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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 138

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 25/09/85, BBC One: 12/05/87, UK Gold: 12/05/93

Bess meets Douglas Blake, encouraging him and Helen to spend time together
Daphne tells Terry that Shane messes women around, and he's not worth worrying about
Scott scores top marks on his essay about Bess
Jim starts to read the essay
Paul and Terry patch up their differences and say that they love each other

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen asks again if Jim has read Scott's essay. She thinks that Scott's going to be very disappointed if his father doesn't read it, but Jim says that at least Bess will be happy to have a grandchild following in her footsteps. Scott then walks in and says that he's going to meet Danny to walk to school - Jim apologises to him and says he hasn't read the essay yet, as he didn't get around to it. Scott isn't impressed, but kisses Helen on the cheek and leaves. Helen asks Jim why he didn't get around to it - he then says that he didn't like being described as a 'handicap' to his mother's career. Helen doesn't believe that Scott intended to hurt Jim's feelings, and says that Bess did her best. Jim explains that he was brought up by a group of feminists who read him Bess's bylines instead of bedtime stories, reminding him how lucky he was to have such a brave woman for a mother. Helen asks if that's why he married Anne, but Jim says that he married her because he loved her, though he was happy to find someone who just wanted a family. He denies Helen's accusation that he's ashamed of Bess, and admits that he just wishes that he knew who his real mum, and not just the journalist - Helen suggests that if he wants to know about the real Bess, he should read Scott's essay.

No 24: Scott is helping Danny to load the washing machine, on Max's orders, and Max then tells Danny that he needs to pick up some food on his way home too. Danny makes a list, and Max tells him that the money's in the fridge, before leaving. Danny then goes to finish the washing, and jokes that Scott's next article should be about a struggling writer and an up-and-coming rock star, who had to suffer through doing the laundry until they were famous. He also mentions that Max did his French homework, and they leave, with Scott saying that he's looking forward to seeing what marks Max gets for the French essay.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is working on a painting, and Jim has just finished reading Scott's essay, very impressed with his son's writing. He says that he's learnt more about Scott from the article than he could have from hours of talking to him, and realises that maybe he's been using Scott to get back at Bess. Helen says that nobody can be the perfect parent, but Jim says that he's been well and truly put in his place, and he now understands what a remarkable woman his mother is - he says that he respects her a great deal, but really, he should also love her.

Ramsay Street: Danny is pushing a shopping trolley along with Scott, rushing into Ramsay Street, saying that he has to do another load of washing before he starts to prepare dinner. He notices that Max's van is outside the house, and realises that he'll be in trouble, but Scott asks why Max can't just hang out the washing for once. Danny says that he's the one who wanted to live with Max, so he needs to try harder to prove that it was worth it. Scott thinks that Danny should talk to Max, as this is the most important year of school and he needs to focus on that, but Danny insists that he'll cope.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is reading a magazine, when he hears Danny coming and quickly rushes into the laundry to pretend he's been sorting out the washing. He complains about the amount of bleach that Danny used, then wants to know how he did in the French essay. Danny is evasive, but eventually admits that Max only got 15% - Max is furious, but Danny says that it's still better than he'd have managed. When Max realises that Danny has also forgotten to get any milk, he declares it to be the last straw and walks out.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim arrives home and Helen reminds him that he's preparing dinner tonight, as she's going out. He says that he's got something for Scott, but as Scott comes in, he barely acknowledges his father and goes straight to his room to do his homework. Helen thinks that Jim probably deserved that. Jim then says that he was never like this when he was a teenager, before going to Scott's room.

. . .

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Jim knocks on the door, and tells Scott that he read the essay - he thinks it was wonderful, and he thinks Scott is pretty wonderful too. He tells Scott that he's proud of him and they share a hug. He then goes to get something else - a new typewriter for Scott, telling him that now he can start writing more seriously. Scott is completely overwhelmed.

