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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 134

Written by Sally Webb, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 19/09/85, BBC One: 06/05/87, UK Gold: 06/05/93

Helen tells Jim about Douglas Blake, mentioning that he's a widower
Max helps Danny with his French homework
Scott and Jim have a strained conversation about Jim's mother, Bess
Helen has an evening out with Douglas
Charles phones Terry, warning her that he can get her whenever he wants
Max recognises Douglas, telling Jim that he did some plumbing work for him and his wife

Ramsay Street: Jim checks with Max that they're talking about the same Douglas Blake, and Max is quite certain that he was married - and his wife was a good thirty years younger than him. Max wonders why Jim is so interested, and Jim explains that Helen is under the impression that Douglas isn't married.

No 26: Douglas is looking through some of Helen's sketches, and he tells her that they're good. She then takes him through to the lounge, to show him some of her other paintings - he says that they're quite different to the ones she's exhibiting at the bank. He's very impressed, and Helen is relieved. Douglas tells her that she'll need to get them professionally framed, though, as it can make a lot of difference to a painting, and can also add to the value. Helen wonders if any of them are worth putting into the exhibition, and Douglas says that they all are, except one, which looks unfinished. Helen is surprised as Douglas says that he believes the paintings will all sell, and she admits that she can't imagine anyone, other than her family and friends, wanting to own one of her paintings. She says that an exhibition of her work has always been a fantasy that she never thought would come true, and she thanks Douglas. He says that it's not every day he gets to discover a promising new artist, and tells her that this could be the start of big things.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Max has been looking through his records, and then shows Jim a receipt for the work he did on Douglas's house, on the 2nd of January. Jim still isn't convinced, but Max says that he knows what he saw, and that Jim should tell Helen, as if she finds out later on, she's going to be very embarrassed. Max says that you can never trust 'these arty types' and asks how deeply Helen has become involved with Douglas - Jim says that they went out to dinner last night and came home very late. Max says that they need to nip it in the bud, and writes down Douglas's address, so that Jim can go over there without Helen finding out. Jim says that he doesn't like going behind Helen's back, but in this case he'll go along with Max's idea, as he'd hate to see her get hurt.

No 30 - Lounge: Paul and Terry bring their breakfast through from the kitchen, and he says that he'll call the gas company later to get them connected. Terry tells him how much she loves him, and says she'll start fixing up the house, once they've eaten. He says that there's no rush, and he has other plans for her anyway, as the honeymoon's not over yet. The phone then rings, which makes Terry jump, but Paul answers and is annoyed as he's called into work. Terry admits that she doesn't like being alone, particularly at night, but Paul tells her that Bob Sutton made the house very secure and they're in a very safe suburb. Terry asks if he can resign and get a normal job - he realises that she really is scared, and tells her that he'll only be gone for a couple of days.

No 28: A grumpy Des is eating his breakfast and complaining about how chirpy Daphne is being - she says that it's all the jogging. He then tells her that Paul and Terry came back last night, so Daphne agrees that she'll go over and tell Terry about the break-in, as soon as she gets the chance. She thinks that Terry will be OK with it, as Miller is behind bars now anyway, and then she wonders out loud if Paul and Terry will be happy together, before confiding in Des that she believes that Terry is still in love with Shane. Daphne feels terrible for saying it, and Des thinks it's ridiculous, then wonders what led her to that conclusion. Daphne says that it was women's intuition, but Des wonders if it was jealousy - Daphne admits that maybe she is jealous, but she still thinks she's right.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Terry sees Paul off in a taxi, and he tells her that he'll try to get home tomorrow. Des watches the taxi drive off, and asks Terry if she's OK - she explains that Paul's been called into work, and Des tells her to keep her chin up. Shen then goes outside for a chat with Daphne.

No 28: Terry knocks and lets herself in, and Daphne is pleased to see her, as she says that she was going to come over later. Terry notices that there's something different about the house and Daphne explains that they were forced to have a clean-up, thanks to Gordon Miller. Terry asks if the police have been talking to Gordon, and Daphne says that there wasn't much they could do - Terry wants to know exactly what happened, so Daphne tells her about the wreath, the bomb threat and the break-in. Terry sits down in shock, and then wants to know who else knows about this - Daphne says that only her and Des, and Jim and Scott were the ones who were told about the bomb threat. Terry decides that she won't tell Paul, and she wonders how much longer she's going to have to pay for the mistakes of her youth. Daphne says that she'll go with Terry if she wants to tell the police, but Terry just starts to cry, wishing that Paul was at home.

