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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 78

Written by Tim Page, Directed by John Gauci, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 03/07/85, BBC One: 16/02/87, UK Gold: 17/02/93

Max agrees to report Gordon Miller to the police
Philip thinks Julie should start getting a lift home with someone else
Shane jokes that he and Terry should start a 'people who nearly got killed by Gordon Miller' club
Max offers Terry he old job back
Des notices Julie with Philip's handkerchief
Wendy says that she's glad she met Danny - then she kisses him

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is preparing to go out for dinner with Max, and Helen is wondering why he's asked her. Maria insists that it's not what Helen is thinking - they just need to talk about their financial situation. Helen still thinks there's more to it, and that Max is tired of being a single man, but Maria warns her not to hold her breath. Danny then appears, ready for his date with Wendy, and she appears moments later, dressed quite provocatively. Wendy is introduced to a slightly stunned Helen, who, out of earshot, asks Maria how old Wendy is, and is stunned to learn that she's only 16. In the lounge, Wendy mentions to Danny that The Hitmen, whose record they listened to last night, are playing at a pub in the city. Danny doesn't think the police would agree with people of their age going to a pub, but Wendy says that she used to go all the time when she was in Queensland. She hopes that the restaurant will be licensed, so she can have some wine, and she runs off to get her bag. Danny then asks Maria if he can borrow some money, but she only has $10 to give him, and he doesn't think they'll have much of a night out with that. Wendy returns, and the young couple leave. Maria tells Helen that she would have been able to give Danny more money if she had a job, and the whole situation is ridiculous - Helen is still convinced that Max's pride is the only thing stopping him from coming home. Max himself then turns up to collect Maria.

No 26 - Lounge: Paul is reading a magazine, when Julie walks in, looking for a comb, with her hairstyle only half-finished. Paul jokes about her going out like that, and wants to know who she's making all the effort for. She refuses to talk about it, and gets annoyed with his teasing, eventually telling him that it's Philip Martin, the new bank manager. She can't find the comb, and rushes off to re-style her hair when she hears a knock at the door. Paul answers, and chats to Philip for a few moments, before Julie returns, with Helen. Julie introduces Helen to Philip, and Helen asks him to stay for a drink, but he explains that he's expecting an important call at home, so if it's OK with Julie, he's cancelled the restaurant and will cook for her instead. Helen thinks it sounds like a wonderful idea, though Paul jokes about him meeting Julie's high standards. They leave, and Helen tells Paul off for his lack of tact - he tells her that he's going to go over and see Des.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Paul lets himself in and joins Des on the couch. Des asks about the steward training, and Paul tells him that it's going well, though he did have to do mouth-to-mouth on a girl with garlic breath the other day. He then asks Des about work, and implies that Julie's been doing overtime with the new boss. Des is surprised to hear this, and says that Philip is a nice guy, and he gets on well with the customers, but he also happens to be married.

Philip's Apartment: Philip finishes his business call, and then asks Julie if she's like another drink. They talk about her family, and she tells him about Lucy spotting Gordon Miller on the street recently. Philip tells her that head office are thinking about installing strengthened glass, after the recent armed robbery - Julie likes the idea but admits that she'd feel like a goldfish. Philip tells her about working his way up to manager, and that he'd like to be in head office eventually. He tells her that he's the youngest bank manager in the state - she tells him that he's also the most handsome.

No 28 - Lounge: Paul is still reeling from the news that Julie is knowingly going out with a married man - and thinks that she'd be the first one to be moralising if it was someone else in that position. Des says that the story at the office is that Philip's wife stayed behind with the kids until he set up home here - Paul is surprised to learn that there are two kids involved too. Des thinks that both Philip and Julie are headed for trouble, but Julie just tells him to keep his nose out if he tries to talk to her about it. Des admits that it could ruin both of their careers if head office hears about it, but he can't really say anything to Philip. Paul wonders if he should speak to Jim, as he might be able to talk some sense into Julie. They both hope that it's just a crush and Julie will move on soon.

. . .

Pizza Restaurant: Wendy isn't very impressed with the greasy cafe that Danny has taken her to, and tells him that guys usually take her to nicer places. He apologises, and says that the other restaurant was too expensive - Wendy tells him that it was very embarrassing to have to get up and walk out when they saw the prices. She thanks him for taking her out, however, and starts to fantasise that they're in Venice and will soon be going for a romantic ride on a gondola - the fantasy is broken by their food arriving.

Restaurant: Maria is complaining about how depressing the situation is - Max says that she at least has that nice house to live in, whilst he's stuck in a cupboard, where nobody comes to see him. Maria reminds him that the boys have both been to visit. He wonders what there is left to talk about now - she's got the house, and surely she doesn't want more money from him? She admits that any extra money would come in useful, but Max then tells her that he can't afford much right now, and he's going to see a solicitor next week, as he thinks it's time to formalise their separation. Maria is surprised by this, but then agrees and says that she doesn't want him back - she wants a divorce.

Pizza Restaurant: Wendy is struggling to eat the pizza with her hands, but refuses when Danny offers to get her a knife and fork. He says that this food is probably better than what they would have had at Grizabella's. Wendy is stunned to learn that she almost dined at Grizabella's, as that's where all the celebrities go, and they might have ended up appearing in the papers. She says that he's so lucky to have such nice restaurants on his doorstep, and suggests that he could save up and take her there again in a couple of weeks. Before Danny can reply, she thanks him and tells him he's wonderful.

. . .

Philip's Apartment: Philip returns from loading the dishwasher, and Julie thanks him and says that it was lovely to have a home-cooked meal. He admits that it's the first time that his apartment has felt like home, as it's difficult to make friends when you're moving around the country so much. He says that people take family and friends for granted, and Julie would probably miss Ramsay Street if she had to leave. He asks about Des, and Julie says that he lives on the same street as her, but she finds him a bit blokey, though she can't deny that he works hard at the bank. She points out that Philip has now made a good friend in her - Philip is happy to hear it, but still thinks that she should be going out with people her own age. She insists that she's very happy with his company.

Restaurant: Max is shocked to have heard divorce mentioned, but Maria says that it's hardly sudden - she's had a lot of time to think and doesn't see any need in dragging the process out. Max admits that he isn't ready for this, but Maria thinks that they should sell the house and move on - Max, however, declares that he would never sell that house. He suddenly comes to the conclusion that Maria must have another man on the go, and that's why she's suddenly so desperate to be a single woman again.

Restaurant: Maria starts shouting at Max, disturbing the other diners. She calls him a hypocrite for constantly going on about her cheating, reminding him that he cheated on her too. She tells him that she's had enough of his stupid values. He points out that at least he didn't get the other woman pregnant, and now they've got a constant reminder of her affair. She gets very upset and stands up, knocking over and breaking a glass, before rushing out of the restaurant.

. . .

Philip's Apartment: Julie and Philip are listening to classical music - she asks him about his kids. He admits that he misses them, but not his wife. He says that they married young - the year he started at the bank - and soon he was being groomed for promotion, but his wife had no interests of her own, and began to resent his success. He tells Julie that the children were the only thing that kept them together, but it wasn't really anyone's fault. He admits that she started to drink and pick up other men - including his old boss. He then says that he'd better drive her home - she looks disappointed, but picks up her bag and follows him to the door. She then stops and looks at him, and says that she doesn't want to go home.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin

Summary by Steve