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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 139

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 26/09/85, BBC One: 13/05/87, UK Gold: 13/05/93

Jim says that he respects Bess, but he's supposed to love her too
Max is disappointed by his marks in the French essay
George tries to be firm with Eileen, but it backfires when she cancels their dinner date
George is involved in an accident as he walks down the street

Pacific Bank: Julie returns from lunch, and says that saw Eileen, and that George stood her up for their lunch date. Des is surprised that Eileen told Julie all about last night's cancelled dinner, and Julie says that George always seems so nice at work. Des suggests that maybe Julie should listen to both sides of the story before passing judgement, then another employee, Joe, comes over and tells Julie to get on with some work, but she points out that it's still her break. Des flatters her into starting work early, and then he takes a phone call. As Julie explains to one of the customers that most of the staff are away today on a computer course, Des rushes over and says that George has been in an accident. Julie tells him that Eileen is at his place, so he should pick her up on the way to the hospital.

Hospital: George is in a hospital bed, muttering things about Eileen, Des and the bank, and a nurse leans over and asks if he can hear her. He opens his eyes and is confused about where he is and what's happened - the nurse explains that he was lucky to just get away with a bump on the head. He asks where his clothes are, and the nurse tells him that they're in the cupboard. He then wants to know who undressed him, and the nurse explains that she did - George worries about what Eileen will have to say about that.

. . .

No 28: Eileen is helping Daphne with the housework, complaining about how George has been treating her. Daphne asks Eileen if she's even considered what George wants in all of this, and Eileen says that she's prepared to consider it, if it's reasonable, and that she'll be perfectly charming when she next sees George and he apologises. Des then comes home and breaks the news to a worried Eileen that George has been taken to hospital.

Hospital: Eileen is blaming herself for the accident, saying that if George hadn't been so upset, he might have been looking where he was going. Des tells Eileen not to think like that, and then asks the passing nurse if they can see George. The nurse explains that it won't be much longer, but they just need to wait on George's X-ray results. The nurse says that George has been getting himself in quite a state about Eileen, and then she leaves, and Eileen wonders if George is very angry with her. Daphne sends Des off to get some food and coffee, then sits Eileen down and says that George doesn't seem like the type of man to hold a grudge. Eileen tells Daphne that she's a very kind person, and says that she's become very selfish, living on her own, which is why she didn't consider George's feelings at all. She says that, if George forgives her, she will try to change the way she behaves, but she admits to being a perfectionist, and believes that's why Malcolm left her, as he could never live up to her expectations. Des then returns with some coffees, and Eileen asks if he needs to go back to the bank, but he says that he'll stay and wait with her.

No 24 - Lounge: Max comes home to find Danny lying on the couch with music blaring out, and he asks why he isn't at school. Danny says that he's sick of school, and Max asks if Danny passed on the letter to Miss Drew. Danny says that he did, and he then passes another letter to Max, with Miss Drew's reply. Max thinks it's an apology, but when he reads it, it's quite insulting. Danny wishes he'd just forget about it, but Max isn't about to let Miss Drew get away with it. He then tells Danny to do the vacuuming if he's staying at home, and tells him that a man named Jerry will be calling at 5pm, and it'll mean a big job for Max, so Danny needs to make sure that he takes the call.

Hospital: George is wheeled past in his bed, and Eileen goes with him, but the nurse tells her not to bother him for too long. She tells Des that the doctor would like to keep George in for observation overnight, as he had a nasty bump to the head and he's also broken his toe. Des, Daphne and Eileen gather around George's bed, and he apologises for all of the trouble he's caused. He explains that he was hit by a skateboard as a car swerved out of the way - Daphne says it's lucky that he wasn't hit by the car. Des and Daphne then leave, and Des says that he'll come back the following day, to take George home. George then apologises to Eileen, and she says that she was just being stubborn. He asks if she'll go out with him again, and she says that of course she will - so George says that, once he's better, the four of them will go to the best restaurant in town. He then hands her the slightly squashed rose and thanks her for giving another chance to a silly old fool.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is hoovering and listening to his headphones, as Shane walks in. Danny is in a bad mood, and not impressed when Shane criticises his vacuuming skills. Danny says that he's tired of people pushing him around, and says that he skipped school today because of the stupid French essay that Max wrote for him. He says that Max and Miss Drew have been sending each other abusive letters ever since, and everyone at school thinks it's hilarious. Shane tells Danny not to let it get to him, and suggests that they go and have a game of squash. Danny tells Shane about the phone call that he has to take for Max, but Shane insists that they'll be back well before 5 o'clock, and they both go to get ready.

