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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 59

Written by Valda Marshall, Directed by Mark Callan, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 06/06/85, BBC One: 20/01/87, UK Gold: 21/01/93

Shane asks Max about Danny's real father
Max says that he still loves Maria, but he can't help thinking of her with another man whenever he sees her
Paul tells Scott that he needs to tell their dad about Kim soon
Daphne tells Mr Evans that she's going to get a solicitor - he tells her to prepare for a fight
Daphne's grandfather Harry Henderson arrives
Evans threatens Daphne again, but she tells him that she's leaving

Street: Scott is on his way to the halfway house, when Brad suddenly pulls across his path on his motorbike. He warns Scott to stay away from Kim, or he's a dead man. Scott says that he isn't afraid, so Brad grabs hold of him and warns him again, and tells Scott that Kim's coming with him now. He says that they're going to get money for a place of their own from selling the baby. Scott insists that he won't be told what to do by a jerk like Brad. Their argument is interrupted by Kim, and Scott asks to speak to her. Away from Brad, Kim admits that she hasn't agreed to go with Brad yet; she doesn't know what she's going to do. Scott gives her some money and tells her not to make any big decisions until they've had a chance to talk. He leaves for school, and Brad approaches Kim, telling her not to take any notice of Scott. They go inside.

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria is clearing up the breakfast things when Max comes in and makes her jump. She gets him a coffee and tells him that he's had five calls about plumbing jobs, but she turned them all down as he still can't drive. He's annoyed with her, but she tells him that she's sick of having to put people off, so Max agrees to get something sorted soon. She asks if he went to see Shane, and what they talked about. Max is evasive, but Maria wants to know if they talked about her, and when Shane is coming back. Max gets angry and says that Shane deserved an explanation, and that all of this has really upset him. Maria reminds Max that he's hardly innocent in all of this, and he tells her that what's done is done, and they'll all just have to live with it. Max leaves, and Maria throws a tea towel at the wall.

No 28 - Kitchen: Des is preparing a hangover remedy to have with his breakfast, and complaining about Harry and his taste for wild nights out and French champagne. Daphne is sure that Des can keep up, but he points out that he only works in the bank - he doesn't own it! Daphne thinks that it was nice of Harry to take them out - even if Des did have to pay for it. Des wonders why Harry is so short on cash if he's a world traveller - he's beginning to wonder if all of Harry's stories are true. Daphne says that they might as well show him a good time while he's in town, and says that she'll take him sightseeing and then to the senior centre, to meet some people his own age. Julie then appears at the back door, complaining about the noise of a parrot - Des sheepishly explains that he put Squawker in the garden, and Daphne tries not to laugh as Julie complains about it keeping her awake all night, as it was right outside her bedroom window. Daphne and Julie start to bicker about it, and Des quickly offers Julie a lift to work.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne comes in, exhausted after her day out with Harry, and says that he'll be back later. She says that they went to art galleries, museums, shops and she left him at the senior centre. She says that he met someone there, by the name of Miss Jones. She thinks that he's lonely, and might need a nice old lady to take care of him in his twilight years. She tells Des about the movie they went to see - Last Tango In Paris - and that Harry signed up to teach kung fu in Chinatown. Harry then comes in, with Squawker in his cage, and Des complains that the parrot bit him. Harry heads off to bed, and Des says that he supposes they'll have to keep Squawker inside tonight.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Des has been woken by the parrot making a noise. He puts an old piece of toast inside the cage, and covers it with a towel, telling Squawker to drop dead.

Halfway House: Kim is having a nightmare, and wakes up in a cold sweat.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Scott can't sleep, and asks Paul if he's awake. They talk about Kim, and Paul has already guessed that she's pregnant. Paul says that he'll stand by his brother, but Scott says that he isn't the father. Paul is shocked, wanting to know why he's giving her all this money - he demands to know the full story.

. . .

No 28: The next morning, Des knocks on Daphne's door, waking her up. He tells her that something terrible's happened, and shows her the parrot, lying dead in its cage. Daphne is horrified - this is going to kill Harry. Des says that he'll try to find a replacement as soon as the pet shops open - surely all birds look the same.

No 28 - Kitchen: Harry appears, wondering why Des is in such a good mood this morning. Des tries to stop him from getting near the birdcage, saying that Squawker is asleep and won't want to be woken yet. Harry calls him a blithering idiot, but Daphne manages to get him out of the door to go for a jog. She then tells Des that he'd better hurry up and find a replacement.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Scott and Paul are getting dressed for the day, and Scott thanks Paul for the chat last night. Paul is surprised that Kim got involved with a guy like Brad. Scott wonders how they're going to help Kim, but Paul says that a guy like Brad is all talk, and he's obviously feeling scared if he's been trying to threaten Scott. Scott says that he's just concerned for Kim and her safety.

. . .

No 28: Des returns with a replacement bird, just as Harry gets back from his jog. He goes to have a shower, and Des and Daphne take the towel off the cage, only to find that Squawker isn't inside. Des calls out to Harry, asking how his parrot sleeps, and Harry says that he sleeps on his back - sometimes, you'd swear he was dead! They realise that Squawker was alive, and now he's escaped from the cage. Harry appears, looking for his towel, and Des steers him to the airing cupboard to get him a fresh one. Harry goes back and grabs his towel from the cage, and there's a bird inside - Daphne has managed to get the replacement in there. Harry wonders why Squawker isn't talking to him, and goes off for his shower, confused at Des's suggestion that the bird had laryngitis. Des and Daphne then hear Squawker outside - Des goes to try and catch him, leaving Daphne to put the replacement back in the box.

No 24: Maria is watering the plants when Shane walks in the door. She's delighted to see him, and he apologises for the things he said before he left. Maria says that she understands, and that she knows Max went to see him. Shane explains that Max told him about everything that happened - he says that he had no idea of all the stuff that went on when he was a kid. Maria is just happy to have everything out in the open, and makes Shane promise that, if anything is ever troubling him, he'll be honest with her about it.

. . .

No 28: Des has managed to catch Squawker - and has been bitten again - and he and Daphne get the bird in the cage, before Des goes outside to release the other one. Harry appears, delighted that his parrot is talking to him again, whilst Daphne takes a mysterious calling, telling her to 'watch out for Harry's bird'. There's a knock at the door, and Daphne answers to a Miss Cleo Jones, who introduces herself as 'Harry's bird'. Harry gets money from Des to pay for her taxi, and Des wonders if this is the 'nice old lady' who's going to look after Harry. Harry explains that she works at the senior centre, as a telephonist. Cleo then comes back with the change, which Harry keeps for himself.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane and Maria have been talking over coffee, and as she goes, Danny comes in, pleased to see that his brother has returned. Danny wants to know what Max said when he went to the campsite. Shane says that they just talked, and he didn't leave home for nothing, but he doesn't really want to talk about it. Danny wonders why everything has to always be such a mystery in their house, but Shane insists that what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Danny then heads off to school, and Shane is about to go and see Daphne, but as Maria comes inside with the washing, he asks her why she went so overboard all those years ago - sleeping with another man, when all Max had done was spend the night at the pub. Maria is shocked, asking Shane is Max told him about the other woman...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Julie Robinson, Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Guest Cast: Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Rick Ireland as Brad, Denise Kirby as Cleo

Trivia Notes
Harry carries a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in his wallet
Though Cleo Jones' full name is given in the episode, she is only credited as Cleo

Summary by Steve