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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 133

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 18/09/85, BBC One: 05/05/87, UK Gold: 05/05/93

Douglas Blake tells Helen that he has a proposition to put to her

No 26 - Lounge: Helen explains to Jim that Douglas wants her to put on an exhibition, and she's agreed - but now she can't make up her mind which paintings to use. She tells Jim about Douglas and how he completely changed his career when his wife died, and Jim teases her about Douglas being eligible. She says that she had enough of that type of talk from Eileen earlier, and her relationship with Douglas is strictly business. Jim asks how much it's all going to cost - with reframing, advertising and renting a space, and Helen admits that she hadn't even thought about that. Lucy then appears, to find out what's going on, and asks Helen if she's going to move to a different house when she gets famous - Helen says that she's not going to be famous, she's just going to have some fun. In the kitchen, Scott tells Danny about Helen's exhibition at the bank, and then asks him what he got in his school report. Danny doesn't look happy and says that he can't handle school anymore - he's sick of the work and the nagging teachers. Scott offers to help, but Danny says that he just can't get interested since his mum left. He leaves to show Max his school report, and Scott joins Jim, Helen and Lucy in the lounge, surprised to hear that Helen is going to be exhibiting in a public gallery. He takes Jim back to the kitchen, to show him his school report - Jim is pleased with the improvement, and asks how Danny went in his report...

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is doing some washing - or at least trying to - as Danny comes in. He hands over his school report, and starts sorting out the washing, as Max has a look - he sees that Danny's marks have slipped lately, but says it's understandable, given everything that happened with Maria and Richard. He suggests that Danny should go and do some homework, as his marks can't stay like this. Danny asks Max to help with the homework, as Maria used to, so Max says he'll give it a try, once they've got the washing situation under control.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen appears, all dressed up for her business dinner with Douglas. Jim, Lucy and Scott think she looks lovely, but she admits to being quite nervous. Lucy then hears someone arrive, and watches Douglas from the window, reporting back that he looks OK. He knocks on the door and Helen shows him in and introduces him to everyone. He says that Helen's paintings are impressive and he doesn't think they'll have too much trouble selling them. He then invites Jim to his next exhibition, before Helen says that they should probably get going.

Smugglers: Helen orders the Beef Wellington, admitting that it's something she never has the time to cook at home, so it's nice to have it when she's out. Douglas decides on the peppered steak, and Helen then asks him if local art tends to sell well. He starts listing a few examples, but she doesn't feel that she can be mentioned in the same breathe, though Douglas assures her that most artists feel the same way, but they need staying power, toughness and talent to survive in the business. He insists that he's not being cynical - he's just seen too many promising talents burn themselves out. Helen asks how much the exhibition is going to cost - Douglas tells her that it won't cost her a thing, as he'll foot all the costs of the exhibition. Helen is a little taken aback, but can't say much as the waiter then appears to take their order.

No 24: Max comes to check on Danny and his homework, and is pleased to see that he's doing French. Danny is then stunned as Max starts reeling off various French phrases, explaining that Maria's father taught him. Danny is shocked as Max starts translating everything, and asks him to help finish the homework. Max happily agrees to help, and starts telling Danny how he and Maria once went to a French restaurant, where the snooty waiter made a crack about Max in French, and was surprised when both Maria and Max then had a go at him in the same language. Danny is impressed as Max easily does his homework, and goes to start cleaning up the kitchen and to make them some tea. He watches his father and shakes his head in disbelief.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Scott is writing an essay for school, on an 'unforgettable character'. Lucy says that she'd write about Eileen Clarke, but Scott says that he's chosen Grandma Robinson. Jim is a little surprised, and Scott says that Bess is the only member of the family to be featuring in newspapers all over the world. He wonders why she never took Jim with her on her trips, but Jim says that lots of people don't have their parents around all the time - but life goes on. Scott says that it's a shame she couldn't come to Paul and Terry's wedding, but Jim isn't surprised. The awkward conversation is interrupted as Paul and Terry come in. Everyone's very happy to see them, and Paul explains that it had to be a short honeymoon as he couldn't get any more time off. Scott runs off to get the wedding photos, and Jim tells them to sit down and tell him all about their trip.

