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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 84

Written by John Upton, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 11/07/85, BBC One: 24/02/87, UK Gold: 25/02/93

Julie tells Des that Philip's visitor is his wife
Julie cries on Helen's shoulder about the Philip situation
Max says that the Ramsays were a good family, but now it's all gone
Joan shows Des her son and daughter, asleep in their beds

Langdon House: Des is slightly shocked, and confirms that it's a boy and a girl, before saying that Joan didn't look like she had kids. She says that she's heard that before. He asks why she isn't wearing a wedding ring, and why she didn't say anything sooner - she tells him that he doesn't have to stay if he doesn't want to. He asks again why she didn't say anything - she says that she didn't want to discuss her kids in a restaurant like something on the menu, she wanted him to see them. He admits that it does make a difference for him, so she shows him out the door.

Max's Bedsit: Max is complaining about having indigestion from the eggs they were forced to eat for dinner, and Shane complains about Max drinking milk straight from the bottle, then wiping his hand across the top. They both go to bed, and Max then complains about all the noise that Shane's fold-up bed is making, and tells Shane to lie still and stop moving the springs.

. . .

Langdon House: Des returns and apologises, and Joan asks him in for coffee. He admits that he'd been having a great night, and he sat in the car and felt pretty stupid about his behaviour - he thinks they can still be friends. Joan insists that she and the kids are happy the way they are. Des asks about their father, and Joan explains that he walked out when the kids were very young - she waited for him to come back, but after three years, she got a divorce. She tells Des that the kids are lovely, but she was getting tired of having nobody else to talk to, which is why she went to the dating agency. She says that Rodney's been asking questions about why he doesn't have a dad, and her own parents are very close, so she's constantly aware of what Susan and Rodney are missing out on.

Max's Bedsit: Max's snoring has woken up Shane, who tries hiding his head under a pillow, then shouts at his dad to wake up. Neither works, so he gets up and starts shaking Max, who gets annoyed and claims that he's never snored in his life and it must have been someone next-door. Shane tells him to try lying on his side, and Max isn't happy about it, but agrees to give it a try.

Langdon House: Joan has finished telling Des her life story, and he pretends to yawn, but then tells her that it was very interesting. He notices how late it is, and says he should be going, but tells her that he'd like to see her again. He suggests going out again the following night, but she thinks that he should come to her place for dinner, and he can meet the kids properly and see if they all get along. Des agrees, and gives her a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Max's Bedsit: A few hours later, Max is snoring again, and Shane is awake. He tries rolling up his dressing gown and propping Max up on his side, which works briefly, then Max rolls back over and starts to snore again. Shane takes the dressing gown, and wraps it around the toaster, using this to prop Max on his side. It works this time, and Shane goes back to bed and smiles to himself.

No 26 - Back Garden: The next morning, Helen is doing some painting, and Maria is chatting to her, telling her about a letter she received from her sister, Anna. She says that the letter was mostly about Wendy - apparently she's boy crazy, and ran away from home with some layabout, so her father got her back and decided to try sending her down to stay with family friends for a while. She admits that she's concerned about Wendy's lies, and about her influence on Danny - Helen thinks that Danny can look after himself, but tells Maria to confront Wendy and see what she says.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 26 Garage: Paul and Scott are cleaning the garage, and Scott is worried about raising the cash to take Wendy out. Paul tells him to forget about going to Grizabella's, and suggests another nice restaurant, which is having a Mexican themed week this week, and they have some good music too. Scott thinks it's a great idea, and thanks Paul before spraying him with the hose. Jim shouts at them both to stop it.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria walks in, and Wendy is making chocolate milk, though she insists that she can drink it without putting on weight. Maria confronts her about Anna's letter, and Wendy explains that she went to see the family friends, but one of their kids had measles and she didn't want to catch them. She had only meant to come and visit Maria before going to a motel. Maria isn't convinced, but then Scott arrives and she leaves the kids alone. Scott tells Wendy that he's found them a different restaurant for tonight, where lots of bands go. Wendy is interested when Scott says that they might end up sitting next to INXS.

