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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 67

Written by Patricia Bernard, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 18/06/85, BBC One: 30/01/87, UK Gold: 02/02/93

Shane tells Danny that they won't tell Max about the $500
Harry takes $20 from Des to pay for Yvette's taxi
Des complains to Daphne about Harry
Max notices that all of Shane's diving trophies and photos have gone
Shane tells Max that he sold them
Max looks at one of the photos in the bin outside

No 24 - Dining Table: Danny thinks that he could get a job, to buy back Shane's trophies, but Maria says that Shane doesn't want them back. Shane then comes in, in a very good mood, and explains that he has his final check-up with the doctor today and then he's going out to find himself a job. Danny doesn't want to go to school, as he almost died on Friday night, but wants to go out shopping with Maria - she tells him no. Shane then heads out to get a lift from Des.

No 28 - Lounge: Harry is doing some sit-ups, and telling Des that he should be doing the same, when Shane arrives. Daphne introduces him to Harry, who's impressed and says that, unlike Des, Shane looks like someone who works out. He tells him about the 3km jog he goes on each morning, and then leaves to have a shower, telling Daphne that, if Margaret Hayward, the film star, calls, then to take a message. Des thinks that Harry will be locked away if he keeps on pretending that he's friends with film stars, but Daphne says that it's not harming anyone - he just has a vivid imagination. Shane says that he hopes that insanity doesn't run in the family, and Daphne throws a cushion at him.

No 26 - Lounge: Shane walks in and tells Paul that the doctor has given him the all clear, so he can go out and get a job. He says that he wants to find something exciting, but he isn't qualified for much, as most of his time at school was taken up with diving. He looks at Paul's airline training manual and wonders if that could be the job for him, fantasising about visiting Paris and London. Paul says that they'll have company, as there's a girl called Gloria who he's been training with - she's coming over for dinner the following evening. Shane jokes that it must be serious, then asks Paul if he could ask around about any jobs at the airline. Paul goes to phone them.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is sitting down to watch TV when Maria comes in. She shows him a monogrammed briefcase that she's bought for Shane, with the extra $50 from the sale of his trophies. She hears Shane come in, and hides the briefcase. Shane then breaks the news about getting the all clear from the doctor, and that he's scored an interview at the airline Paul works for, at 2pm that day. Maria is delighted and tells him that he'll need to look smart, pushing him off to get ready.

No 28 - Dining Table: Paul comes in the back door, and Daphne offers him a coffee, and tells him that she's been looking at some job ads. She explains that the return to stripping was just a one off - particularly after Des found out - and now she wants to find something that doesn't involve an old man chasing her around an office. Paul mentions that Shane has an interview at the airline, and Daphne's pleased for him, and hopes that she can now find her perfect job too.

No 24 - Lounge: Shane appears from his room, dressed in a suit, and Maria presents him with his new briefcase. He thinks it was too expensive, but she reminds him about the extra money she came into. He thanks her, and she says that he needs to look smart if he's going to be travelling all over the world. He leaves for his interview, and Danny says that he hopes Shane gets the job. Maria agrees, and says that it's good to see Shane so fired up about something, after the last few months - she just hopes that he won't be disappointed.

Airline Office: Shane is finishing up his interview with Mr Finch, and he asks what happens now. Mr Finch explains that they'll check his references and call him about a second interview - but his history as a diver shows that he's hard-working and committed, so there shouldn't be a problem with further interviews or the medical. Shane hands over the report from his doctor earlier that day, and Mr Finch says that he'll be in touch.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane has been telling Maria, Danny and Paul about his interview, and admits that he's quietly confident. Paul leaves, and Danny takes a call from the airline, passing the phone to Shane. Shane is upset by the call, and tells his mum and brother that he failed the medical. He storms out of the house, followed by Danny.

