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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 83

Written by John Upton, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 10/07/85, BBC One: 23/02/87, UK Gold: 24/02/93

Shane suggests that he should move in with Max
Terry realises that Shane didn't cheat on her
Shane is annoyed when Wendy starts to flirt with him
Julie is shocked when Philip's wife arrives at the bank

Pacific Bank: Julie isn't quite sure what to say - she introduces herself, and Mrs Martin says that her name is Loretta, and that she had a bit of a bumpy ride on the plane. Julie goes to speak to Philip, and Loretta says that, if he's too busy, she doesn't mind waiting.

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Julie goes into the office and tells Philip that he has a visitor - he checks his diary, but then Julie explains to him that it's his wife. Julie closes the door and says that Loretta seems to be very nice - quite different to what she was expecting - and suggests that Philip should go and talk to her, as she's come a long way. Philip agrees, and Julie goes to get Loretta. Philip answers the phone and asks for no more calls to be transferred for the time being. He looks at a photograph of his children, and then Julie returns with Loretta. Loretta tries to kiss her husband, but he steps away from her. Julie watches them, and then quickly leaves.

. . .

Pacific Bank: A dazed Julie wanders back out, and tells Des that the visitor was Philip's wife, and that she seems very nice. Des asks if Julie is OK and she tells him that she has a bit of a headache, and leaves.

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Loretta says that she's looking forward to joining him, and asks if he's found a place. He tells her that he has, and she's delighted, but realises from his tone that he isn't pleased to see her and is still intending to go ahead with the divorce. He confirms that he is. She says that he can take her out for dinner and tell her all about the new job - and claims that he at least owes her that in exchange for a nice, quiet divorce. He asks why she's come to visit and she explains that she's come to see a doctor about a personal matter - she then notices his face and tells him that she isn't pregnant.

Pacific Bank: Julie returns, thanking Des for giving her a break, and he tells her to take it easy today. Philip and Loretta then appear - Philip introduces her to Des, and she says that she's hoping to see a lot more of them all. Des asks if she's moving to the city, and she says that she is, although she's a country girl at heart. She says goodbye to all the staff, hoping that she hasn't disturbed their work too much, and then kisses Philip on the cheek before she goes. Philip then asks Julie for a private word in his office, and she follows him in.

Pacific Bank - Philip's Office: Julie says that Loretta is nothing like she expected her to be - Philip tells her that appearances can be deceptive. Julie wants them to talk about this over dinner that night, but he says that he can't, as he's having dinner with Loretta, and Julie can't come to the apartment either. She starts to get upset, believing that Philip has been conning her and that Loretta isn't the evil alcoholic he made her out to be, but Philip says that she'll just have to trust him and give him a couple of days to sort this mess out. Julie says that she doesn't know what she did to deserve it, but he's made a fool of her. She then walks out of the office.

No 26 - Back Garden: An upset Julie is being comforted by Helen, and admits that she's glad that she didn't cry in front of Philip or the other girls at work. She talks about how they're all jealous of her, but Helen says that none of that matters - she thinks that, if Philip is still involved with his wife, then it's best that Julie found out now rather than further down the line. Julie says that it's already too late, as she can't switch off her feelings for Philip now. She says that she loves him and has never felt like that about a man before - she then goes inside to her room.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is pruning a bonsai tree and Des is doing some paperwork, as he's been telling her the full story about Philip and Julie. Des thinks that Julie will get over it, but Daphne calls him callous. He says that he won't be wanting any dinner tonight, as he's got a date. He won't tell her any more about it, and she starts to suspect that he's making it all up. He ignores her and goes to take a shower.

Max's Bedsit: Shane arrives with the old TV from his bedroom, and Max is happy to be able to watch the sport again. Shane is satisfied with the fold-up bed he'll be sleeping on, and Max then gives him his key to the room, telling him to be careful with it. He then starts to rearrange the furniture so that they can both watch the TV from their beds. As they're trying to move a wardrobe, Max tells Shane that he has early starts to he needs to be in bed by 9.30 most nights - Shane isn't sure that'll suit him if he's working or wants to take a girl out, so Max extends it to 11.30.

