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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 136

Written by John Smythe, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 23/09/85, BBC One: 08/05/87, UK Gold: 10/05/93

Jim and Julie fuss around an unimpressed Bess
Shane is upset when Daphne cancels their trip to the movies
Scott is alarmed when he can't wake up Bess

No 26 - Lounge: Scott continues to try to wake Bess, but she doesn't come round. As he goes to call for an ambulance, she wakes up and tells him not to worry. He cancels the ambulance, and she asks for her bag, as she needs to take her pills. Scott goes to get her some water, as Lucy comes in the back door and then asks who the visitor is. As Scott tells Lucy that it's Nana Robinson, Lucy runs in to hug her and starts trying to drag her to the bedroom to show her the Christmas present that she sent. Bess then accidentally pushes Lucy away as she loses her balance, and Lucy falls to the floor, then runs off, shouting that Bess hit her. Bess wants to go after her, but Scott helps his nan to the bedroom, so she can have a lie down.

Charles Durham's House: Charles is reading a newspaper article about a gang member who's been killed, and he says that he'll up dead like Martin, if Robert finds out that the tape is missing. Barbara says that they'll find the tape, and Charles points out that she'll be dead too, if they don't find it. Barbara thinks that they should just tell Terry the truth, and make her see what a dangerous position she's putting everyone in, but Charles thinks it's too risky, as there are too many people close to her at the moment. Barbara then decides to take the dog for a walk, and see if she can find out anything else about Terry. Charles tells her not to do anything too risky, but Barbara says that she never would - Charles kisses her and says that they make a good couple. She tells him that she'll make an excellent wife too, and that she won't let Terry get in the way of their future together.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Scott finds Lucy and tells her that it was all just an accident, and that Bess lost her balance. Lucy still thinks it was deliberate, as Bess has climbed up volcanoes, so she wouldn't lose her balance in a house on a flat floor. Scott insists that Bess is an amazing woman and would never deliberately hurt Lucy - but Lucy thinks that Bess is nasty to little kids, and decides that she's going to tell her dad.

No 30 - Lounge: Terry is mending some curtains, when there's a knock at the door - it's Jim, with some more of Paul's things. Terry is surprised that he came to visit, as she thought he'd still be annoyed that she went out with Daphne last night. Jim says that, to quote his mother, he's just a stuffy old conservative and his opinion doesn't matter, but Terry admits that meeting Bess has made her yearn to experience some more exciting things. Jim tells her that far away fields are always greener, but she'll never be happy if she thinks like that. He says that it's far easier to live for today and be happy with what you do have.

No 26 - Lounge: Scott tells Lucy to turn down the TV, or she'll wake up Bess. They start to argue about it, as Bess comes into the room - she sits with Lucy, wanting to talk about what happened earlier. Jim then comes in, and Lucy runs over to him. Bess says that she accidentally knocked Lucy over, but Lucy says that she did it on purpose, though Jim is sure that his mum wouldn't do that. Lucy is upset that nobody believes her and she runs off. Jim suggests that they leave Lucy alone for a while, and Bess goes into the kitchen. Scott tries to tell his dad about the film showing he went to with Bess, and says that she's lived the most amazing life, but Jim isn't really interested. Scott says that anybody would think that Jim didn't even like Bess, and he storms out of the room.

Ramsay Street: Barbara is sitting in the car with a dog, when she spots Lucy leaving the house to take Basil for a walk. She opens the car door, apologising for getting in Lucy's way, and then asks Lucy what's wrong. Lucy says that nobody likes her, and that Nana Robinson hit her, but nobody believes her. Barbara says that Lucy doesn't seem like the sort of girl who'd make things up, and introduces Lucy to her dog, Rufus. Lucy then introduces Basil to Rufus, and they decide to walk down to the park together.

Park: Lucy tells Barbara that it's nice to have someone to walk the dog with - her brother Paul used to come with her sometimes, but he's changed since he got married to Terry. Barbara suggests that Lucy could ask Terry to come to the park instead, and be her special friend until things calm down at home. Lucy likes that idea, and starts telling Barbara all about Terry's plans to go shopping the next day. Lucy then decides that she should go home, as it's getting dark, and Barbara says that she's very glad to have met her.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Bess is reading a Russian newspaper, as Lucy comes in from walking Basil. Bess says that she's been waiting for her, as she wants to apologise for what happened earlier. Lucy says that it's OK, as she met someone else who likes her - then she asks Bess if she likes her. Bess tells Lucy that she loves her, because she's her granddaughter, but Lucy asks why Bess doesn't write her letters, like she writes to Scott. Bess explains that Scott writes letters to her too, but realises that perhaps she's been a little neglectful of Lucy, and agrees that they should start writing to each other. Lucy tells Bess that she loves her, and is sorry for being horrible to her. Jim comes in, pleased to see that they've patched things up, closely followed by Scott, who wants to show Bess the cuttings about her Easter Island project. Lucy tells Jim that Nana Robinson is great - all they needed to do was to sit down and talk.

