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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 87

Written by Christoper Milne, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 16/07/85, BBC One: 27/02/87, UK Gold: 02/03/93

Danny is annoyed about his mum going out with a younger guy
Daphne and Terry bicker about Shane
Danny realises that Wendy and Scott went on a date
Joan tells Des about the breakdown of her marriage
Terry tells Daphne that Des's bed hasn't been slept in

No 28 - Dining Table: Daphne is shocked and amused that Des didn't come home, and Terry says that she'll have to start calling him the Romeo of Ramsay Street. Daphne then starts to worry that he might have been in an accident, but Terry is sure that it's a woman, and says that she needs to go and see Maria, but she'll stop by and see Julie on the way, and tell her she can't get a lift from Des! Daphne then goes to make a call to Shane.

Bedsits/No 28: Max tells Shane that he has a caller on the payphone - 'that woman who can never keep her clothes on'. Daphne asks Shane out that evening, and he says that he'd love to, but he feels guilty as he was meant to be keeping his dad company when he moved in, but he's hardly ever home. Daphne suggests that they should ask Max along, but Shane doesn't think it would be a good idea, given his attitude towards Daphne. She says that she just wants to see Shane, so Shane agrees to go - and says that he'll just buy his dad a pizza and some beers. He returns to the bedsit to find the toast burning, and the milk is off so he can't have tea either. Shane starts cleaning his shoes, and says that he's going out with Daphne tonight - Max makes another dig about her taking off her clothes, but Shane doesn't understand why his dad doesn't like her, as she's a nice person, mentioning that she even invited Max along for dinner. Max is annoyed that Shane turned it down on his behalf, pointing out that there's nothing in the fridge anyway. Shane then leaves, as he's running late for work.

. . .

Langdon House: Joan brings Des, who fell asleep on a beanbag, a cup of coffee and wakes him up. He's surprised to hear that it's nearly 9am and that the kids have gone to school - Des says that now they can make up for last night, and starts to kiss her.

No 24 - Kitchen: Terry is telling an incredulous Maria about Max and Shane's living conditions, how there's never any food in the fridge and how Shane is struggling to get any sleep due to Max's snoring. Maria admits that she misses the routine, but her own life has never been busier, with evenings out, and the Community Justice Centre. Terry leaves, and then Maria takes a call from Robert, arranging another date for that evening.

Langdon House - Exterior: Des and Joan leave the house, arm in arm, with huge grins on their faces. He says that he should arrive at the bank just in time - for lunch. He tells Joan that he'll just have to explain that he met a gorgeous woman who wouldn't let him leave her house - or he could say that his car broke down. She wonders how he feels about her now, in the cold light of day, and they both admit that they'd like to see each other again. He suggests meeting that evening, and kisses her. He jokes that the neighbours are going to think they're immoral, so she decides to go inside, and a very happy Des gets into his car.

No 24 - Lounge: Jim arrives and tells Maria that he's got the squash court booked for a game with Scott, and wondered if Danny would like to join them. Maria tells him that both of the boys have been given detention. Maria shows Jim the dress she'll be wearing tonight - and teases Jim, saying that she hopes she won't be wearing it for long. He notices a postcard from the Gold Coast, and Maria says that it's from Anna, and she's expecting a baby. She quickly realises how tactless that was, and says that Jim would have made a wonderful brother-in-law; he's already more like a father to Danny than Max. Jim asks her where she's going in that dress, and she admits that she isn't really going to wear it - it's a costume from a Czechoslovakian play that she's doing some consultation for; one of the actors is picking her up later and then they're going for dinner. Jim decides to go home and do some gardening, and Maria slumps down on the sofa.

