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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 81

Written by C. V. Schofield, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 08/07/85, BBC One: 19/02/87, UK Gold: 22/02/93

Julie is surprised when Jim arrives to see Philip
Philip tells Jim that he isn't sleeping with Julie
Wendy thinks that Scott has sex appeal
Wendy is delighted when Scott agrees to take her out
Terry is shocked to see Shane with another woman

Smugglers Pub: Terry can't believe that Shane's out with another woman, and wonders if Paul knew about it. Paul insists that he didn't, and that Shane told him he had to work. Terry considers going over to confront Shane, but Paul thinks that there might be an innocent explanation - he gets the bill and they leave. As they go, a man walks by them, and he - Mr Blakely - goes over to Tina and Shane. He thanks Shane for keeping Tina company, and tells him to pick them up later.

No 28 - Lounge: Terry is still furious, but Paul thinks she should give Shane the opportunity to explain. She looks to Des for some support, but he doesn't know what they're talking about - Terry thinks that all of the men just stick together in situations like this. Shane then arrives - Des quickly makes himself scarce, but Terry forces Paul to stay. She then confronts Shane, who tries to explain who Tina was, but Terry rants at him, and he says that he's glad that he found out what she was really like before things became too serious. He walks out, and Paul comforts Terry, who says that she never wants to see Shane again - Paul is pleased to hear that, and suggests that they go out to dinner again another night.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Shane rings the bell, but there's no answer so he just lets himself in. He's disgusted by the mess, and Max then returns with some fish and chips. Shane offers to make some tea, but can't find any clean cups or fresh milk. He then notices an empty whisky bottle on top of the bin, and asks Max to move back home. Shane asks if Max still loves Maria, but Max says that it doesn't matter, as Maria wants a divorce so there's little point in discussing it. Shane realises that he needs to get back to work - he leaves, taking a sad look back at his father as he goes.

No 26 - Dining Table: The next morning, Jim and Helen are having breakfast, when Julie comes in, running late and with no time for anything but a glass of orange juice. Jim realises that she's still unhappy about his trip to see Philip Martin - Julie says that it's none of his business, but Jim points out that there's a wife and children involved, and Julie needs to consider their feelings. Paul then comes in, in a very good mood, and says that he'll be going out again tonight - for dinner with Terry. Jim is surprised, as he thought that Terry was going out with Shane, and Julie wonders if Paul came between them. Paul explains that Terry caught Shane with another girl and they had a fight, but he's sure there won't be any hard feelings when Shane finds out that he's going out with her now.

No 28 - Dining Table: Over breakfast, Daphne is quizzing Des about Shane and Terry. Des tells her what happened, and that he thinks the relationship is over now. Daphne asks about the 'other woman' and Des doesn't think there was much to that - Daphne is pleased, and Des says that she seems to have a real soft spot for Shane. Terry comes in, just as Daphne says that she doesn't need Shane Ramsay when she's got Des. Terry tells Daphne that she'd be welcome to Shane if she wants him, and then tells them both that she's going out for dinner with Paul tonight.

. . .

No 24: Shane and Danny are finishing breakfast, and Maria is doing some washing, when Daphne comes in, claiming that she needs to ask Maria something. She tells Shane that she's cooking beef stroganoff tonight, but nobody's going to be home - she asks Shane if he'd like to join her. He happily accepts, then leaves for work. Maria asks what Daphne wanted from her, but Daphne can't remember, and she too leaves. Wendy then comes in, and Danny offers to make her a coffee. Danny jokes that, unlike Shane, he knows who he's going out with - Maria reminds him that his exams must come before Wendy. Danny confirms that he'll be doing homework all night tonight, but tomorrow he's going out with Wendy. Maria says that she'd heard Wendy mention that she was going out - though she didn't realise it was with Danny. Helen calls by, and Maria asks her to help hang a new washing line. They go outside, and Danny takes the coffee over to Wendy - he asks her if it would be OK if they went to a pizza parlour again, as he still can't afford a restaurant. Wendy then admits that she's agreed to go out with Scott instead - claiming that he was really miserable and she hoped to cheer him up. She says that Scott told her that he and Danny often swap girlfriends. Danny is annoyed, but Wendy gets upset, so he agrees that he won't say anything to anyone. She kisses him and promises she'll make it up to him.

