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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 131

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 16/09/85, BBC One: 01/05/87, UK Gold: 03/05/93

Charles and Barbara plot to break into number 28 and find the tape
Daphne finds out that Des and Shane have been making bets about her
Danny says goodbye to his mum
Des finds that the house has been burgled
Maria spends her final moments in number 24
Shane tries to punch Mark Keating, but hits Des instead, then ends up with his face in the cake

No 28: Des and Daphne are cleaning up the house, when Shane arrives at the door - he asks if Daphne wants to kiss his wounds better, and then apologises to her for his behaviour. She also apologises, and invites him in - she and Des then tell him that they thought they'd do some spring cleaning, before Shane takes Daphne to one side and asks if she'll take him back. She says that she won't, at least not until he's ready for a real commitment. Des, meanwhile, has answered the phone and, once Shane has gone, he tells Daphne that the police can't do much, as there's no proof that Gordon Miller was involved in the robbery. They can't imagine who else would target them like this, and realise they'll have to tell Terry when she returns from her honeymoon.

Max's Bedsit: Shane and Max are packing up their belongings, ready to move back to Ramsay Street. Shane's hand is giving him problems, and he lies that he caught it in the car last night. Max tells Shane that he's looking forward to the future, and is focussed on making a good home for Danny. They leave to take the last of their things down to the van, and Max takes one final look around the room, before closing the door behind him.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Scott is sick of cleaning up the house after the wedding, and asks Danny to help - but Danny says he's already done his fair share, and Max and Shane will be back soon to move in next-door. Danny tells Scott that he's coping fine with Maria leaving, and admits that he's missed having Max around, screaming at him. Scott continues to clean up, and finds a magazine under the couch cushion - he's showing Danny an article on The Stranglers when they see an ad for Hong Kong. Danny is sure that his mum will be happy there, and will be fitting in well, and says that he'll be leaving home soon anyway and he wouldn't want her to be stuck in Ramsay Street forever because of him. Scott's very impressed with the way Danny's handling everything.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is telling Des how her relationship with Shane has made her realise that it's good to share things, but she draws the line at having to share him with another woman. There's a knock at the door, and Des tells Daphne to get it, and if it's Eileen, to tell her to go away - then he changes his mind and realises that she might be able to help with the cleaning. It's actually George Young at the door, who's called by to get Eileen's telephone number. He wonders if Eileen will be busy tonight, and asks Des's permission to call her, but Des says that it's none of his business - and he doubts Eileen will be doing anything on a Sunday evening. George thanks him and leaves, and Daphne thinks that a man might be just what Eileen needs, to stop her from being so nosy. Des believes that she was born nosy, and a man won't change that. Julie then walks in, shocked at the mess. They explain that they're spring cleaning, and Julie accepts that, and then looks around her, slightly confused.

Ramsay Street: Max's van pulls up outside number 24 - he and Shane get out, and Danny comes down to greet them. Danny offers to help Max with a problem in the van, and tells him that he's cleaned up the house. Jim then comes over, telling Max that it's great to have him back in the street. Max comments that 'the wedding went like a bomb' and Jim gets annoyed that Scott has been talking about the bomb threat, before realising that Max knows nothing. He quickly changes the subject, saying how nice it is to see Max and Danny getting along, then leaves.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim tells Scott that, once they've finished cleaning, they'll need to take the wedding presents across to number 30. He also checks that Scott hasn't said anything about the bomb scare - Scott insists that he hasn't, and never would. Julie then comes in, laughing about the mess Des is making of the spring cleaning, and wondering if she should call Eileen and let her know. Jim and Scott quickly stop her, and she orders Scott to go out and clean up the back garden. Jim suggests that, next time, Julie might try asking someone politely to do something, and see if she gets better results. So she then politely asks Jim to gather up all the rubbish and take it to the tip. She tells him that she's just going to pop next-door and ask to borrow the Ramsays' vacuum cleaner - Jim thinks she should leave them alone, but she says that she'll be very quick.