Smugglers Pub: Des walks into Smugglers, banging his head on the way down the stairs. He sits down and loudly orders a double Scotch, then quietly changes the order to orange juice. The barman is impressed with his eyesight as he reads the newspaper in the dark room. A woman comes in, and Des briefly thinks she's coming over to him, but she ends up approaching the man sitting next to Des at the bar. Des then orders a vodka.

Max's Bedsit: Max is amused as he goes through Shane's aftershave collection while Shane unpacks. Shane's annoyed that Max has dumped his work suit on the bed, pointing out that he needs it to look good. Max hangs the suit up in the wardrobe for him, next to Max's best suit - the one he got married in. Max thinks that young people don't appreciate the value of things these days. Shane then tries to listen to some music, but the radio hardly works and Max wants to listen to golden oldies. They realise that they're going to have to compromise if they're going to live together - Max says that he'll cook dinner whilst Shane finishes his unpacking.

. . .

Smugglers Pub: Des is still sitting alone at the bar, and the barman says that, if Des's date doesn't arrive, there are plenty of other single women out there. Des looks around him, and a woman spots him and waves. She then comes over to join him, asking Des if he's been stood up and saying that young women can be very thoughtless these days. She attempts to flirt with Des, but then her husband turns up and drags her away.

Max's Bedsit: Max is putting dinner in the oven, and Shane is looking for somewhere to stash his last few things. Max tells him to put them in the wardrobe and, as he does, Shane finds one of his old diving trophies. Max explains that he got it from the pawn shop. Shane isn't impressed, but Max says that a lot of his hopes died after the accident, and there's enough bad stuff going on in the world, so he wanted a reminder of something good. He thanks Shane for moving in with him.

Smugglers Pub: Des is still alone and is giving up hope, when a woman comes over to him. She introduces herself as Joan Langdon, and apologises for not turning up the previous night, and for being late tonight. She says that the photo he gave the agency was very good, and he says that her photo didn't do her justice. He offers her a drink, but she thinks that they should order some food, so they go over to the table he's reserved.

Max's Bedsit: Max is watching TV, and Shane is trying to read - he then asks his dad how much longer it'll be before dinner is ready. Max goes to check on it, and says that he even got some mint to have with their roast lamb. He then takes a look in the oven and realises that he forgot to turn it on, so the food is still raw. Shane bursts out laughing.

Smugglers Pub: Des has been telling Joan the story about Daphne the stripper walking in on him with Lorraine and her parents. Joan is amused, and admits that she was very nervous about tonight - she says that she's seen a couple of men from the dating agency, but it didn't work out. Des notices her looking at her watch, and calls the waiter for the bill, before offering Joan a lift home.

. . .

Langdon House - Exterior: Des's car pulls up and they both get out. They both admit that they've had a good night, and Des suggests a nightcap, saying that he'll only stay for one drink and there'll be no funny business. Joan says that she was going to ask him inside anyway.

Langdon House: Des and Joan walk in, and a girl is sitting on the sofa. Joan introduces her as Libby, explaining that Libby and her mum live in the flat next-door. Joan tells Libby she can go home now, and then says that she has something she wants to show to Des. She opens the bedroom door, where two children are asleep in the bed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Julie Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Lyn Semler as Loretta Martin, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon

Trivia Notes
The Martin children are staying with an unknown friend/relative called Sarah
Loretta used to work in a bank
The slogan on Daphne's apron says 'Bonsai in Australia'
The barman and other patrons at Smugglers are uncredited, as is Libby the babysitter, despite all having dialogue
First appearance of Glendon Vernon (Rodney Langdon) and Nerolee Vernon (Susan Langdon) though neither is credited in this episode
Past character Lorraine Kingham is mentioned

Summary by Steve