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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 132

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 17/09/85, BBC One: 04/05/87, UK Gold: 04/05/93

Des and Daphne lie to Shane that they're spring cleaning
Jim is alarmed when Max says that 'the wedding went like a bomb'
Danny admits to Scott that he's missed Max's yelling and screaming
Max yells at Eileen to keep her nose out of his business
Des arrives at Eileen's unit to find George wearing a robe and no trousers

Eileen's Unit: Eileen and George are explaining what happened with the wine spill, and Des is pretending to be horrified by the whole thing, not believing their story. Eileen follows him around, trying to show him George's trousers, before she realises that he's joking and tells him that she'll never forgive him for this. She ends up snapping at George and telling him to sit down, before dragging Des away and asking if he thinks this is funny. He then gives her the pills she left at his place, and George asks if Des would like to stay for a drink. He says that he'll 'leave them to it' and Eileen ushers him out, but before he goes, Des tells her off for upsetting Max Ramsay and says that they need to talk about that too. Eileen then slowly tells a grinning George how to get the stain out of his trousers, and sends him off to get some things.

No 24: Shane comes home to find Max watching the footy on TV, as Danny tries to prepare steak and chips for tea, but the steaks are frozen together and he can't work out how to cook them. Shane tries to get them apart with a screwdriver, but then Danny decides to just go and get some advice from Helen.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen and Scott are sorting through the wedding presents, and making a list, when Danny calls in with his frozen steaks, wrapped up in a tea towel. Helen says that it's going to be difficult to prise them apart, and Scott suggests a trip to the fish and chip shop. Helen then says that she's got some steaks in the fridge, so she'll just swap them over for him.

No 24: Meanwhile, back at number 24, Shane has gone to his room and Max is engrossed in the footy, completely unaware that in the kitchen, the pan of oil is starting to smoke.

No 24: A little later, the pan is now on fire, and Max finally starts to smell smoke. He looks over, then rushes to get a fire blanket to put over the flames.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is wrapping up some steaks for Danny, and explaining to him that he needs to thaw things out in advance in future. Danny is delighted, as he knows how much Max loves a steak. As he's leaving, he and Scott tease each other a bit more about Danny's terrible cooking skills.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is furious that Danny was so thoughtless, but Shane takes the ruined frying pan outside, and says that there's no other damage. Danny then comes in, wondering what the smell is, and Max shouts that it's the smell of him almost burning the house down. Shane tries to get Max to calm down, and Danny realises his mistake and feels terrible. Shane decides to go and get some takeaway, and they can have the steaks the next day, and Max then returns to apologise to Danny for biting his head off. Danny says that he'll try harder next time - and remembers that he needs to ask Helen how to make gravy without the lumps in it. Max then goes to the pantry and suggests that he just use gravy granules.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is sorting through some paintings, and Scott is telling her how good they are, when Des calls by. He's looking for a missing set of spare keys, and wondering if he dropped them at the party, but none have been found. He's very impressed with Helen's paintings, and then suggests that she could exhibit them at the bank, as his bosses have been asking him to come up with ideas to bring in new customers. Helen is slightly taken aback, but agrees to bring some paintings over in the morning. Des tells her that she'll be able to meet George, Eileen's new heartthrob, too - he warns her to be careful, though, as George is quite the ladies' man.

Eileen's Unit: Eileen is listening as George tells her all about himself and his work, and she says that it's sad to just live for your work. They then brush hands, but Eileen pulls hers away, and asks if he'd like some more wine. He says that he shouldn't, as he's driving, and then there's an awkward silence before George declares that he should be going. Eileen apologises for the trouser incident, and Des's behaviour earlier, but George tells her that she's a marvellous mother, and never to think otherwise. He asks if he might kiss her before he goes, and he leans in, but then she offers her hand for him to kiss instead, and she then shows him out the door.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Des smiles to himself as George comes in, and asks about Eileen. George mentions that she's a brave woman, to have left her husband in such a financial climate, and Des is quite surprised to hear that - and he goes over to his mum as she comes in with Helen. Eileen quickly goes to chat to George, and Des asks Helen if Eileen has been annoying her - Helen says that Eileen means well, she's just lonely. As they talk about the exhibition, George thanks Eileen for dinner and says it was nice to dine with a real lady. He then explains that he inadvertently mentioned to Des that Eileen left Malcolm - Eileen looks a little worried, and then Des comes over and takes his mum to one side for a chat. He says that he's tired of her behaviour - harassing the Ramsays and lying to George - and it has to come to an end now. George overhears the end of their conversation, and Eileen tells George that Des is becoming more and more like his father, twisting things to his own advantage. George tells her that he'll only believe things if he's heard them from her. Helen is asking Des for advice on how to arrange her paintings, when a man comes in and makes some suggestions. Helen is very impressed, and he introduces himself as Douglas Blake and offers her his card. He tells her about his work as an art advisor, and suggests that, once he's done his banking, they could discuss things over a coffee. Helen is quite taken with him, and agrees. Eileen then comes over, and invites herself to join them on their coffee date.

Ramsay Street: Charles Durham stops his car outside number 30. He sits for a moment and looks around, then takes out a photograph of him and Terry, which he rips in half. He takes the half with Terry on it and puts it in his jacket pocket, then goes to number 30's mail box and checks the name on one of the letters, before wandering off.

Coffee Shop - Gardens: Helen, Douglas and Eileen are having coffee, with Helen and Douglas attempting to discuss art and films, but Eileen keeps butting in and getting things wrong. She then starts to talk about Des and his work at the bank, and Douglas says that he must have a good eye for art, if he's exhibiting Ms Daniels' work. Eileen then points out that it's Mrs Daniels, as Helen is a widower. As Helen and Douglas return to discussing art, Eileen thinks that she should be going. After she eventually leaves the table, she then suddenly returns and sits down, wanting to discuss Max Ramsay with Helen before she goes.

Ramsay Street: Scott is carrying some wedding presents across to number 30, when Charles Durham approaches him, offering to help. Scott is a little surprised, but Charles claims that he just bought a house on Newland Street and was looking around the neighbourhood. Scott says that everyone here is very friendly, and allows Charles to carry the painting. As Scott is telling Charles about Terry and Paul, he drops the pile of presents. Charles takes the keys from him and says he'll go ahead and open up the house - he then quickly makes an imprint of the key, before unlocking the door as Scott joins him.

. . .

Pacific Bank: George is hovering around Des, and eventually asks if he can have a word. He says that the way Des spoke to Eileen earlier that day left a lot to be desired - Des tries to explain to George that Eileen manipulates people, but he says that Des needs to examine his conscience - he believes that Des is taking his father's side more than he realises.

Coffee Shop - Gardens: Eileen has finished telling Helen what happened with Max, and she finally leaves, much to the relief of Helen and Douglas. Eileen then makes another unwelcome return, asking Helen if she wants to meet in half an hour to get a cab - but Helen says that she isn't sure what her plans are, so she'll make her own way home. As Eileen leaves, Douglas says that, now that he and Helen are alone, he has a proposition to put to her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, James Condon as Douglas Blake

Trivia Notes
First appearance of James Condon as Douglas Blake, the beginning of a story that would continue for the rest of the 1985 season, and would be revisited in 1986
James Condon was the real-life husband of Anne Haddy (Helen), and would return to Neighbours to act opposite Anne again in 1995, when he played Reuben White
Off-screen, Jim, Julie and Lucy have gone to the cinema to see 'a new Australian movie'
Charles Durham's car registration is AKE 988

Summary by Steve