No 24: Max, Danny and Shane are bringing in the last of the boxes, and the boys take some through to the bedrooms. Julie then comes in the back, finding Max in the kitchen - she starts cleaning up, saying that the whole of Ramsay Street is a mess today, and Des's place looks like a bomb hit it. Max wonders if there's something going on that he doesn't know about, but Julie doesn't think there is. She starts trying to organise the kitchen, moving boxes and putting things away, insisting that she doesn't mind. Max eventually makes her stop, and asks her why she came over in the first place - she says that she wanted to borrow the vacuum cleaner, but realises now that they might need it. Max finally manages to get her out of the door, then pulls a pan out of one of the boxes, which promptly falls off its handle.

No 28: Daphne and Des are still cleaning, when Eileen arrives at the door, and says that they invited her for Sunday lunch. She sees the chaos, and they both tell her it's just spring cleaning. She then finds the wreath with 'Till death do us part' on it - Des says it was just someone's idea of a joke, and Daphne takes it to the bin. Eileen then starts making the lunch, and they all talk about the wedding - Eileen says that it's a pity she had to go unescorted, but tells them that George called her and asked her out to dinner. As she's talking, and going through the cupboards, Des and Daphne grab some plates and some food and start eating with their hands on the couch, much to Eileen's horror when she finally notices.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Max calls the boys to the table, for a lunch of sausages, eggs, potatoes and noodles, as it's all they had in the house. Shane and Danny aren't entirely sure about it, and then they realise that the potatoes are raw. Max insists that he's still finding his feet with cooking for a family, and Shane says that they should share the cooking around. Danny agrees, and says he'll cook that evening, then he and Shane push away their plates and leave the table.

No 28: Des is trying to get some peace, as Daphne helps Eileen with her make-up for her date and the women talk about the struggle to find a true gentleman these days. They then call Des over to make the tea, but he struggles to listen as Eileen then starts talking about her problems with her liver and a friend who ended up on dialysis. Des points out that dialysis is for people with kidney problems, but Eileen says that it all amounts to the same thing. She complains about how Des is so difficult to talk to, and just wants to watch the footy, just like his father. She asks Daphne what she should wear, and Daphne gives some suggestions and offers to lend some coloured tights and sexy perfume to Eileen, who isn't sure. She admits that it's difficult to make friends at her age, then rushes off to check her make-up in the mirror. She's very pleased, and says that she'll have to go home now to start cooking. Des won't drive her, as the footy's about to start, so Daphne offers to do it instead. Eileen kisses Des and tells him he's a good boy - "in spite of it all".

Ramsay Street: Eileen and Daphne are leaving the house, when Eileen spots Max over by his van and decides to go over and 'pay her respects'. Daphne isn't sure it's wise, but Eileen totters over and says how brave Max is, to be raising his sons alone, when they were abandoned by their mother. Max isn't really interested in talking to her, but she continues to pester him about why Maria left, until he finally snaps and shouts at her that it's none of her business. She runs over to get into the car, with Max chasing her and telling her to keep her nose out, and says it's no wonder Des turned out the way he did, with a mother like her. Danny then comes outside, hearing the shouting, and tells Max to calm down.

. . .

Eileen's Unit: Later, Eileen and George are having tea after dinner, talking about their inconsiderate neighbours who make a lot of noise. He says that he always tries to be considerate, and Eileen tells him that he's a gentleman. He offers to help with the cleaning up, and says that he can't understand how any man could ever leave her - though she points out that he's jumping to assumptions, as she hasn't actually told him anything about her divorce. She then accidentally knocks a glass of red wine into his lap, and pushes him into the bathroom to take off his trousers, telling him there's a robe behind the door. He hands the trousers out to her, just as Des arrives at the door, to ask how things are going. Eileen tries to shut the door on him, but then George walks out of the bathroom, in a robe and no trousers, and everyone looks thoroughly embarrassed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young

Trivia Notes
Past character Gordon Miller is mentioned
Eileen talks about a friend, Sybill McGregor, who was on pills for her kidneys, started skipping them and ended up on a dialysis machine for the rest of her life
First on-screen appearance of Eileen's unit

Summary by Steve