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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 82

Written by C. V. Schofield, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 09/07/85, BBC One: 20/02/87, UK Gold: 23/02/93

Terry is upset, believing Shane is on a date with Tina
Shane's boss tells him to pick up him and his niece, Tina, at 10.30pm
Terry refuses to listen to Shane's explanations, and they split up
Wendy confesses to Danny that she's going on a date with Scott
Maria tells Shane that he needs to choose between her and Max

No 24: Shane thinks that Maria is behaving like a child, by making him choose sides. She suggests that maybe he should move out, as it might help him to develop a little more tolerance - he asks if she's kicking him out, and she says that she doesn't want him to go, but it seems like the only solution as they can't continue to live like this. Shane decides that he'll move in with Max, but Maria isn't sure that's a good idea either. Shane gets annoyed and says that Maria should have just stayed away after she had the affair - she slaps him. Danny then appears, wanting to know what all the yelling is about, but Maria sends him back to bed. Maria accuses Shane of being just like his father, and he storms off, agreeing with her earlier comment that they can't go on living together.

Jim's Car: Paul and Terry sit in the car, and talk about the film and then she asks about him. He says that there's not much to talk about, and turns the question back on her. She insists that she's very ordinary too. They get to talking about Scott and his date with Wendy, and Terry is surprised, as she thought that Danny was going out with her - though she now believes that the Ramsay men seem to change their minds as often as their socks. Paul tells her not to be too hard on Shane, and starts to wonder if Shane and Daphne will get together. He remembers that they were pretty good together before Shane's accident, and thinks they would make a nice couple - Terry agrees.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny walks in, drying his hair, and notices Shane's stuff all packed up. Shane walks in with another box, and Danny asks him why he's going, but Shane doesn't want to go, but it's probably time to leave home, and it's for the best with all of the tension in the house. He finds an old game, and offers it to Danny, who turns it down. Maria then walks out, and sends Danny to go and get ready for school. Maria realises that Shane has made up his mind about leaving, and he shows her a pile of things to go to the Salvation Army, and hands her his house key. She says that she doesn't want him to go, but he tells her that it's too late. Maria asks what Shane will do if Max won't let him stay, and he says that he'll just have to find somewhere else.

Max's Bedsit: Max isn't sure about Shane moving in with him, and thinks they'd struggle in such a small space. He wonders if Maria's put Shane up to this, to keep an eye on him - but Shane insists that it was his idea, and he thinks it might do Max some good. He then admits that he's had a fight with Maria and they can't live together anymore. Max agrees to let Shane move in, and says he'll send Terry over with the van later to pick up his stuff - he's happy to have the old Ramsay and son team back together.

No 26 - Dining Table: Scott arrives home from school, and Lucy is at the table doing her homework. She reads out a poem to Scott, about the girl next door, and Scott realises that it's about the situation with him, Wendy and Danny. He grabs the poem from her and storms out, but then returns and asks if she's been in his room and taken his diary. He threatens to tell her friends that she wet her pants, if she doesn't give it back, but she says that her friends would never believe him. He then tries to make a game of it, asking if he's 'hot or cold' in different parts of the room when looking for the diary - Lucy refuses to play along and he ends up chasing her out of the room.

. . .

Bedsits - Corridor/Max's Bedsit: Max and Terry are coming up the stairs, and she's carrying the toolbox whilst he carries their lunch. They go into his room and she's surprised by how clean and tidy it is, wondering if Max has been born again. Max is surprised that Terry didn't know about Shane moving in, and she explains that they've split up, and she's going out with Paul Robinson now. Max thinks that women can never make their minds up and are always switching boyfriends, but Terry says that some blokes can be just as bad - Shane, for example.

No 24 - Lounge: Wendy is painting her toenails, as Lucy talks to her about Shane leaving. Wendy doesn't seem to care, and Lucy confirms that Wendy doesn't like Shane - but she does like Danny and Scott. Wendy is surprised to hear this, and Lucy explains that she read Scott's diary and she knows where it's hidden now. Wendy offers to give Lucy the nail polish if she can get her the diary, but Lucy asks for Wendy's bracelet instead. Their conversation is interrupted by Shane walking in - Wendy sends Lucy to her room to see if there's anything she'd like. When they're alone, Wendy starts flirting with Shane, and he gets annoyed and says that she's too young for him, and he doesn't like people messing with his brother. Danny walks in on this, and Shane quickly leaves, saying that he's going to lend some records to Daphne. Lucy then appears with a magazine from Wendy's room and says she can use the pictures for a school project, so Wendy lets her take it. Scott then rushes in, looking for Lucy, and drags her away, saying that she has to finish her homework.