Ramsay Street: Jim is cleaning the car, when Max comes over. Jim asks how Max and Shane are getting on, living in such close proximity, and Max admits that it's all about give and take, and it seems to be bringing them closer together. Jim suggests that Max should just deal with the root of the problem and ask Maria to reconsider the divorce. Jim says that it would be strange, after all these years, to have a different man living next-door with Maria. Max gets angry at this comment, thinking that Maria's already moved someone else in - although Jim insists that she hasn't. Max storms off, saying that Maria's the one who needs to compromise. Then, it starts raining very suddenly, and Jim has to run indoors.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim is sitting with Helen as she cooks dinner, when Paul comes in, explaining that he's going to have dinner with Terry but hasn't had a chance to get a bottle of wine. Jim offers him a bottle from the fridge, but charges him $6 for it. Paul leaves, and Helen calls Jim 'a hard man'. They both agree that Paul seems to be very taken with Terry, and that she must be quite a girl if she puts up with Max Ramsay everyday. Jim says that he saw Max earlier, and he flew right off the handle when he suggested that Maria might one day find a new man. Helen thinks that lots of women can live fulfilling lives without a husband or lover, using herself as an example, and says that men need women more than women need men. She thinks that, if it ends in divorce, then Max has brought it on himself.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Terry is preparing dinner, and Des comes in, quite impressed with her cooking skills. He's interested to hear that she's invited Paul over, on a night when both he and Daphne will be out. Paul then arrives with his $6 bottle of wine, and Des is quite coy about his date, and when everyone else will get to meet her. After he leaves, Terry tells Paul that Des is being very secretive, but she'll find out what's going on.

Wally Walters' Restaurant: Wally takes some drinks to Scott and Wendy, and they tell him that they're not ready to order yet. Wendy wants to know when all the rock stars will arrive, and Scott insists that they'll be alone later. She isn't very impressed that they can only drink orange juice, and takes a bottle of tequila from her bag, sneaking some into each of their glasses. Scott stands up to take his jacket off, but doesn't realise that he's dropped his wallet on the floor. Wendy tells him that he's much more fun than Danny, who doesn't want to go anywhere with her. Scott defends Danny, but Wendy insists that she likes Scott more than Danny, and starts to suggest that she move in with the Robinsons, as she thinks her presence at the Ramsay house is putting a strain on Maria.

No 28 - Dining Table: Paul compliments Terry on the food, and then asks her if she's seen much of Wendy, as he believes that she might be conning Scott. Terry thinks that Scott will learn his lesson soon enough. Paul then pours the wine, joking about how he usually has to do it on a plane, during turbulence. She says that he seems to enjoy being an air steward, and he must have fun with all of the hostesses, but he insists that he's a one-woman man.

Wally Walters' Restaurant: Scott's wallet is still on the floor, and he's just finished telling her that there isn't enough room for her to stay at his house. She makes him promise not to tell anyone that she asked. She then puts more tequila in their drinks, almost getting caught as Wally walks by. She says that she still likes Danny, but Scott seems more mature. As they're talking, someone walks by and kicks the wallet, before picking it up.

No 28 - Kitchen: Paul is carrying all of the plates and glasses into the kitchen on one arm, showing off his stewarding skills again. Terry is impressed, until they all fall over and break in the sink, but she laughs and says it doesn't matter. Paul then asks her if he's just a substitute for Shane, as he really likes her - she insists that things are over with Shane, and then she kisses him.

. . .

Wally Walters' Restaurant: Wendy is pouring tequila into the coffees, and complaining that she hasn't seen any rock stars. A woman comes to the table, selling roses, and Scott goes to get his wallet, so he can buy one for Wendy, but then realises that he doesn't have any money.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Reg Gorman as Wally Walters

Trivia Notes
Past character Anna Rossi is mentioned
Off-screen, Daphne is working until midnight
Terry is making lemon chicken
First appearance of Wally Walters, and of his restaurant, which would later become Daphne's Coffee Shop
Reg Gorman, who played Wally, would return as guest character Jock Finch in 1999

Summary by Steve