No 28 - Kitchen: Terry arrives home, complaining about the plumbing job she had to do - then she suddenly remembers that she was meant to be playing tennis with Paul, and rushes off to get ready. Paul then comes in the back door and chats to Daphne as she prepares dinner - he jokes about her romantic dinner for two with Shane, and she jokes about how skinny he is. She asks about things with Terry, and he admits that he isn't sure what she's thinking sometimes - Daphne makes a comment about wedding bells, and Paul insists that they won't be ringing any time soon. Daphne then tells Paul that Des didn't come home last night - just as Des walks through the door. They both tease him, and try to find out more about his mystery woman, but he isn't saying a word and goes to have a shower. Paul then realises that he forgot to ask his dad if he could borrow the car, and he rushes off, telling Daphne that he'll meet Terry outside.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Paul asks Jim if he can borrow the car - Jim says that there probably won't be enough gas in the tank to get to a romantic spot in the mountains, and the radio is on the blink, so he'll need some nice tapes too - Paul is confused, but Helen points out that his father is just teasing him. Paul gets the keys and goes, on the way out asking Helen if she thinks he's too thin.

No 28 - Kitchen: Des comes in with a bunch of flowers from the garden. He tells Daphne that the woman's name is Joan and she's lovely, and has a great sense of humour. Daphne is pleased for him, but wonders if this new woman is going to ruin their domestic set-up. Des doesn't think she should worry about that just yet - he notices she's making her special lamb curry for Shane, and they both wish each other a nice evening before Des leaves. Once he's gone, Daphne moves his briefcase, and a book falls out of the bag on top, entitled 'How to Parent'. Daphne is very surprised by this.

Tennis Courts: Paul jokes about his terrible game of tennis, and suggests that they go home to watch the footy, but Terry says that she hates football. Paul then gets serious, and admits that she's making him nervous, as he could very easily fall in love with her, and he wonders if the feeling's mutual. She says that she likes him a lot, but she's very mixed-up due to the divorce and recent events, and so Paul says that, once she's thought about things, he'd just like to know if he has a chance with her. She then kisses him.

Ramsay Street: Robert and Maria pull up in his car, and she says that she hasn't laughed so much in ages. He asks if she's had a chance to think about his other invitation - the guesthouse for the weekend. She doesn't think that she should go, but Robert manages to talk her round. She then spots Shane walking over to Daphne's place - Robert suggests calling him over, but Maria doesn't want to - she admits that, since he moved out, Shane doesn't seem to have much time for her.

. . .

No 28: Daphne lets Shane in - he's brought wine, flowers and some after-dinner mints. He starts talking about the football, and they negotiate over how much of it he'll be allowed to watch, before Daphne tells him to open the wine.

Ramsay Street: Maria watches from Robert's car as a taxi pulls up outside number 28, and Max gets out. Robert realises that she isn't listening to a word he's saying.

No 28: Daphne and Shane are making a toast to their future, and they've just kissed when there's a knock at the door. Daphne is surprised to find Max standing there, with some beers and some Chinese takeaway. He explains that he decided to accept Daphne's kind dinner invitation. Daphne takes the food to the kitchen, as Shane says that he wishes Max had told him, instead of just turning up. Daphne brings back some glasses of wine, which Max downs in one go, and they all sit down. Max asks Daphne about work, and she says that it's 'on again, off again' which Max finds very amusing. Max goes to get himself a beer, and Daphne sidles up to Shane and tells him to relax, as Max is behaving well. In the kitchen, Max picks up his beers, but then notices the 'How to Parent' book and flies off the handle, believing that Daphne's gotten herself pregnant and managed to trap Shane. Daphne tells Max that her job is very secure, and she doesn't need to trap a man, and Shane tells Max that Daphne only invited him because she felt sorry for him - which Daphne denies - and then Shane says that he also feels sorry for his father. Max is furious - he apologises to Daphne for getting the wrong end of the stick, but then tells Shane that he can move out tomorrow. He leaves the house, with Shane going after him.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Max storms out of number 28, then spots Robert walking Maria into the house. He shouts across the street, telling Robert to get his hands off her, but when he gets close enough, Robert punches him and knocks him to the floor.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, David Robson as Robert Hutchins

Trivia Notes
This episode was written by Christopher Milne, who was also appearing in a guest role as Philip Martin at the time
Shane put a peg on the back of Max's pyjamas, to try to stop his snoring
Off-screen, Danny and Scott have both been put on detention at school - Danny for talking back to a teacher, and Scott for defending him
Past character Anna Rossi is mentioned

Summary by Steve