again suggests that she find something new to fill her time, then says that she has to go, as she has some fighting neighbours to help. She tells Maria to keep her chin up.

Mr Evans' Office: Daphne walks into the office, surprised when she sees Mr Evans. He doesn't recognise her, and she introduces herself and explains that she's the replacement secretary, and that her shorthand is 100 words a minute. He asks her to sit down, and tells her to take a memo. He then looks at her and says that she's very attractive, and begins to wonder if he's seen her somewhere before. She pretends not to know what he's talking about.

. . .

Road/No 24/Community Justice Centre: Max and his assistant, Jason, are in the plumbing van, and Jason makes a very sudden stop and turn in the road, as Max needs to use a payphone. Max tells Jason off for driving like a maniac, then gets out and calls Maria. She tells him that there are no new plumbing jobs, and he tells her that he had to get an assistant to help with the driving, as although his arm is better, he still can't drive too well. He says that he has to the Proctor job to go to and he'll call her later. They both look disappointed as they hang up. Maria then gets another call from Helen, who's volunteering at the Community Justice Centre. She asks Maria to come down, as there's a problem that she can help with. Maria wonders if Helen is just trying to get her out of the house, but agrees to come.

Community Justice Centre: Helen is laying out some sandwiches, and Tom Warren, who runs the centre, is making coffee. They're discussing a problem with a Czech couple, when Maria arrives. Tom explains that the centre is for feuding neighbours to try and resolve things without the expense of a court appearance. He and Helen explains that there is a Czech couple, Mr and Mrs Novak, who are in a dispute with their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Collins, as apparently Mrs Novak hosed down the Collins' car when the doors were open. They speak no English and the usual interpretor is ill, so they need her help. Helen and Maria go out into the corridor, and Helen introduces Maria, who then proceeds to converse with them in Czech. The conversation becomes increasingly animated until Maria suddenly says "Murder?"

Community Justice Centre: A few minutes later, Mr and Mrs Novak are arguing amongst themselves, and Maria is unable to stop them. She bursts into the office and says that she can't help these people; she doesn't even like them. Tom goes out to get them, as Maria tells Helen that the Novaks seem to hate Australia and everything about it, and she'd be happy to stick them on the next plane home. Tom comes back in and says that the Novaks have gone, so Helen drags Maria off to find them and buy them a coffee.

. . .

No 24 - Pool: Max finds Danny lounging in the pool, demanding to know where Maria is and why nobody is answering the phone. Jason follows him into the back garden, as Max starts looking for some tools under the house. Jason then asks if he can go early, as he doesn't want to overdo it as he has a date that evening. Max reminds him that he agreed to do the driving until 5.30 but Jason isn't prepared to do that, and quits the job. He demands payment for the hours he's worked - Max isn't keen to give it to him, but Danny joins them and tells Max to give Jason what he's owed. Jason then leaves, declaring that he feels sorry for the next person who has to work for Max Ramsay, and Danny offers to help his dad load the van, saying that, if he had a driver's licence, he'd drive too.

Mr Evans' Office: Mr Evans is watching Daphne as she types, and he then asks her to sit down, telling her that he'll sign the letters and then she can take them to the post office. She is surprised as he asks her to take off her glasses, before declaring that he knew he'd seen her somewhere before - she jumped out of a cake at Sir Arthur's birthday party!

Mr Evans' Office: Daphne is trying to claim that she doesn't know what Mr Evans is talking about, saying that he must have been drinking if he thinks she's a stripper. He refuses to back down, and she says that she'll pack her things and go, as, if he's getting any funny ideas about her jumping into bed with him, he can think again. He then threatens to call the agency and make a complaint. Daphne asks him not to do that, as they don't know about her past, and he agrees to keep things strictly professional, but smirks at her as she takes the letters from him.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Max and Danny are finishing loading up the van, and Max thanks Danny for his help. Danny wonders why Jason was complaining about having to work for him, and Max admits that he does yell a bit, but Danny thinks that he understands Max and would be able to work with him. Max then asks Danny if he knows what Shane was so upset about, but Danny doesn't. They go inside for a beer whilst they wait for the new driver.

No 24 - Dining table: Danny is still wondering what has upset Shane, as he thought it might be Nick Burman, but he's gone now and Shane hasn't come home. Maria then arrives, telling them about the arguing Czech couple and surprised to hear that Max fired his driver. She asks him to stay for dinner, but he says that he'd better go and wait outside for the new driver. Danny and Maria both look disappointed as he leaves.

Park: Scott is playing football at a park by the beach with a friend, when Kim calls him over. Scott says goodbye to his friend, and Kim explains that she wanted to see him, but didn't want to go to his house. She then asks him for more money, and denies it when Scott asks her if she's on drugs. When she tells him that she needs $200, he says that he can't ask his dad for that sort of money, and tells her to just go home, as she's even starting to look like one of the homeless people she's been hanging around with. As he walks away from her, she blurts out that she's pregnant.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Peter Stratford as Mr Evans, Tibor Gyapjas as Jason Burke, Michael Rowan as Tom Warren, Lucy Uralov as Mrs Novak, Macky Smatana as Mr Novak

Trivia Notes
Vic Hawkins is not credited for his appearance in this episode as Nick Burman
Eve Godly is not credited for her appearance in this episode as Mrs Edith Harris
Des is reading Cricketer magazine
Des was once in the Scouts

Summary by Steve