No 24 - Back Garden: Danny follows Shane, saying that it's not that bad and that it's the airline's loss. Danny points out that there are loads of other jobs in the newspaper everyday. Shane says that they told him he had an 'unstable physical condition' and was unsuitable. He thinks every interview will be the same. Danny thinks that he should try again and continues to pester Shane, who then blurts out that the damage was done when they had the accident. Danny thinks that his brother is blaming him and runs back into the house, as Maria comes outside and asks what's going on. Shane says that he opened his big mouth again, and goes back in to speak to his brother.

. . .

No 24: Inside, Danny says that he's going out, but Shane stops him. He apologises for bringing up the accident, and he says that he just has to accept what's happened and keep trying to find a job. He points out that if they keep on living in the past, they'll end up just like Max - and neither of them wants that. Shane threatens violence if Danny doesn't snap out of his bad mood.

No 28 - Lounge: Harry is getting ready for a night out - Des isn't impressed with his aftershave, but Daphne likes it. Harry explains that he's going out with Yvette - she wants to thank him for helping her out on the Gold Coast - and again asks Daphne to take a message if Margaret Hayward should call, before leaving. Daphne thinks that Harry sometimes goes a bit over-the-top, and Des shows her an article in the newspaper about Margaret visiting Australia, and leaving soon on a cruise on the QE2. Des wants to know when she's going to talk to Harry about leaving - she thinks he's just a sweet old man and isn't doing any harm, but Des calls him an old bludger, and says that if Daphne won't ask him to leave, then he'll do it himself.

No 28/Hospital: Later, Daphne is reading and Des is cleaning his coin collection, when the phone rings. Des is completely engrossed in the bowls on television, so Daphne has to answer. It's Yvette, and she explains that there's been a fight and she's at the hospital - she was having dinner with Harry, when her ex-boyfriend Tiger turned up and a fight broke out. Daphne says that she'll be there right away, and Des offers to drive her.

Hospital - Corridor: Des and Daphne arrive and are greeted by Yvette. She explains that Harry got in between when Tiger was trying to talk to her, and all of a sudden, he was hurling him up in the air and throwing him on the ground. Des and Daphne think that Harry is the one who's injured, and are alarmed to hear that he'll be in hospital for a couple of days, and is thinking about suing.

. . .

Hospital - Private Room: Daphne marches into the room, only to find Tiger Thomas in the bed, badly hurt. Harry then walks in, asking what all the fuss is about. Yvette realises the mix-up and says that Harry did kung fu on Tiger. Tiger tells Harry to keep away, and says that he's going to sue. Des wonders if Tiger really wants the world to know that he, a well-known boxer, was beaten up by an old man. He and the others go to leave, to arrange a solicitor, but Tiger tells them to stop and says that he'll forget about it this time.

No 28/Cruise Ship: The next morning, Harry is packing his cases, and Daphne says that she's called a cab. Harry then launches into a speech about how the young don't appreciate the people who fought for their country in two world wars, as Des quietly laughs in the background. Harry wanders off outside, saying that he's being discarded like an old slipper. Daphne asks Des to give him another chance, but Des doesn't think his nerves can handle Harry as a houseguest. Daphne wonders where he'll go, and Des suggests that he could stay with Yvette. Harry returns, telling Des that he's a hard man, and one day he'll be in this position too. The taxi sounds its horn outside, and Harry once again has to borrow money from Des, but refuses to let Des carry his cases. Daphne and Des say their goodbyes and he leaves. Des is happy to have his bedroom back, but Daphne watches from the window, feeling terrible. She says that she doesn't want Harry back as a houseguest, but still feels sad and hopes that he'll be alright. The phone rings and Daphne answers - she's shocked to realise that it's Margaret Hayward, who says that she simply must speak to Harry.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Judith McGrath as Margaret Hayward, Stephen Millichamp as Tiger Thomas, Denise Drysdale as Yvette

Trivia Notes
Denise Drysdale is incorrectly credited as Denis Drysdale
Leighton Harris is uncredited for his role as Mr Finch
Tiger Thomas was heavyweight boxing champion of the Gold Coast for two years running

Summary by Steve