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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 73

Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 26/06/85, BBC One: 09/02/87, UK Gold: 10/02/93

Shane tells Max that he's going on a business trip to Canberra
Linda Fielding talks to Shane about his father
Julie asks Philip into number 26 for a drink
Lucy lies that she can see Julie and Philip kissing outside
Shane and Terry hear that Gordon Miller has escaped on his way to prison

Limo: Shane stops the car, as Terry hysterically says that Gordon's going to find her and kill her. Shane tells her that they'll take her straight to Des's place and tomorrow, he'll go and get some of her stuff from the flat. They won't tell Des the complete story though. Terry is thankful, and admits that she doesn't like involving other people in all of this, but she doesn't know what else to do.

No 28: Des answers the door to Shane and Terry. Shane introduces them to each other, and they all go inside, where Shane asks if Des is still thinking about renting out the spare room. Des says that, with the state of his finances, he'd rent out his own room and sleep in the garage if he thought he could. Shane is happy, and says that he's found a new tenant - Terry. Des is slightly taken aback, but offers Terry a month's trial. Shane asks if she can move in immediately, and lies that there's a prowler at her current flat and she needs to get out. Des is sympathetic and they all sit down to have coffee, but then Daphne arrives home. She isn't happy to hear about the new arrangement and storms off, saying that this is Des's house and he can do what he likes.

. . .

No 26 - Dining Table/Kitchen: Julie is clearing the dinner plates, and is very complimentary about Helen's cooking. She goes to take the plates to the sink, and Helen and Jim whisper to Lucy that she needs to tell Julie what happened to her dress. Lucy thinks that Julie will murder her, as she got green ink on it. Julie returns and hears them talking, and asks Lucy whether people liked her dress at school. Lucy says that they did, and thanks Julie for letting her borrow it, but doesn't say anything else. Jim changes the subject, asking Julie how things are going with the new bank manager - she says that he's very good, and explains that he's been promoted very quickly. She obviously doesn't want to talk about Philip too much, and offers to go and do the dishes, with Jim sending Scott to help her. He then tells Lucy again that she needs to be honest with Julie about the dress. Lucy tries to get Helen to tell her, but with no luck, so she shuffles into the kitchen. She tells Julie about the felt tip stain on the dress, and Julie forgives her, but tells her to come to her straight away if anything like this happens again.

No 28 - Dining Table: Shane and Terry are telling Des about her being sacked by Max, because she's a woman, and Des thinks that Daphne can relate to that, as she's had problems with Max's old-fashioned views too. Clearly still annoyed, Daphne bluntly agrees from the kitchen, and Terry goes and offers to help her, but she says that she has dinner under control. Shane hugs Terry, happy that her new living arrangements seem to be working out.

A jealous Daphne looks at them, and Shane says that he'd better go or his boss will complain about his being late. Des thinks that the job sounds cushy, but Shane says that Linda Fielding is a difficult boss. Des leaves the room, and Terry goes to have a shower, so Shane asks Daphne why she's unhappy about Terry moving in. Daphne tells him that it's nothing personal - she would just like to have been consulted. Des then returns and takes Shane to the front door, where Shane asks Des to keep an eye on Terry, and to make sure that Daphne doesn't cause too many problems. Des asks Shane again about the prowler, but Shane says that he just thought it best for Terry to be away from her flat.

Pacific Bank: The next morning at work, Julie is being very patient with an elderly male customer who is struggling with filling in some forms. As he goes, Marilyn comments that she's never seen Julie so patient, and asks if she's done something different with her hair. She insists that she hasn't, then rushes off when Philip asks to see her in his office.

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Philip tells Julie that a problem has come up. She assumes it's to do with work, but is surprised when he shows her some material samples for blinds in the unit he's renting. He asks for her help in choosing, and she shows him one that she thinks would work. She says that he must be used to his wife making these sorts of decisions, and he agrees, but the atmosphere has changed and Julie heads back out to work.

Pacific Bank: Julie returns to her position, and Marilyn wants to know what Philip wanted. Julie, however, won't say, and tells Marilyn that they've got customers waiting.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is trying to get the ink stain from Julie's dress, when Daphne comes in, looking for advice. She explains the situation with Terry moving in, and Helen agrees that it wasn't fair of Des to allow it without consulting her. Daphne admits that she can't help resenting Terry, which is a problem as she's such a nice person. Helen suspects that Daphne is jealous, and doesn't want another woman there, spoiling the smooth running of the household. Helen says that, sometimes people are bitchy, and they can either deny it or deal with the fact that they're not as nice a person as they've always believed themselves to be. Daphne smiles, and Helen asks her if she knows how to get green ink out of a white dress.

No 28 - Lounge: Terry is at home on her own. She peeks out of the closed curtains, and checks that the window is locked. She sits down again, then answers a phone call. The caller is looking for someone named Michael - she tells them that they have the wrong number and hangs up.

. . .

Fielding Mansion: Outside, Shane is polishing the car, and he waves down to the gardener. The gardener walks up and asks how he's getting on in the job. Shane says that he was two minutes late and Mrs Fielding bit his head off. They talk about Mr Fielding, and the gardener admits that he hasn't met him, as he's only been working there for two months, but he's heard a few rumours - apparently Mr Fielding is 60 years old, and Linda was his secretary, until she got her hooks into him and the business, and now she's the only one running it. They joke that Linda shot him, but then she appears and tells Shane to take her to the Norwood Private Hospital.

No 28: Daphne walks in, giving Terry a bit of a fright. Terry insists that she's fine, and is just getting used to her new surroundings, but Daphne says that, if there is something bothering her, she should tell her. Terry insists that she's alright, so Daphne asks if they can talk about something else - Terry assumes that she's going to be asked to leave. Daphne apologises if she's been that awful to her, and insists that she isn't going to ask her to move out, though she is still a little bit annoyed with Des. A car backfires outside, making Terry jump. Daphne then goes to get ready to go out, but says that she can help if Terry needs someone to go with her to collect her things from the flat. Terry then tells her that Shane's going to do that and talks about what a terrific guy he is. Daphne bitterly agrees.

Norwood Private Hospital - Exterior: The limo pulls up outside the private hospital. Shane opens Mrs Fielding's door and she tells him to take the afternoon off, but to be there to pick her up at 6.30pm. He asks where he'll find her, and she tells him to wait outside. He looks quite shocked as she says that, if he sets one foot inside the hospital, he'll be fired.

No 26 - Kitchen: Des and Paul are having a coffee, and Paul is inviting Des to a party, which will be filled with air hostesses. Des is pleased that he'll get to meet some women, and says that Shane's already staked his claim on Terry. Paul tells him that the pilots get first pick of the girls, followed by the stewards, and the 'Casanova bank managers' get final pick. Lucy then comes in, saying that she's late because she had tennis practice, and Des tells her that he's going to marry her when she gets older. She says that it would be more polite if he asked her rather than told her, so he does, and she turns him down. He announces that he's going home to have a shower, then he's going to shoot himself. Lucy says that Des can be very juvenile sometimes.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Shane arrives, with some of Terry's stuff, and Des tells him about the party he's going to. Shane suggests that he put on some aftershave. Terry greets Shane, and tells him that she thinks she's over the jitters she was suffering early. Des appears, freshly aftershaved, and leaves. Shane starts sorting Terry's stuff and hands her something that was in the letterbox - Terry opens the note and it says 'You're dead'. She realises that it's from Gordon.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitas as Terry Inglis, Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Deborra Lee Furness as Linda Fielding

Trivia Notes
Terry is paying $50 a week rent at number 28
The Fielding gardener is uncredited for his appearance in this episode

Summary by Steve