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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Charles Durham Ross Thompson

Charles Durham 1985
Died: 1985

The mysterious Charles Durham came to Ramsay Street during Paul and Terry Robinson’s wedding. Along with his accomplice, Barbara Hill, he was determined to retrieve something of Terry’s, a tape, that could incriminate him if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Together, they broke into number 28, where Terry had been living, and sent threatening notes, and even a funeral wreath in order to scare her. In the weeks that followed, the tape ended up in the hands of Lucy Robinson, who, after becoming frightened by the man on it, decided to destroy it. However, Charles realised that if certain local criminals ever found out about the tape, he would be killed, and he had to make sure that Terry never told anybody what he had admitted to when she recorded it.

Charles decided that the only way to be sure was to get rid of Terry. Unfortunately, when Daphne borrowed Terry’s coat one day, she was mistaken for Terry and almost run down in the street. This incident made Terry realise that her life was at risk, and she went to confront Charles. Daphne attempted to stop her, but Terry was determined that this man wouldn’t ruin her life anymore. During the confrontation, Terry shot Charles dead, and Daphne later arrived to find the body. When Barbara then found Charles, she contacted the police, and Daphne, who had blood on her clothes from the scene, looked like she was about to be charged with murder. However, Paul noticed Terry’s odd behaviour and realised that his wife was the real killer. He confronted her, and she shot him too, though not fatally. Terry was later captured and imprisoned for the murder of Charles Durham. The following year, she committed suicide.

Notes: Ross Thompson returned to the show in 1998 to play Paul McClain's father, Leo.

Biography by Steve



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