Pacific Bank: Julie is complaining to Joe about all the staff being sent for training on the same day, and they both wonder if George is OK. Des then arrives back, and apologises for taking so long - he reports that George has a broken toe, and Joe and Julie struggle not to laugh as they hear that George was hit by a skateboard. Des tells them not to make any jokes when George gets back, as he's very embarrassed. Des then starts complaining to Julie about how hungry he is, and reminisces about a restaurant they used to go to together, where he had steak. He and Julie realise that they haven't been out much lately, and he suggests that they go to dinner together - Julie isn't sure, but Des says that Daphne doesn't have to know.

No 28: Daphne answers the door to Eileen, who apologises for calling over, but says that she couldn't seem to settle on her own. Eileen offers to help finish the cleaning, but Daphne says that she'll deal with it in the morning. Eileen then says that George has offered to take them all out to dinner, to say thank you, and Daphne says that Eileen is very lucky to have him. Eileen admits that the day's events have made her realise how complacent she'd become, and Daphne agrees, saying that Eileen was clearly a little out of practice. Eileen laughs and says that Daphne is good for her, and turns down an offer of tea, suggesting that they have something stronger instead.

Ramsay Street: It's already five o'clock and Danny is rushing to the house. He gets Shane to throw him the keys, and runs off up the driveway.

No 24 - Lounge: Danny gets inside and notices that it's already after five, and wonders why the phone isn't ringing. Shane suggests that maybe the man didn't need the work done after all. They then argue over who's going to make tea, and Shane decides to make a sandwich instead. Danny asks him if he could have a word with Max, and try to get him to stop feuding with Miss Drew, as he's getting a really hard time about it at school. Danny then admits that it's all his own fault, as he told the whole class that his dad had written his essay and that he'd get good marks for it. Shane tells his brother that he's an idiot, but agrees to have a word with Max.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Des is exhausted after a long day, and Eileen thanks him for all the trouble he's gone to for George. Eileen confirms to Des that things are back on track for her and George, and Daphne asks her to stay for tea - though it'll just be salad as she and Des are dieting. Des then admits that he's going out for dinner with Julie, to try to cheer her up a bit, and says that they're going to a vegetarian restaurant. Julie then arrives, telling Eileen how sorry she was to hear about George, and then putting her foot in it by mentioning the steak and apple pie that she and Des are planning to have for dinner. Julie immediately apologises to Des, and Daphne tells them to go out and enjoy themselves.

. . .

No 24: Shane is suggesting that Danny should try playing squash professionally, as he's pretty good, but Danny points out how expensive it would be, and says that they can't afford it. Max then arrives home, and immediately asks Danny to go and get his French dictionary, as he's thought of something else to say to Miss Drew. Shane quickly changes the subject, getting Max to sit down for his food - and Max then asks if Jerry rang. Danny says that he didn't, and Max asks if Danny was there at 5pm, as Jerry said that he'd ring on the dot. Shane suggests that Jerry might have got held up and will ring later. Max then says that the three of them need to sort out the housekeeping rota, as Danny is being lumbered with too much. Shane isn't impressed, but Max says that he'll have to do the washing-up and share the cooking with Danny too, and if he doesn't like it, he can move out. As Danny and Shane argue about it, Max goes to answer the phone, then returns and says that it was Jerry, wanting to know why Max didn't answer the call at 5pm. Shane tries to defend Danny, but Max shouts at him, saying that he only ever thinks about himself - he then says that Danny broke his promise and lied about it, and he walks away, disappointed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Julie Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young, Stephen Cross as Joe, Glenda Walsh as Nurse

Trivia Notes
Glenda Walsh, who plays the unnamed nurse in this episode, would return in 1986 as Moira Mathews
Past characters Joan Langdon and Philip Martin are mentioned

Summary by Steve