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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 86

Written by Christoper Milne, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 15/07/85, BBC One: 26/02/87, UK Gold: 01/03/93

Julie and Philip argue about their situation
Lucy tells Danny that Scott went on a romantic date with Wendy
Philip shows Julie a wound on his arm, from Loretta attacking him with a knife
Danny is shocked when a man arrives to take Maria on a date

No 24 - Lounge: Maria goes to get her bag, and she introduces the man, Robert, to Danny and Lucy. Robert has an awkward conversation with Danny about school, and then he and Maria leave. Lucy wants to know who that man was, but Danny says that he doesn't know. Lucy says that she saw a movie the other night, about a woman who was dating a younger man, and then Wendy walks in, talking about 'the spunk with the hot car' that she just saw Maria with. Danny gets annoyed with the pair of them, so Lucy leaves, and Wendy tries to talk to Danny about it. He says that he just gets upset with Lucy sometimes, and Wendy then remembers that they were meant to be going to a posh restaurant that night - Danny says that he can't afford it, but he's found somewhere else that's even better, but it's a bit underground at the moment, so they need to go now before it gets too popular. She wonders what she should wear, and they both run off to get ready.

Langdon House: Des arrives for dinner, and Joan introduces him to her children, Rodney and Susan, telling them that there'll be no jumping on the furniture tonight. Des gives them each a gift, and some flowers to Joan, and Rodney asks Des if he's their uncle - he says that he is. Joan tells him that they're having roast lamb - she remembered that he mentioned it was his favourite. The kids aren't too impressed with the jigsaws that he's bought for them, and Des realises that they're a bit old for things like that.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny and Wendy are both ready for their night out, and each very impressed with the way the other is dressed.

No 28 - Kitchen: Terry is preparing dinner, but Daphne says that she's going out. They joke about Des falling in love with his new woman, and Terry says that it must be catching at the moment. She then realises that Daphne's going out with Shane tonight, and becomes a little more coy, before admitting that Daphne needs to be careful with Shane, as he's always spoilt and now he's lost without his goal to get an Olympic medal. Daphne thinks that Terry is jealous and is just trying to put her off, but Terry insists that she's very happy with Paul and has no regrets about splitting up with Shane.

Wally Walters' Restaurant: Wally is preparing Scott for his first night as a waiter, dressing him in a poncho. Scott isn't feeling very confident, and Wally drags him off to show him what to do, just as Wendy and Danny walk in. Wendy doesn't want to stay and tries to make excuses but Danny convinces her to stay. Wally then returns and makes a joke about Wendy being back for another visit, before sitting the couple down and showing them the menus. When he leaves, Danny looks at the menu, while Wendy says that she needs to use the toilet. She finds Scott and tells him that Danny insisted on bringing her here and she couldn't get out of it - she tells Scott just to say that it's a coincidence, as he just got a new job. Wendy returns to her seat, and Wally sends Scott to take the order. Danny is surprised to see Scott arrive at the table, and equally surprised to hear about this new job. Scott tells them to hurry up and order, but just then Wally comes over with some drinks suggestions - Mexican squash for Danny, and a bucket of tequila for Wendy!

Langdon House: Des is very impressed with the food, particularly the crunchy roast potatoes. Joan says that she's used to making them that way for Rodney and Susan, and Des says that they seem like good kids. Joan explains that they are now, but they used to be little terrors when they were younger - but she was also depressed when her husband Geoff walked out, so that didn't help matters. Des asks what happened, and she tells him that Geoff lost his job and couldn't cope with the family responsibilities, so he left and that was the last she saw of him, apart from the divorce hearing. Des wonders how she's coped, but she says that it's been fine - if you take away the insecurity and the poverty.

Wally Walters' Restaurant: The restaurant is busier now, and Wendy and Danny are enjoying the food. Wally comes over, asking if they'll be paying in the usual way - Wendy snaps at him that they'll be paying with cash. Wally checks that they weren't planning to use an IOU, and Danny says that he isn't finding any of this very funny. When Wally leaves, Danny asks Wendy what's going on, and she suggests that he should talk to Scott.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny walks in, closely followed by Wendy. She wishes that he would say something to her, and he admits that he's annoyed at her and Scott, but mostly Scott. Wendy doesn't think she's done anything wrong - she lies that Scott got heavy with her to go on a date, and then tried to force her to pretend it never happened when they were caught at the restaurant. Danny isn't convinced. Wendy then decides to go to bed, giving Danny a kiss before she goes and leaving him even more confused.

Langdon House: Joan realises that they've only talked about her, so she asks Des about his life. He says that he's just a boring assistant bank manager, with no serious past girlfriends. He then admits that he was engaged once - at her suggestion - but it didn't work out. He says that he'd been getting a little bit tired of the singles game, and Joan agrees that it does get a bit much after a while.

No 24 - Lounge: Maria arrives home, and Danny appears from the bedroom, saying that he wondered when she'd finally get home. She reminds him that she's an adult, and it's not really that late anyway. He starts to ask about Robert, and says that it was embarrassing to have that man turn up and whisk her away like that. He asks why she had to pick a younger man, but Maria says that Robert is just a friend, and besides, Danny needs to understand that she's going to need some male companionship one day, but she doesn't want to embarrass Danny either. She goes to bed.

Langdon House: Des and Joan have been listening to records - she goes to put another one on, but the choices are Young Talent Time, ABBA or nursery rhymes. Des makes a joke about some of the nursery rhymes he hasn't heard in years, and then Joan goes to do the washing-up. A content Des sits down in a beanbag.

. . .

No 26 - Dining Table: The next morning, Helen, Jim, Scott and Lucy are having breakfast, and Lucy shows her project book to her dad. He's amused by the naked centrefold picture, and Scott sees it and asks where she got it. She says that she got it from Wendy, and then produces a copy of Playgirl which she's going to use for her next project. She says that she found it in Scott's room. He snatches it back from her, and Jim tells them both to calm down. He makes Lucy apologise for taking something without asking, and Scott for being so rough with her. Helen takes Lucy out of the room, and Lucy pokes her tongue out at Scott as she goes.

No 28 - Dining Table: Terry gets off the phone from Julie, who wants a lift to work with Des. Neither Daphne nor Terry has seen Des that morning though. Daphne is filling in some insurance forms for work, and Terry offers to check them for her. She notices that Daphne's spelt her name wrong, and wonders how late she got home after her date with Shane. Daphne says that they had a great time, and they have a lot in common - Terry seems amused by this, and Daphne snatches back the forms. Terry doesn't mind - she says that Shane will have to help Daphne with them though, as she's filled them in incorrectly.

. . .

No 26 - Dining Table: Jim is getting ready to leave for work, but then Helen and Lucy return - Lucy has started a new project book, and Helen says that they've decided to have a completely nude model as the centrefold this time - Jim opens it and it's a picture of a dog. Scott has a look, and Lucy says that he can have it when it's finished, to make up for the Playboy magazine that he tore when he snatched it from her.

No 28 - Dining Table: Daphne has finally finished her forms, and is putting them in an envelope, when Terry comes in and says that Des isn't in his room, his bed hasn't been slept in and it looks like he didn't come home last night.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, David Robson as Robert Hutchins, Reg Gorman as Wally Walters, Glendon Vernon as Rodney Langdon, Nerolee Vernon as Susan Langdon

Trivia Notes
This episode was written by Christopher Milne, who was also appearing in a guest role as Philip Martin at the time

Summary by Steve