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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 137

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/09/85, BBC One: 11/05/87, UK Gold: 11/05/93

Bess loses her balance and accidentally pushes Lucy over
Charles and Barbara discuss getting the tape back from Terry
Barbara befriends Lucy
Bess makes an appointment with her solicitor
Charles calls Terry and threatens to hurt Lucy
Paul and Terry argue over her having no say in the marriage

No 30 - Kitchen: Paul has made breakfast for Terry, to apologise for the argument last night. They sit down, and she tells him about curtains she made - it was all she had to do while he was away. She asks about Singapore, and whether he saw anything nice, but he says that he barely had time to sleep, never mind sightseeing. Terry says that it's a shame he has to work so hard, and suggests that they could both go part-time, pointing out that Bess manages to work and raise Jim. Paul doesn't want to discuss it again, but Terry complains that she's bored at home on her own, and they're only just making ends meet. Paul isn't impressed by that comment, and wonders if she thinks that he isn't good enough for her, but Terry explains that she used to feel like it was worth getting up in the morning when she was working - plus she could earn more money as a plumber than he can as an air steward. Paul is furious, saying that Nana Robinson has clearly got to Terry, and then he leaves the house to go and see Jim. Terry then angrily throws the breakfast things on the floor.

No 26: Helen is sketching Bess, who says that it's nice to see that Helen's kept up with her art, and that the war has made them both into strong women who know their own minds. Paul comes in as she says that, and asks if that's what she's trying to turn Terry into. Helen tells him not to greet Bess like that, so he kisses her on the cheek then goes to see Jim in the kitchen. Helen insists that Paul is usually quite polite, but on the subject of Terry going back to work, he's very old-fashioned. She says that Jim was the same, until Anne had a quiet word with him. Bess asks when she's going to meet Helen's new man, and Helen, annoyed that her grandchildren have been gossiping about her, says that he'll be over later. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Paul is telling Jim about his trip to Singapore, and that he then came home to an argument with Terry. Paul blames Bess for the whole thing, and explains to Jim that Terry was happy to stay at home, until Bess started whispering in her ear. Jim agrees with Paul, but wonders if maybe Terry could find a part-time job that would fit in with Paul's schedule, so they can still spend time together. Paul doesn't want Terry to work at all, and asks Jim to talk to Bess, and tell her to stop interfering. Scott overhears this, and starts angrily defending Bess, saying that she's the most interesting person he knows, before leaving for school.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Paul goes to get some more junk from his room, as Jim tells Bess that he's about to leave for work. Jim then tries to speak to his mum about Paul and Terry, but she already knows what he's going to say, and replies that she'd hate to see Terry want to rise above her station in life. Jim tells her that they all want what's best for Paul and Terry, but maybe they have to figure that out for themselves. Jim then leaves for work, as Helen comes on, closely followed by Paul, carrying a box of his things. As Paul also leaves, Bess comments that Jim only seems to be able to take her in small doses - and Paul seems to be the same. Bess wonders if she should go across the street to speak to Paul and Terry, but Helen explains that Douglas will be here shortly. Bess asks questions about him, and Helen explains that it's just friendship and nothing more - Bess then suggests that Helen should make it something more, as if Jim were to remarry, then she'd soon find herself redundant. She says that she's seen it happy to many people, and would hate for it to happen to Helen - she then suggests that if Douglas were to propose, Helen should accept without a second thought.

No 30 - Kitchen: Daphne has called by to visit Terry, and spots the milk and broken plates on the floor. Terry explains that it was an accident, then admits that she and Paul had a fight, but she threw the things on the floor after he'd left, out of frustration. She becomes upset and says that things aren't working out how she thought they would, but Daphne says that Paul will be back soon, and making up is part of the fun. Terry admits that she's feeling lonely, and Daphne offers to come over more often. She then leaves, telling Terry to keep her chin up.

Ramsay Street - No 30 Driveway: Paul is picking up something he's dropped from the box he's carrying, when Daphne comes out of the house. She frostily says hello to Paul, then asks him what he's trying to do to Terry, as she's lonely and desperately unhappy. Paul can't understand the problem, as Terry should be happy to see him after three days apart, but Daphne points out that during that time, all Terry had was the housework. She says that Terry has no friends or work - and most of the time, she doesn't have Paul either.

No 30 - Lounge: Paul walks in, but just to grab his bag and leave for work. He tells Terry that he'll be back at 6pm, but stops when she tells him that she'll miss him. He sits with her and suggests that she go out to lunch with Daphne. She forces a smile and says goodbye to Paul, but starts to become tearful once he's gone.

