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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 127

Written by Judy Nunn, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 10/09/85, BBC One: 27/04/87, UK Gold: 27/04/93

Scott tells Danny to stop whinging and do something about Richard
Maria tells Max that she's thinking about going to Hong Kong with Richard

Max's Bedsit: Max doesn't know what to say. He stumbles over his words as he realises that he got things very wrong, and then tells her that she might as well just go. She explains that it's not that simple - they need to talk about Danny. She tells Max that Richard would be happy for him to join them, but Danny doesn't want to go. Max then realises that she wants Danny to stay behind with him and aggressively tells Maria that he isn't going to help. He refuses to listen to her and she leaves, bumping into Danny outside in the corridor. Maria tries to explain things, but Danny realises that Max doesn't want him, and breaks down in tears.

Max's Bedsit: Later, Shane returns, surprised to find Max sitting in the dark. Shane tells Max about Maria leaving, but Max says that he already knows, and he insists that he'll be fine, as he's already used to the single life. Shane says that he knows Max was hoping to reunite with Maria - Terry told him - and Max is furious to hear that she's been talking about him. He calms down a bit, and admits that when he heard Richard was leaving, he really started to hope that Maria would take him back. Shane says that Danny is still proving to be a problem, but he thinks he'd be happy to live with them. Max isn't too keen on the idea, partly because Danny isn't really his son, but also because they seem to have been getting along better since they lived apart, and he's worried that all the old arguments would just start up again. Shane says that he'll be there to help, and that maybe they should just try to get along, and appreciate what's left of the family. Max, however, remains unconvinced.

. . .

No 24: Maria answers the door to Shane, who's come to see if there's been any progress with Danny. Maria says that he's gone to bed, and he's still very upset. Shane thinks that Maria is handling the situation very well - she says that she's told Richard that if Danny won't join them, then she can't go either. Shane thinks that she's being ridiculous, and that Max is just worried about having Danny full-time, but Maria tells him that, if it comes to the crunch, she won't go. Danny then appears, unable to sleep, so Maria goes to get him some milk. Shane takes his brother into the lounge and asks him to think about visiting Max in the morning, and talking things through.

No 28 - Back Garden: The next afternoon, Daphne and Terry are having tea - Terry is talking about her dinner with Shane last night, and how all he could talk about was Danny, and the problems in the family. She wonders how it went when he spoke to Max, but Daphne points out that Terry is getting married tomorrow, and seems to be more worried about the best man than the groom. Terry takes offence at that, but Daphne is beginning to wonder about Terry's real feelings. They're interrupted by Shane, who's come to collect Terry for the wedding rehearsal. Terry goes inside to freshen up, and Daphne asks Shane how he is, and how Liz is doing. He tells her not to start on that again, and so she asks about Danny. Shane explains that Maria's decided not to go to Hong Kong unless Danny goes with her, which he thinks is stupid. Daphne says that Shane has changed lately, as he was a lot more sensitive when they first started dating. Terry then returns, and she and Shane leave, with tension still in the air.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim, Helen and Julie are moving the furniture and wondering where Max has got to. Jim thinks that Max seemed to be in a better mood, but Helen says that she wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't turn up at all - she explains to Jim that he only got half the story right, as Maria is planning to go to Hong Kong with Richard. Jim feels terrible and realises he'll have to apologise to Max, snapping at Julie as she lectures him on the situation. She goes to answer the door to Betty, the marriage celebrant. Jim and Helen take her to the kitchen and she chats to them about her work, as Julie answers the door to Shane and Terry. Julie starts dishing out orders, but Shane ignores her and goes to the kitchen to talk to Jim. Jim says that he feels bad about giving Max false hope, but Shane tells him not to worry, and says that he's more concerned about Danny at the moment.

. . .

Bedsits - Exterior: Max is locking up the van, when Danny appears, saying that he got out of school early, as one of the teachers was ill. He asks Max if it's true that he doesn't want them to live together again, but Max explains that he feels like they've been getting along better lately, and he's worried that things would start becoming difficult again if they lived under the same roof. Danny tells Max that he loves him, and Max tells Danny he's a good kid, but he's just not sure he could handle looking after him on his own. Danny tells Max how much he misses them all living together, and Max becomes upset as he remembers it, but says that it also feels like it all happened to someone else. Danny points out that it's not too late, and that Maria hasn't gone yet - but Max says that she has, and she went a long time ago.

No 26 - Lounge: Everyone is running through the rehearsal, with Shane standing in for Paul. Betty says that they make a lovely couple, but Julie has to point out that Shane is actually the best man - Terry looks very awkward, and it's not lost on Daphne. Terry claims that she's just tired, and she decides to go home, as Helen also shows Betty to the door. Julie pours tea for everyone, still very amused at the mix-up and says it would be very funny if Shane ended up marrying Terry.

No 28 - Dining Table: Daphne sits with Terry, who's shelling peas and talking about how well the rehearsal went. Daphne then asks her if she's still in love with Shane. Terry thinks that's an odd question from Daphne, who's still in love with Shane herself, but Daphne says that's probably why she's picked up on the signs. She says that it's not too late for Terry to pull out of the wedding if she's not sure, and she doesn't want to see Paul get hurt. Terry insists that Paul won't get hurt, that she loves him and she's going to make sure they're the happiest couple on earth.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge/Kitchen: Julie is lecturing Shane on not drinking too much at the buck's night, and then changes topic, asking him about Max and Maria. Helen overhears and quickly intervenes, sending Julie to make tea. Shane admits that he could actually use someone to talk to, and starts telling Helen about Danny. In the kitchen, Julie complains that there's no room for anything but Champagne in the fridge. She then says that it's a shame about Aunty Gwen, and thinks that Helen should just call a truce with her, as these grudges are very childish. Jim tells her to mind her own business.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim comes in from the garden, as Julie is making coffee. He apologises to her for the way he spoke to her earlier, and she thinks it's her own fault for just trying to make everyone happy. She wonders what's going to happen to Danny now, as Max won't want to look after him. Jim explains that he's just been talking to Max and has suggested that Danny stay with them for a while, until Max gets himself sorted out. Julie isn't immediately taken with the idea, but then decides that she wouldn't mind looking after him. Jim tells her that Helen is currently with Maria, discussing the idea.

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria doesn't like the idea of Danny staying with the Robinsons, though she's grateful, but she feels like she'd be dumping him on them. She says that she's only been thinking of her personal happiness - Helen tells her that she has to starting thinking of herself. Maria, however, says that she can't grab her own happiness and leave everyone else behind to pay the price.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Julie, Terry and Helen are decorating the lounge for the wedding, as Jim gets off the phone with the news that Paul's been stranded in Singapore. Everyone worries about the wedding, but Jim says that Paul will be on the next flight out, and should be back in time. There's a knock at the door, and Jim answers to a woman saying that she's Gwen, Helen's sister. Helen hears her and looks horrified.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Terry Inglis, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Marie Redshaw as Aunty Gwen, Marcia McArthur as Betty Morant (Marriage Celebrant)

Trivia Notes
Dasha Blahova (Maria) is not credited for her appearance in this episode

Summary by Steve