No 26 - Lounge: Max bursts in, ranting to Helen about how angry he is with Danny for ruining his overalls. Helen says that there isn't much that can be done to fix them, apart from redying them. Scott joins them and says that Danny was only trying to help, but Max says that it isn't too difficult to read a label. Helen offers to help, but Max says that Danny is useless, and Scott jumps in to defend his friend, despite Jim's attempts to get Scott to stay out of it. Max says that he didn't come here looking for a fight, he just wanted to get his overalls fixed, but Scott thinks that he was looking for sympathy, and he isn't going to find any.

No 28: Danny has been talking to Des and Daphne, and keeping out of his father's way. Daphne tells Danny to try and see things from Max's point of view, but the conversation is interrupted by Eileen arriving - Des asks Daphne why she didn't lock the door! Eileen says that she's meeting George later, and then tells Danny that he looks like he hasn't had a decent meal in weeks, before saying that Des is putting on weight. Daphne suggests that Des should go on a diet, but he isn't impressed and wants to know why Eileen is there at all. She says that she thought that she and George could go out with Des and Daphne for a group date - Danny quickly makes himself scarce and Daphne looks very unimpressed.

No 24 - Kitchen: A guilty Max is preparing dinner, as Jim calls by to return his overalls. Max says that Scott really hit a nerve earlier - Jim says that he gets that personality trait from Bess, but also thinks that Max might take into account what Scott said, as he made some good points. Max thinks that there's nothing wrong with Danny - who then returns from Des and Daphne's. Max tells Jim that he has a problem with discipline, and Jim then promptly leaves, not wanting to have an argument about it. Danny asks his dad what's going on, and Max explains that Scott had a go at him earlier - Danny realises that the new living arrangements aren't working out too well. Max agrees, and says that Danny doing all the housework isn't ideal, and that he needs to focus on his schoolwork more. Danny apologises about the overalls, and Max decides that, after they've eaten, he's going to write a letter to Miss Drew, the French teacher.

No 28 - Lounge: Eileen is already planning the meal, saying that they could go to a health food restaurant, or Des could just order a salad. He goes to answer the door, and quietly reminds George that he needs to be the man, and not the mouse, in Eileen's life. Eileen tells George that Des and Daphne will be coming with them this evening, but George slowly starts to stand up to her and says that he's booked a table for two, and he wants to have dinner with her alone. Eileen, however, isn't impressed with the way he's talking to her and says that she won't be going to dinner with him if he's going to speak to her in that tone. George then says that he'll perhaps see her for lunch tomorrow, and leaves, with Des rushing after him to apologise. Daphne suggests that Eileen should go and catch George, but she thinks that George needs to realise that she's a woman to be reckoned with.

. . .

Pacific Bank: The next morning, Des is apologising to George for misjudging the situation - George, however, believes it's his own fault, as it's been so long since he courted a woman. They wonder where to go from here, and George admits that he wants Eileen to see him as someone different to her ex-husband. Des suggests that George should buy Eileen some roses and, at lunch, flatter her and kiss her. George thinks that it all sounds a bit forward, but Des is confident that it'll work.

No 24: Danny is rushing around, late for school, and tells Scott that he was up half the night doing homework. Max then hands Danny a note for Miss Drew, and Scott apologises for the way he spoke to him. Max accepts the apology, and admits that it was nice to see a young person sticking up for his mates.

Cafe: George is sitting at an outdoor cafe, waiting for Eileen to arrive.

Pacific Bank: Des is surprised to spot his mum in the bank, tidying up Helen's art exhibition. He reminds her that she's supposed to be meeting George, and she says that it wouldn't be proper for her to arrive on time, and besides, George deserves to be kept waiting after what he did last night. Des thinks that she's just being rude, and reminds her that men like George don't grow on trees, but she decides that she's going to make him wait for another ten minutes.

. . .

Cafe/Street: George, tired of waiting, pays for his drink, then picks up his umbrella and his rose, and leaves. Outside, a kid on a skateboard is speeding along the pavement, and goes onto the road, into the path of a car. The car then swerves out of the way, knocking down George in the process.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young

Summary by Steve