No 28: Terry has calmed down a bit, and Daphne hands her a cup of tea, before going to answer the door. It's Helen, looking for some company, and she's surprised to see Terry looking so unhappy. Terry explains that Paul's gone to Singapore, and Helen gives her a hug.

Douglas Blake's House: Douglas is leaving the house with a younger woman, as Jim pulls up and parks opposite them. Douglas recognises him, and Jim walks over - Douglas introduces Jim to his younger sister, Amanda, asking Jim if he'd like to join them for lunch. Jim turns down the offer, and admits that he feels a little foolish about coming now - Douglas assumes that he's there to check on his credentials as an art advisor, and Jim says 'Something like that'. Douglas offers to go and get his paperwork, saying that he doesn't blame Jim for being wary, but Jim says that he's sorry to have bothered them. He leaves, and Amanda is a little confused, but goes with Douglas to get in the car.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge/Douglas Blake's House: Helen is doing some painting, when the phone rings. It's Douglas, and he explains that something's come up and he needs to talk to her. He asks to come over, and she assumes that he's having second thoughts about helping her, but he insists that it's nothing like that, and says he'll see her in a few minutes. Helen then rushes to make herself presentable.

No 26 - Kitchen: A little later, Douglas and Helen sit down to coffee, and he explains that he needs to talk to her about the logistics of mounting an exhibition. He tells her that it's going to be hard work for her - although he'll organise a lot of it, she'll still need to do several more paintings and sketches, though he's confident that they'll sell. He explains that it's going to take up all of her time, and then he asks if she thinks that the family will be able to cope with that. Helen thinks that they'll adapt, but Douglas isn't so sure - Helen assumes that Julie has said something, but Douglas explains that Jim paid him a visit. Helen admits that she's hoping that her family will embrace her new career, but if they don't, then that's their problem.

No 30/Charles Durham's House: Terry is double-locking the front door, when the phone rings. It's a woman claiming to be from the airline, telling Terry that Paul has been delayed in Singapore, but it's actually Barbara Hill. Having upset Terry, Barbara smiles and gives the phone to Charles, telling him that it's his turn to call Terry now. As her phone rings again, Terry ignores it and runs out of the house.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lucy notices how aggressively Helen is chopping the vegetables, and wonders if she's mad at her. She then starts pestering Helen that they need to leave soon, before running to greet Jim as he arrives home. Helen isn't as happy to see Jim - she sends Lucy to wait in the car, and then Jim asks Helen what's wrong. She says that she knows about his visit to Douglas - Jim apologises and says that he had good reason to go, but then realised that he'd made a mistake. He hopes that it didn't cause any problems - Helen says that he's almost convinced Douglas that her family are more important to her than her work, and that she's too much of a risk to work with. Jim is a little taken aback, but Helen continues to rant that she's done her own checking on Douglas, and he's quite well known in the art world. She then says that she's going out with Douglas tonight, so won't be home until late.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Jim follows Helen out to the car, trying to explain, but Helen isn't willing to discuss it further and drives off. Jim then goes over to Max, and says that he's gotten him into a fine mess - the woman was Douglas's sister, not his wife. Max thinks it was a very big age gap for siblings, and still isn't convinced, but Jim asks him not to say anything to Helen about any of it. Just then, a taxi pulls up outside number 26, and Max recognises Jim's mum getting out. Jim goes over and hugs Bess, saying that it's a surprise to see her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: James Condon as Douglas Blake, June Salter as Bess Robinson, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Linda McConchie as Amanda Blake

Trivia Notes
Linda McConchie, who plays Amanda Blake in this episode, would later return in the recurring role of Joe Mangel's first wife, Noelene, between 1988 and 1990
Past characters Gordon Miller and Bob Sutton are mentioned
The registration number of Douglas Blake's Mercedes is MB 522
Lucy is having a sleepover at her friend Karen's house

Summary by Steve