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Wendy Gibson 1985

Troublemaking 16-year-old Wendy Gibson arrived on the Ramsay family's doorstep one day, claiming that she was a good friend of Maria's sister, Anna, who'd recommended that she visit when in the area. Wendy said that Anna had written a letter, explaining that she'd be coming to visit, but Maria hadn't received the letter, so had to take her word for it. Wendy quickly managed to charm Maria's youngest son Danny, who quickly asked his mum if Wendy could stay with them rather than go to a hotel. Later that evening, Wendy continued to work on Danny as they listened to some records together, telling him how much she was looking forward to experiencing life in a big city, and suggesting places that they could go - and when Danny agreed to take her out to dinner, she was thrilled and planted a big kiss on him.

Wendy had big, and expensive, ideas for that first date, and was disappointed when it ended up taking place in a pizza parlour, rather than the classy restaurant, Grizabella's, she'd been hoping for. But, rather than abandon that dream, Wendy convinced Danny to save up his money and take her to Grizabella's in a couple of weeks, when he could afford it. However, it wasn't long before Wendy then met Danny's neighbour, and best friend, Scott Robinson, who helped her get into the Ramsay Street when her key kept sticking. She decided to see if she had any more luck with Scott, telling him that she was feeling guilty about taking up so much of Danny's time, and wondering if Scott would like to take her out instead. He eventually agreed to take her to Grizabella's, and when Danny then asked her out too, she claimed that she was only going out with Scott because she felt sorry for him - and he'd claimed that he and Danny often swapped girlfriends. Wendy then continued to play the two boys off against each other, making up lies until the best friends had fallen out and weren't speaking to each other.

Though Danny and Scott failed to see what Wendy was really like, Maria grew concerned when Anna's letter finally arrived, and it turned out that she was boy crazy, and had been sent away from home to stay with some family friends to try and calm her down a bit. When Maria confronted Wendy with this information, Wendy claimed that she'd been to see the family friends, but had been unable to stay as one of their children had measles, and she didn't want to catch it. However, when Maria later found out that Danny and Scott weren't even speaking to each other, she decided to confront Wendy again, telling her that perhaps it was time for her to leave. Wendy quickly came up with a new story, saying that her mum's boyfriend had been nasty to her and had even tried to kiss her. Danny and Maria both fell for her lies, and she was once again allowed to stay.

Wendy's games with Scott and Danny then continued, and when Danny spotted Wendy and Scott kissing on Ramsay Street, he attacked Scott and the two boys had a fist fight, with Wendy relishing every moment. Neighbour Daphne Lawrence, who had also become suspicious of Wendy's behaviour, broke up the fight and told off Wendy for the way she'd been acting, but Wendy then turned on her, saying that, as a stripper, she was a hypocrite and should just mind her own business. Crossing Daphne proved to be Wendy's biggest mistake, as, later that night, she was at Wally Walters' restaurant, waiting for Scott to finish his work there and take her out, when a guy named Tim started chatting to her, claiming that he knew the Rossis in Queensland. Wendy was flattered by his attention, and interested when he told her that he was going back up to Queensland the next day, and that he'd like to see more of her. Before Scott could finish his shift at the restaurant, he realised that Wendy and Tim had gone.

The next morning, Wendy told Maria that she'd decided that it was time to leave, though failed to mention that she was only going because of Tim. After Tim phoned and told her he'd sent a taxi, she said her goodbyes to Maria and Danny, and even managed to get some more money out of Maria before she went. It turned out that Wendy's luck had finally run out, however, as she waited at the bus station for Tim to join her, only for him to leave her stranded. It then emerged that Tim was actually an old friend of Daphne's, who she'd helped get back on the straight and narrow, and who was repaying the favour by teaching Wendy a very important lesson.

Episodes Featured
76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 88, 89, 90

Biography by Steve