Ramsay Street - No 24 Front Steps: Scott is dragging Lucy down the steps and she's complaining that he's hurting her, just as Terry walks up the steps.

No 24 - Lounge: Terry walks in, looking for Maria, and Danny sends her out the back, then wonders why Wendy's in such an odd mood.

No 24 - Back Garden: Terry finds Maria and hands over the van keys, so that Shane can use it. They talk about Terry and Shane's fight the other night, and Maria explains that the girl was just the niece of Shane's boss, Mr Blakely, and Shane was just looking after her, not dating her. Terry admits that she didn't think of that, and feels like an idiot for getting so angry with him.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Terry spots Shane coming out of number 28, and goes over, asking if he needs a hand moving his stuff over to the bedsit. He turns the offer down and walks away from her.

No 24 - Lounge: Shane walks into the house, closely followed by Terry, who's annoyed that he walked away when she was trying to apologise. She goes on about how sorry she is for the other night, but he just ignores her. He starts to pick up some of his stuff, and suggests that Terry bring the rest. She follows, still shouting at him, and Maria watches, amused by the whole thing.

Ramsay Street: Terry follows Shane down to the van, saying that he always runs away from his problems. He tells her to stop going on about it, but she says that the only way to make a relationship work is to communicate with the other person. She thinks that things could have worked out for them if they'd talked through their problems - but Shane says that she didn't seem to care that much when she went on a date with Paul. Terry reminds him that he had dinner with Daphne, and wonders if he just did it to make her jealous. Shane says that he's not out to get one over on anybody - he and Daphne are just good friends, but if they decide to take things further then it's their business. Wendy then strolls by on her way to the Robinson house, and spots that the van has a flat tyre. Terry offers to change it for Shane, in an act of true friendship, but tells him that he'll have to go and get the spare tyre for her first.

No 26 - Lounge: Wendy walks in and she hears Scott and Lucy fighting. Scott then comes out of the bedrooms and Lucy follows, explaining that he shut her in her room. Wendy calls Scott a bully and sends him to get a glass of water for Lucy. She then takes Lucy over to the couch and gives her the bracelet, asking again where the diary is. Lucy still refuses to say, so Wendy leaves. Scott then returns and notices Lucy with the bracelet - he thinks that she's shown the diary to Wendy and chases her around the room - she runs off, then returns with her poem and his diary. She gives it back, insisting that she'd never have shown it to anyone, and says she'll tear up the poem, but he'll have to help her to write something else for her class presentation.

Pacific Bank: Marilyn and one of the other tellers are joking about Philip Martin and what a hunk he is. Julie hears them and takes some papers from them to take to 'Mr Martin's' office. Once she's gone, Marilyn says that she's sure Julie doesn't call him Mr Martin when he's giving her a lift home at night!

Bedsits - Corridor/Max's Bedsit: Max is struggling to put up a fold-out bed, whilst out in the corridor, Terry is struggling to bring all of Shane bags and boxes up the stairs on her own. She calls out to Max to open the door for her, and he lets her in. She explains that Shane had to work, and that there's more of his stuff downstairs in the van. She agrees to help him with the bed, in exchange for a cup of tea, and Max asks if she and Shane have patched up their differences. She says that they're not back together, and she thought Max would be happy about that, but he admits that Shane could probably have done a lot worse than her. She then asks if he's going to leave the bed by the wall, as Shane will bang his head when he gets up. He gets tired of her nitpicking and apologises to her for what he said earlier, about women always swapping boyfriends. He then sits down on the bed, which folds up on top of him.

. . .

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Philip has finished signing some papers for Julie and she's about to leave, but he asks her if she has any plans for that evening. He asks her out to dinner, as they need to talk about something. He then kisses her before she leaves.

Pacific Bank: A woman is waiting to see the manager, and Marilyn sends her to the enquiries counter. Julie then comes back from the office and approaches the woman, explaining to her that they're about to close and that the manager is quite busy. The woman says that she doesn't have an appointment, but she's sure that Philip will see her, as she's his wife.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Lyn Semler as Mrs Martin

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Lyn Semler as Loretta Martin (credited as Mrs Martin). Following her 1985 appearances, the character would also appear in flashbacks in 1993 - however, by 1993, Lyn Semler was better known to Neighbours viewers as the unhinged Jill Weir, so, for the 1993 flashback scenes, the role was taken over by Jane Bayley
Kassie McLuskie (Marilyn Temple) is not credited for her appearance in this episode. The unnamed bank teller is also uncredited.
Terry's father was a plumber

Summary by Steve