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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 93

Written by Adrian Van Den Bok, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/07/85, BBC One: 09/03/87, UK Gold: 10/03/93

Jim lectures Bernie Sutton after almost hitting him with his car
Julie gives Des her resignation
Max looks at some old family photos
Philip tells Des that he's leaving the bank today
Helen tells Jim that Bernie was killed, riding his bike on the main road

Ramsay Street: Jim and Maria get out of his car, having just returned from Bernie's funeral. Maria thinks it might have been easier on Bob and Jan if they'd had more children, and Jim says that he just kept wondering how he'd be feeling if it was one of his kids. Max and Terry then get out of the plumber's van, and Jim tells Max that the funeral was a sobering experience. Jim leaves Max and Maria to talk, and she asks if Shane's cut her out of his life, as he hasn't been to see her, or phoned, in a while. Terry then hands Max some paperwork, and he tells her that she might as well finish for the day, so she heads back over to number 28. Max tells Maria that he isn't going to interfere between her and Shane, so she'll have to sort it out herself.

Across the street, Danny walks over to Jim, to ask if Scott's at home, but he isn't. They talk briefly about the funeral, and then Danny admits that he's upset with Shane, as he appears to have cut Maria off completely since he moved out. Bob Sutton them walks over to them, and Danny offers his condolences before quickly leaving. Bob thanks Jim for coming to the funeral, and then says that he also owes Jim an apology - he'll always regret not listening to Jim's advice, and now he feels like he killed his own son. Jim says that the school is starting a cycling safety course, and Bob says that it's a bit late for Bernie. He tells Jim that Jan isn't really coping, and then walks away, passing Paul. They both look over sadly at Bob, and Jim reminds Paul that he's babysitting Lucy tonight. Paul insists that he hasn't forgotten, and he's invited Terry over to join him.

. . .

Langdon House: Des is crawling around, pretending to be an animal, with Susan and Rodney trying to guess what he is. Susan correctly guesses that the first one is a tiger, and the second one is a kangaroo. The kids want to keep playing, but Joan sends them into the bedroom to play. She asks Des if it's still OK for her to bring them with her to his place that night, and checks where the nearest busstop is. He says that a taxi would be easier, before realising that she can't afford it. He tries to give her some money, and asks if things are really that bad for her, and she explains that she doesn't have much money coming in, but she manages. She again asks where the nearest busstop is, but he gives her the money, insisting that it isn't charity. She finally accepts, and they kiss.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is tending to her bonsai tree, and she and Terry are wondering what Joan's going to be like. Daphne thinks she'll be glamorous, but Terry suspects she'll be more homely. Daphne says that she's working later, and having dinner with Shane, but she's not going out until she's met Joan. Terry then notices a letter for her, and is very excited to see that it's her decree absolut. Des and Paul then come in, and Daphne wonders where Joan is. Des explains that she'll be over at 7pm, and is bringing Rod and Sue with her. The others wonder who Rod and Sue are, and are very intrigued when Des says that they enjoy playing games with him, and then he says that he should go and make up the bed, as Rod and Sue might want to go to bed straight away. Daphne, Terry and Paul are shocked.

. . .

Bedsit: Shane is wrapping up a gift for his dad, when there's a knock at the door. Shane thinks it's Max, and he's forgotten his key, but it's Danny, wanting to know why Shane doesn't come and visit them anymore, as Maria is very upset. Shane says that he hasn't been avoiding her on purpose, but as he's living in the bedsit now, he thought it would be obvious that he wouldn't be going home so often. Danny asks about the gift, and when Shane says that it's for Max, Danny wonders why Shane never gives presents to Maria. Shane says that he'll go and see Maria for a chat as soon as he can. Danny then asks him about living in the bedsit - Shane says that Max snores and complains and is a lousy cook - Danny wonders why he doesn't just go and find a place of his own. Shane explains that Max has hardly any friends and is really lonely, so he needs someone to stand by him. Danny reluctantly agrees with that, and then asks about the mystery gift - Shane says that it's his secret weapon.

No 28: Des is in the kitchen preparing dinner, whilst Paul gives Susan a piggyback ride. Everyone seems to be getting along very well, but Paul and Terry realise that they need to get going, as does Daphne. Terry and Paul go over to the kitchen and give Des the seal of approval on his new girlfriend, before leaving. Daphne also goes over to Des, and tells him to be careful as he'd be a good catch for a woman in Joan's position. Once Daphne has gone, Joan tells Des that his friends seem really nice, and she admits that she was nervous about meeting them - she thought that she might not be sophisticated enough. Des suggests that she put the kids to bed, and he'll pour her a glass of wine.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge/Bedsits: Maria and Danny are watching TV when the phone rings. She asks him to turn it down, and she answers to Shane, who asks his mum if she'd like to go out to dinner the following evening. She loves the idea, and he tells her to get dressed up and he'll pick her up at 7.30pm - he thinks that there are a few things they need to talk about. Maria agrees with this. After she hangs up, Maria goes over to Danny, who's wondering who was asking her out, and she tells him that it was his brother. He smiles to himself. Back at the bedsits, Max finds Shane by the payphone. They go inside, and Shane hands over his present for Max - Max is delighted, until he realises that it's an anti-snoring pillow. He refuses to use it, so Shane says that he's going out. Max makes a comment about Shane going out with 'the stripper' and wonders when they're going to spend any time together - he suggests the following night, but Shane says that he's taking Maria out, so that they can talk about things and come to terms with the divorce. He tells Max that he needs to start getting out and meeting people too.

No 28 - Dining Table: Des has booked a taxi for Joan, and she compliments him on the food, and on his lovely home. He suddenly asks her how she'd feel about moving in with him - she's very surprised, as she didn't think he was that impulsive. He explains that he's fallen in love with her, and she's again surprised that someone could feel like that towards her. She says that she likes Des very much, but she isn't sure that she loves him. She also says that she can't move in, as she needs to give the kids some consistency, and if it doesn't work out then it'll just confuse them. She tells him that she'd have to be very sure about a man before she moved in with him, and that she just wants to carry on with things the way they are, for the moment. She goes to get the kids ready before the taxi arrives, and thanks Des for the huge compliment.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Paul and Terry are having a glass of champagne, and talking about Des and Joan. Terry hopes that Des isn't going to rush into anything, as she likes living with him. She talks about marriage, and how her divorce, Joan's divorce and now the Ramsay divorce has made her think differently about it. Paul starts wondering if Terry started dating Shane because she felt sorry for him, and felt responsible as her husband caused his accident. Terry thinks that might be true - and suggests that Paul should have been a psychologist. He asks if she still has feelings for Shane, and she says no, and kisses Paul. Des then interrupts them, looking for someone to talk to about his evening. He sits down between them on the couch, and Terry goes to make him a coffee. Paul tells Des that he has terrible timing, and Des suddenly realises what he walked in on. He says that he really wanted some advice from Jim, as he's fallen for Joan and is wondering whether it's worth waiting around - Paul tells him to strike while the iron's hot. Des thanks Paul for helping him to make up his mind - Paul admits that it's also helped him to come to a decision too.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Glendon Vernon as Rodney Langdon, Nerolee Vernon as Susan Langdon, Christopher Waters as Bob Sutton

Trivia Notes
Susan and Rodney are almost six years old
Past character Lorraine Kingham is mentioned

Summary by Steve