Charles Durham's House: Charles arrives home, and asks Barbara how she got on - she explains that she met Lucy, the younger sister of Terry's new husband, Paul. She says that Lucy had been arguing with her family and was looking for a shoulder to cry on. She then tells Charles that Terry is going to be out tomorrow; she's going shopping at lunchtime.

No 30: Bess calls by to visit Terry, and finds the house in chaos. Terry explains that she's struggling with sewing the curtains - and she'd much rather be punching holes in walls. They go through to the kitchen, where it's a little tidier, and Terry says that it must have been tough for Bess, looking after a home and bringing up Jim. Bess explains that she had to work after Jim's father died - Terry says that she always felt a great sense of achievement at work, even if it was just fixing a dishwasher. Bess agrees, but tells Terry to also be wary of the other person's feelings, and not just her own. She says that she has to go and see Lucy before school, but the two women arrange to go to the cinema that night.

No 26 - Lounge/Office: Jim is about to take Lucy to school, when Bess calls by and gives her a jar containing a piece of lava from an active volcano in Vanuatu. She tells her to get the teacher to point out Vanuatu on the map. Jim, Lucy, Julie and Scott all then leave in a rush, and Bess asks if she can use the phone before she goes. Once alone, she calls her solicitor, Edward Wingram, and he's very happy to hear from her, asking how long she's in town. She explains that it's all a bit up in the air, but she needs to sort out a few matters while she's in the area. He arranges a meeting for lunchtime.

No 30/Charles Durham's House: Terry arrives home to find the house has been ransacked, and the radio and TV are on. She turns them off, then the phone rings. It's Charles - Terry tells him to leave her alone, and says that she doesn't have the tape, but Charles says that he knows where she is, he knows that Paul won't be home until tomorrow and he knows about Lucy. Terry tells him not to touch Lucy, but Charles says that he might have to, if Terry doesn't do what he wants. He tells her that he can get her any time he wants, then hangs up.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Scott is complaining that he isn't going to get any dinner, as he didn't realise that they were eating late this evening, due to Jim's work schedule. Scott goes to get ready for work at the coffee shop, as Julie complains to Bess about the family becoming very scattered. Bess asks where Helen is this evening - Lucy says that she's with her boyfriend, though Julie explains that he's a man and he's just Helen's friend. Bess enjoys the gossip and says that Helen deserves some fun, but Julie thinks it's all a bit adolescent, and hopes that Helen won't make a fool of herself. Bess calls Julie narrow-minded and suggests that she might be ready for her rocking chair. She then announces that she's off for a night out with Terry, and Scott leaves with her.

No 30 - Lounge: Terry lets Bess and Scott into the house. Scott tells her how nice she looks, and she shows off the curtains that she's finally finished sewing. Terry explains that Paul won't be home until the next day, and she doesn't like being at home alone.

Airport - Locker Room: Paul is complaining to his colleague Graham about a group of rugby players on the last flight. Graham says that he'll get used to customers like those, after a year or two in the job. He asks Paul if he wants to go to a club with some of the others, but Paul says that he just wants to get home to his wife.

No 26 - Kitchen: Julie is telling her dad a long-winded story about a woman who wrote her pin number on her shoe, when Paul arrives back. They're pleased to see him, but Paul just wants to know where Terry is. Julie explains that she's gone out with Nana Robinson, as she wasn't expecting Paul home until tomorrow. Jim tells Paul that Terry's getting quite good at homemaking, and Paul thinks Jim for everything he's done for them lately.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Scott serves coffees to Terry and Bess, who tell him that they enjoyed the film. Terry asks Bess why someone would stay somewhere so dangerous, and Bess explains that it's the dedication you need to be that kind of journalist. She tells Terry that it was different when she was a war correspondant, and she talks about Jim's father and how optimistic they once were - she reminds Terry not to take anything for granted. Terry asks why Bess never remarried, and she explains that she met some interesting men, but none of them were special. She then tells Terry to make the most of every opportunity and never let anything stand in her way.

. . .

No 30 - Lounge: Terry arrives home and Paul jumps out on her, giving her a fright. She asks why he's home now, as the airport called and said he'd be back tomorrow. She tells him that she loves him and she wouldn't have gone out if she'd known he'd be back. They sit down, and Terry says that she was talking to Bess and realised that they should be spending as much time together as possible. Paul admits that he's been thinking about the future too, and wants to take full responsibility - Terry asks why she can't be involved in planning their future, and says that a marriage should be a partnership, not a dictatorship. Paul then takes offence and says that he's going to bed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: June Salter as Bess Robinson, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Peter Tandy as Graham Daly, Geoffrey Pullan as Edward Wingram, Raelene Pearce as Receptionist

Trivia Notes
The Herald newspaper, read by Charles, is dated July 22nd 1985 and has the headline 'Gang War Erupts'
Barbara mentions that she can't stand children or dogs, though it isn't mentioned where she managed to get Rufus the dog from
Bess and Terry go to see The Killing Fields
Off-screen, Helen has gone out for dinner with Douglas Blake

Summary by Steve