Smugglers: Douglas is telling Helen how brave she was to devote herself to someone else's family - but Helen says that they're her family, and she doesn't begrudge them a minute of it. She explains that she and her late husband Bill had been planning to trip to Paris and Southern France, and they'd just applied for the passports when he died. She explains that she got her life back together again, but then Anne died. She thinks that she dealt with it better the second time, but Jim still struggles to talk about Anne. Douglas is quiet as she talks, but then tells her that she's a remarkable woman, and that she needs to start finding some interests of her own, or her life will continue to be in a rut. He suggests that they go to a special showing at a gallery that evening. At first, Helen is reluctant to stay out too late, but then decides that she deserves a night out.

No 26 - Lounge/Charles Durham's House: The Robinsons are gathered for coffee, and Scott tells Terry that there's a call for her. She's upset to hear Charles' voice - he says that he'd heard she was back from her honeymoon today. She warns him that she's going to tell Paul, but Charles doesn't think that she will, as he's far too middle class to understand Terry's social climbing. He warns Terry that he can get to her whenever he wants, and holds up a newly-made key, smiling. Terry quickly hangs up and looks around at Paul, as he laughs and looks at wedding photos with his family.

No 24: As Max finishes the French homework, Danny complains about how difficult the maths is. Max tells him to be quiet, as he's trying to finish his homework, then he wonders what topic his essay should be about. He decides on plumbing, until Danny points out that it would be fairly obvious that his dad had written it. Danny suggests writing about girls or rock music, but Max then settles on the topic of his holidays. As Max starts writing, Danny gets up from the table and sneaks off into the lounge.

. . .

No 30: Paul carries Terry into their new home, and is upset at her lack of enthusiasm, pointing out that the kitchen has all mod cons. She starts to complain again about not being able to work, but Paul says that he's going to be away a lot and wants her to be at home when he's around. He suggests that they go to bed, but she wants to have another look around, so he goes without her. As she has a wander through into the kitchen, she's alarmed to find the torn photograph of herself, left behind by Charles.

No 30 - Lounge/Charles Durham's House: Terry and Paul start to open their wedding gifts the next morning, and both find a toaster - the exact same model. Terry then answers the phone, and it's Charles again, standing with Barbara - he tells Terry to remember that he can get to her whenever he wants to. She says thanks and hangs up, and Charles is pleased that he seems to be getting to her. Terry then lies to Paul that it was Mrs Elliot on the phone, and they go into the kitchen to use their new matching toasters.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is calling to Danny to hurry up or he'll be late for school. He ends up burning the toast, and then Danny appears in his dressing gown, complaining that he doesn't feel well. Max tells him to grow up and start taking some responsibility, but Danny says that he really doesn't feel well, and he turns down breakfast. Max says that he won't have him laying about the house all day, but Danny tells him that he hates school - Max says that people can't just stay in bed all day, avoiding the things they don't want to do, and then finally shouts at Danny to go and get ready. Danny slopes off, thanking Max for his help with the French homework.

. . .

Ramsay Street: As Max is loading up his van, Jim comes over, and Max shares his problems concerning Danny, who just seems to be giving up on school. Jim says that Max is doing a fantastic job, and then they both look over as Douglas Blake pulls up outside the Robinson house. Jim waves over to him, and Max says that he recognises him from somewhere. He then remembers his name, and tells Jim that he did some plumbing work for Douglas and his wife not long ago. Jim thinks there must be a mistake, as Douglas is a widower, but Max insists that he's married.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill

Trivia Notes
Bill Daniels died on August 2nd, and Helen gives the year as 'about 15 years ago'
Having previously housed guest characters the Browns and the Suttons, this was the first time that 30 Ramsay Street would be used regularly. It would then disappear from screens after the end of the 1985 season, and not be used again until 1988

Summary by Steve