No 24 - Back Garden: Helen is helping Maria with the washing, and Danny says goodbye to them both as he leaves for school. Helen then explains to Maria that Terry split up with Shane because she caught him with another girl. Maria realises that the girl was Tina, the niece of one of Shane's bosses, and he'd had to drive her around all week - he wasn't cheating on Terry. Maria isn't too happy to hear that Terry is now going out with Paul instead, and Helen tries to defend her grandson, but then starts laughing and says it's ridiculous for them to argue - the kids are all old enough to make their own mistakes.

No 26 - Dining Table: Helen tells Jim that it'll just be them, plus Lucy, for dinner, as everyone else is out. Jim realises that Julie is avoiding him, and wonders what he's going to do about her and Philip. Helen says that everyone makes mistakes, and she remembers what Jim was like at Julie's age, and thinks they'll just have to allow the situation to run its course. Paul then comes in, ready for his date, and asks if he can borrow Jim's car - Jim hands him the keys.

. . .

No 28: Des is all dressed up for a date, but won't tell Daphne who the lucky lady is. As Paul arrives to collect Terry, Des quickly leaves. Paul notices the dining table all set for dinner, and asks Daphne if she's expecting company. Des still hasn't left, as he's looking for his newspaper - Daphne can't find it, as she tidied up earlier, so he takes Paul's newspaper instead. As he's going out the door, Shane arrives for dinner with Daphne - Des tells her to clear up the dead bodies before he gets home. Shane and Paul then have an awkward conversation about Paul taking Terry to the movies, before Terry appears. Daphne quickly drags Shane into the kitchen to help her, and Paul and Terry leave. Daphne asks Shane to open the wine, but he's clearly distracted and admits that he's worried about his dad and the divorce. Daphne suggests that they just forget about their problems for tonight, and Shane says that she's a good mate - she says that she's gone to all this trouble for a man she adores, and he calls her a 'good mate'. He's enthusiastic about the food, but less complimentary about her dress, and she wonders if she's ever going to 'get her way' with him. He confirms that she just might.

Smugglers Pub: Des is sitting at the bar, reading his newspaper, when a waiter, holding some flaming kebabs, walks past and almost sets fire to the paper, much to the amusement of the other diners. An attractive woman then walks in, and Des stands up, but she walks straight past him. A less attractive woman also walks in, and Des hides behind the newspaper, but she walks straight past too.

Ramsay Street - No 28 Front Garden: Dinner is over, and Daphne walks Shane down the front path. He says goodnight, and she asks if she can have a goodnight kiss. He jokes that the meal wasn't that good - and then kisses her. They stop when Des suddenly appears. He goes inside the house, and Daphne says that she enjoyed the kiss, so Shane does it again. He then says goodnight and walks away, and Daphne looks disappointed.

No 28: Daphne walks in, and Des asks about her date. She turns the question back on him, and he says that he had a lovely time, but wonders why she's so interested in his love life, when she's just got the man of her dreams - again. He goes to bed, and Daphne hands him his newspaper, but he doesn't want it, as he thinks it's jinxed.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane arrives home to find Maria still awake, telling him that they need to talk. She pours him some tea, and he suggests that she just ask Max to move back home. Maria explains that this has gone on for long enough, and she just wants to put an end to it. Shane wishes that they would just talk about things, and Maria wonders if Shane blames her for all of this, pointing out that Max had an affair too. Shane says that nobody seems to care about how he feels, or how Danny feels - Maria denies this, and says that all the arguments are just proof that the divorce is the correct decision. Shane stands up and says that she needs to look at Max and how she's tearing him apart - Maria, however, thinks that Max is the one tearing himself apart, and she suggests that Shane should choose whose side he's on - her's or Max's.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson

Trivia Notes
Francine Ormrod appears in this episode as Tina Blakely, but is not credited. Mr Blakely is also uncredited for his appearance in this episode
Off-screen, Scott is out at the coffee shop
Paul and Terry are going to see Police Academy at the cinema

Summary by Steve