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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 74

Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 27/06/85, BBC One: 10/02/87, UK Gold: 11/02/93

Terry panics when she hears that Gordon has escaped
Jim and Helen are surprised when Julie is understanding about Lucy damaging her dress
Des agrees that Terry can move in
Marilyn notices Julie making more of an effort with her appearance
Linda tells Shane that, if he sets foot inside the hospital, he'll be fired

No 28 - Living Room: Shane gets off the phone to the police, telling Terry that they think Gordon Miller is in Queensland and they should have caught him within the next day. Terry isn't completely comforted, but Shane assures her that she's safe, and she tells him to go to work, before he ends up getting sacked.

Norwood Private Hospital - Exterior: Shane pulls up outside the hospital and is about to read a book while he waits, but then the car's phone starts ringing. Shane answers, and a man demands to speak to Mrs Fielding. Shane tries to explain that she's busy and that she left instructions not to be disturbed, but the man insists.

. . .

Norwood Private Hospital - Room/Corridor: Linda rearranges her husband's pillows to make him more comfortable. He asks about work, but she reminds him that the stress of work is what put him in hospital in the first place. As they talk about him feeling like a burden and her reassuring him that he isn't, Shane appears outside, shown to the room by a nurse. He's about to knock, but he hears them talking - Dan Fielding tells his wife that she's all that's got him through his illness. She says that he'll be out of hospital in a couple of weeks, and the house up north is almost ready for them to move to. Shane then knocks and walks in, but Linda sends him out, and goes out into the corridor to talk to him. Shane tells her what's happened, but she reminds Shane that she's his boss and he takes orders from her, and only her. She tells him that her husband has been very ill and the few hours she gets to spend with him are very important. She then goes back into the room, telling Shane that she'll deal with him later.

Norwood Private Hospital - Exterior: Shane shows Linda into the car, and she immediately calls John Peterson. He tells her that there's a problem with a contract, but Linda says that it happens every year and she'll deal with it. She also asks that John doesn't contradict her instructions to the chauffeur in future. She hangs up, and Shane apologises to her. She tells him that she'll let it go this once, on the condition that Shane doesn't discuss anything he saw or heard in the hospital with any other Fielding employee. She then tells him to take her to the office.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is preparing food, and joking about Danny being a bottomless pit, when Max comes in, ranting about Gordon Miller's escape, which is front page news. Danny is amazed to hear that he escaped from the police vans, and thinks he must be really clever - a comment which annoys Max, and they start to argue about it. Max says that, if he turns up on Ramsay Street, he'll rip him to pieces, but he doesn't think that he will - he suspects that, if he's as smart as Danny thinks he is, he'll be interstate by now.

No 28: Terry is still home alone. She goes around the room, turning on all of the lights, and then looks out of the window, before sitting down.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: The next morning, Helen is preparing breakfast, and calls Julie, telling her she'll be late. She compliments Julie on her appearance, asking if there's an evening out after work, but Julie says that there isn't. She then asks if Helen would mind if she doesn't eat the fried eggs she's prepared, as she's decided to start a diet. She also offers Helen the use of their car for the day, saying that she'll get a lift with Des. Helen is grateful, and wonders what's gotten into Julie lately, what with this, the diet and forgiving Lucy over the ruined dress. Julie insists that this is just her normal personality, and then goes outside to pick some flowers to take to work.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is clearing up the breakfast things, and Shane asks her what sort of job she's thinking about - she says that Max doesn't like the idea - he thinks she should be at home looking after the family. They joke about Maria working as Max's assistant, and going back to school with Danny to get her HSC. Max then storms in, still ranting about Gordon Miller being on the loose, and surprised that Shane doesn't seem too worried about it. Shane leaves for work, saying that he has to see Des on the way, and again telling Max that getting angry isn't going to catch Miller. Max can't understand his son's attitude. Maria asks him about the interview for the new assistant yesterday, but Max says that he didn't like the applicant.

Ramsay Street: Shane sees Des about to leave for work, and asks about Terry. Des says that she's fine, and is about to tell Shane all about the night he had with an air hostess, but Shane is more interested on checking on Terry. Des tells him that the door's open.

. . .

No 28: Terry is worried as she sees someone trying the door, and asks who it is. She unlocks the door when she hears that it's just Shane, and apologises for locking the door as soon as Des went out. Shane is sorry to hear that she was there alone last night, but notices that Terry seems a little less nervous now. She tells him that she's decided to get on with her life, and forget about Gordon Miller - if he was going to do something to her, he'd have done it by now anyway.

Ramsay Street: Julie runs over to Des, with her flowers, apologising for running late. She checks her appearance in the wing mirror, and Des asks her what she thinks of Philip Martin, pointing out that they went out for drinks. Julie asks Des what he's getting at, and he tells her that maybe she shouldn't be mixing business with pleasure. She reminds him that he went out with Lorraine and Marilyn from work, but Des says that there's a difference, as Philip is a married man with two kids. Julie looks shocked.

Pacific Bank - Office: Julie brings in some paperwork, and Philip thanks her for the flowers, and for the advice on the blinds. She tells him that her car is still being serviced, and asks if he can give her a lift home. He agrees, and says that the garage might be taking her for a ride, given the amount of time they've had her car. Des then comes in with some more paperwork, and Philip tells Julie that he'll be happy to give her a lift home for as long as she needs it - Des raises his eyebrows and Julie quickly leaves.

. . .

Fielding Mansion - Living Room: Linda is giving Shane some letters and parcels to be delivered. She goes to get another letter, and Shane has a snoop around, looking at a photograph of Dan Fielding. Linda returns with the letter and sends Shane off, and then she takes a phone call.

Fielding Mansion - Exterior: Shane walks out, annoyed at being bossed around, when Linda suddenly runs out of the door and says that he needs to get her to the hospital - her husband's had a heart attack.

Norwood Private Hospital - Exterior: Linda gets out of the car and goes towards the hospital, with Shane telling her that he hopes Mr Fielding is OK. Linda is stopped from entering by a doctor, and Shane watches as he talks to her. She then slowly walks back down to the car, in shock, and tells Shane to take her home.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Julie Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitas as Terry Inglis, Deborra Lee Furness as Linda Fielding, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, George Dixon as Mr Fielding

Trivia Notes
Jim's line, 'Not my daughter', featured in the recap, was edited out of the scene when it was shown in episode 63
Off-screen, Lucy is having a sleepover at a friend's house, Paul has gone to steward training and Jim has left early for work
Although referred to on-screen as Dan, Linda's husband is only credited as Mr Fielding
The nurse, who shows Shane to Mr Fielding's room, is uncredited

Summary by Steve