No 26 - Lounge: Bess has been looking at Helen's paintings, and is very impressed - they joke about how the rest of the family are always brutally honest with their criticisms, and sometimes Helen wishes that they'd just lie and say something nice. Douglas then arrives, complimenting Helen on her outfit and then being introduced to Bess. She says that he must have impeccable taste if he's interested in Helen and her work. He starts to look at some of Helen's new paintings, but then she says that they have a meeting with a gallery director to get to. Bess says that she'll be in charge of the house all day - and all evening if necessary - so Helen and Douglas needn't rush back.

. . .

No 30 - Kitchen: Bess is visiting Terry, telling her that a marriage is a partnership, and both sides have to put in effort for it to succeed. Terry is grateful to have someone to talk to, and says that she didn't mean to fight with Paul, she was just trying to explain how she feels. Bess says that she needs to go, as Scott and Lucy will be home from school soon, but tells Terry to have a lovely evening with her husband.

Wally Walters' Coffee Shop: Helen admits to feeling a little intimidated by the gallery, as her own work doesn't seem to have the mystery of other painters, it was just what she managed to do between breakfast and dinner. Douglas says that's why he admires her achievements, and he insists that her art will only be shown in the best galleries. Helen thanks him for all the effort he's been putting in, and asks about his other clients - he says that they can wait, as he wants to devote all his time to Helen. He says that he'd love to have dinner with her, but he has to meet with his sister - he then asks Helen if she'd like to go to dinner the following evening, and she accepts.

No 28: Terry calls by to visit Daphne, and says that she's feeling a lot better after a chat with Bess. Terry then asks for some advice - Daphne assumes it's about Shane again, and tells Terry about how Mark Keating punched Shane at the wedding. She says that he has a problem with moving on, but she's definitely moved on from him. During the conversation, Terry has been painting her toenails, and then she puts her socks back on, and Daphne says that they'll now be stuck to her feet - so they'd better match the dress she's planning to wear for her dinner with Paul!

No 26 - Lounge: Jim arrives home, to be greeted by Bess, who explains that she's just seen Terry to give her some advice about her marriage. Scott then arrives home with the news that he scored top marks for his essay about Bess, who's delighted for him. She and Scott go off to talk about it, leaving Jim a little put out.

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott tells Bess that there's so much material on her life, that he could write a book. Bess then turns to him and suggests that he should - he thinks it would be too much for him, but Bess encourages the idea. Scott says that he could do a little each day, after finishing his homework, and Bess says that it'll be a bestseller.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim, finished with the newspaper, notices Scott's essay and picks it up. He begins to read: Bess Robinson has managed to carve out a career for herself in a profession mainly dominated by men, despite the handicap of having a small child... Jim looks upset and puts the essay back on the table.

No 30 - Lounge: Paul calls out that he's home, and Terry rushes out of the kitchen to apologise for their fight, only to come face to face with Stephanie, one of Paul's colleagues. Terry gives her a frosty welcome, and Paul quietly asks what's wrong, as he thought Terry wanted to make some new friends. Stephanie then talks about her flights to Europe, and asks Terry what she does - Terry replies that she's a plumber. Stephanie notices the tension in the air, and says a snobby goodbye to Terry before leaving. Paul is annoyed that Terry didn't make any effort, but she goes to prepare dinner, and Paul sarcastically says that it's going to be a 'fab' evening.

No 26 - Lounge: Bess is reading, and Jim is watching the news, as Helen arrives home. She explains that she and Douglas looked at a few galleries, but none of them had the right light and space. Jim is surprised by how much time and effort Douglas is putting into helping Helen, and she admits that she's starting to worry about it too. Bess tells her that it's just a problem finding a gallery, but more importantly, Helen has found a charming man to spend time with. They're interrupted by Scott, who tells Helen about his essay, and about Bess authorising him to write her biography. Jim says that it's mustn't interfere with school work, and Bess quickly defuses the tension by taking Scott to the kitchen to make coffee. Helen says that it's marvellous news about the essay, but Jim says that he hasn't read it yet, and that he already knows everything about his mother anyway. Helen suggests that Bess is an amazing woman, but Jim says that she should try talking to Paul before she says that.

. . .

No 30 - Kitchen: There's tension in the air as Paul and Terry have dinner, and then he knocks over the vase whilst reaching for the sauce. She tells him not to bother cleaning it up, as it'll give her something to do when she's at home all day tomorrow. They sit in silence, then both apologise at once and start to laugh, and both say that they love each other.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: June Salter as Bess Robinson, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Uncredited as Stephanie Jackson

Trivia Notes
Past character Gordon Miller is mentioned
Darius Perkins gives a voiceover as Jim reads the essay about Bess

Summary by Steve