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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 77

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by John Gauci, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 02/07/85, BBC One: 13/02/87, UK Gold: 16/02/93

Gordon Miller sits at the end of Ramsay Street, waiting for Terry
Shane says he pities the next person who has to work for Max
Miller watches Daphne and Terry go into number 28
Wendy Gibson arrives on the Ramsays' doorstep
Terry realises that Miller is following her
Miller drops the gun, and Max picks it up. Miller then realises that he knows Shane from court - Max tells Shane and Terry to wait outside

Bedsits - Max's Bedsit/Corridor: Shane tries to calm Max down, and Miller says that he wouldn't really have done any harm. Terry calls him a liar, but agrees with Shane that they should just call the police, and wonders if she'll ever get him out of her life. Max tells them all that he'll call the police later, but he needs to get a few things out of his system first. He says that Shane might be able to move on from what's happened, but he can't. An old man then knocks on the door, wanting to know if Max is alright - Shane goes out and tells him that it's just a family argument and nothing to worry about. He goes back in, and Miller asks Max not to shoot - he blames the getaway driver and the police for the accident. Max calls him gutless, and Shane says that it would be a waste of a bullet - and a waste of Max's life if he goes to prison for it. Max agrees, and decides to call the police.

No 24 - Lounge: Maria is surprised to hear about Terry's marriage to Gordon Miller, and says that it must have been awful for her. Shane suggests that Max and Terry stay for dinner - Terry isn't sure, but Max encourages her. Maria sends Danny down to the shop for some bread, and Wendy goes with him.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Des sarcastically asks Julie if her car's still being fixed, and if the boss is still giving her a ride home. She tells him to stay out of it. He thinks that she's walking on thin ice, but she says that they're just friends and nothing more. Des points out that, if that were true, she wouldn't be lying about her car in order to spend more time with him. Philip then appears with some paperwork for Des and asks if he can see Julie in his office. As she goes, Des warns Julie to be careful.

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Philip asks Julie to sit down, and then tells her that the staff have been talking about them. Julie wants to know what they've been saying, but Philip explains that it's more about what they're insinuating. She doesn't think they've got anything to worry about, as they've done nothing wrong, but Philip suggests that, in future, she should get a lift home with someone else. Julie still doesn't see why all of this is necessary; Philip tries to tell her that he's worried for her reputation, but she doesn't believe him and wants to know the real reason. He then stands up and tells her that he finds her very attractive - he thinks he might be falling in love with her, and that can't happen, as he's still married to Loretta. Julie thinks it's worth the risk, but Philip points out that his family situation is going to be messy for a long time. She simply tells him that people have always joked about her, and he's the first person she's met who's taken her seriously. He smiles, and asks if they could risk going out to dinner the following night. She cheers up, and he gives her his handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Pacific Bank: Julie returns to her position - Des comes over to find out what was said, but Julie doesn't want to talk about that, and asks Des if he can give her a lift home. He agrees, after making a sarcastic remark about her usual chauffeur not being available, then he notices the handkerchief, with a P embroidered on it. She claims that it's hers, and walks off from Des, though is clearly starting to get uncomfortable about being the subject of all the gossip.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny and Wendy come back with the bread, apologising for being late and explaining that they ran into Eddie at the shops. Wendy wonders if Shane would like to come to the movies with them later, but Maria thinks he'd prefer to go with Terry. Danny thinks that Terry must be really strong to stand up to Gordon Miller - but Wendy thinks she's stupid for marrying him in the first place. Danny quickly changes the subject, asking if she'd noticed the name of the street, and telling her that it's named after his grandfather. Wendy's impressed with this, but less impressed when she tastes an olive, declaring that it's awful.

No 24 - Dining Table/Lounge: Everyone compliments Maria on the food, and she sends Danny and Wendy to do the washing-up, whilst Terry makes her excuses to leave, and Shane offers to walk her home. Max asks for a quick word with Terry, in private, before she goes. He takes her into the lounge and apologises for being so horrible to her lately, and he now understands why she was so desperate to find someone decent, after being married to Miller. She explains that her divorce will be through soon, so he won't have to worry about Shane dating a married woman. Max then offers her her old job back, and she happily accepts. He also suggests that she start calling him 'Max' instead of 'Mr Ramsay'.

No 26: Julie is getting ready for bed and making cocoa when there's a loud knock at the door. She answers to find Des, who's looking for Jim. Julie suspects that he's intending to spread more gossip about her, but he says that he does have other things to think about, other than Julie. She still isn't convinced, and tells him that Jim is out. Des realises that he's not going to get much of a conversation with Julie, so says that he'll go to the pub.

. . .

No 28 - Dining Table: Shane walks Terry inside, and she asks him to stay for coffee. He explains that he needs to give his father a lift home, but sees that she's in a bit of a mess, so agrees to stay. She says that it must be delayed shock, from almost being killed today, but thinks that she probably deserved it - she's messed up so badly, by marrying Gordon and believing all of his stories. Shane says that Gordon's in jail now, and she's got a nice place to live - she tells him that Max gave her back her job too. Despite all this, she thinks that she can't stay, as Des and Daphne won't be happy when they find out what's happened. Shane thinks they'll be surprised, but Terry's done nothing wrong, so she's got nothing to feel bad about. She realises that Gordon actually hurt Shane more than he did her, and ruined his diving career. Shane admits that losing his sport career has hurt him more than he's ever let on, but he's managed to move on, and Terry needs to do the same. She agrees to stay and try to make a go of things.

No 28 - Lounge: Later, Shane asks Terry if she thinks she'll be able to cope with giving evidence at the trial. She says that she'll be fine - she's seen the inside of plenty of courtrooms during her time with Gordon. Des then arrives home, and wonders what's going on and why Shane is still there. He realises that he still needs to give Max a lift home, and tells Des that Terry's had a terrible day, so to look after her. Shane leaves, and Des tells Terry that he'd be happy to listen if she wants to talk. She tells him that it's a long story, and sends him off to make some coffee.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen/Lounge: Danny and Wendy have finished the washing-up, and go to the lounge to play records. Max comments to Maria that Wendy seems like a nice kid, but it's a bit weird that she's a friend of Anna's. Maria agrees, and wonders why Anna's letter hasn't turned up yet either. Max wonders what's keeping Shane - Maria points out that he was taking his girlfriend home, so he's hardly going to rush back to see his dad. She then says that they need to discuss money, and hands a couple of bills over to Max. She admits that she feels guilty asking him to pay for things he doesn't even use, but he says that he doesn't want to hear her talk about getting a job. He does, however, agree to take her to dinner so they can talk about things. Shane then comes in, apologising to his father, and Max says his goodbyes to everyone. Maria then goes to bed, telling Danny not to be up too late, as he has school the next day. Once they're alone, Wendy suggests to Danny that he could skip school the next day. He asks why she doesn't need to go to school, and she explains that she finished last year and is having a break now before she starts a new job in the tourist industry. Danny says that he's stayed at school so he can go to uni - he hasn't decided yet whether he'll be studying law or medicine. Wendy is impressed, and Danny then tells her that Max runs his own porcelain company. He tells her that Max and Maria live apart as they had a few problems that they needed to work out. Wendy wonders what it would be like if Maria divorced Max and got remarried, and then Danny's stepfather was horrible to him. He isn't keen on that topic, so asks which record she wants to play next. She picks one, and he says that it was given to him by a DJ, whose brother goes to his school. Wendy is impressed, and wonders if they could get a tour of the radio station. He thinks that they could get tickets to some concerts too. Wendy is delighted, and admits that it's difficult to talk to the guys back home, and Danny seems so much more grown-up. He says that life in the city is great, with the restaurants and theatres and nightclubs. Wendy asks if they can go to a nightclub - Danny points out that she's too young, but they could go out for dinner. She's delighted and says that she's so happy to have met him, then she suddenly kisses him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Julie Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Red Symons as Gordon Miller, Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin

Trivia Notes
The old man, who knocks on the door of Max's bedsit to see if he's alright, is not credited for his appearance
Off-screen, Jim, Helen and Lucy have gone to a Brownies concert

Summary by Steve