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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 140

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 27/09/85, BBC One: 14/05/87, UK Gold: 14/05/93

George wakes up in hospital
Des tells Eileen that George has been in an accident
Max continues his feud with Danny's French teacher
Max is furious when Danny misses an important work call

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane tells Danny that he just needs to wait for Max to calm down, then they can talk about things. Danny says that he's tried talking to Max before, and it never gets him anywhere, as they just can't communicate with each other. Shane then offers to have a word with Max instead, and complains as Danny leaves his dirty dishes in the kitchen, saying that he isn't supposed to be doing the washing-up until next week. Danny says that he'll do them after school, and quickly leaves, saying nothing to Max as they pass each other.

Ramsay Street: Scott catches up with Danny so they can walk to school together, and tells him that he's decided to become a writer, and he's going to write Bess's biography. Danny isn't too impressed, and says that he had another fight with Max last night. Scott suggests that they should try talking, instead of yelling, and asks Danny if he wants to go to the sports oval after school. Danny says that he'll have housework to do, and then tells Scott that Max is planning to phone Miss Drew, to tell her how French should be taught. Scott thinks that Max might calm down when he actually meets Miss Drew, but Danny says that she's too young for him, and they then start to make up a limerick about Max and Miss Drew.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is making a fry-up, and calls Shane in for breakfast. Shane is surprised to find Max in a good mood, and mentions that it was very unfair to come down so hard on Danny, and besides, Jerry called back so it all worked out OK in the end. Max agrees, and says that Danny knows that he doesn't really mean it - Shane isn't so sure, and thinks that Danny is really starting to believe that he's useless, and if it carries on, it'll affect the rest of his life. He points out that Danny's school marks are already suffering, and Max just seems to be burying his head in the sand. Max isn't sure what he can do, but Shane says that he needs to stop playing favourites, as he comes down very hard on Danny for every little thing. Max reminds Shane that Danny does seem to attract trouble, and he can't just ignore it. Shane says that Max has always ignored Danny's strengths and focussed on his weaknesses, and he wonders if Max has known all along that Danny isn't his son, and that's why he's treated him like this. Max says that Shane's got it all wrong, and that he agreed to look after Danny because he's so scared of losing him. Shane suggests that Max needs to tell that to Danny, but Max just doesn't know how to say it.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is looking at a sketch of Bess - Jim asks her if it's going into the exhibition, but Helen explains that she's using it as the basis for an oil painting. She talks about what a fascinating woman Bess is, and says that she wishes that Jim would patch up his differences with her, before it's too late. Jim thinks she's being morbid, but Helen says that she's just being realistic, and that the relationship between a parent and their child is one of the best in life. Jim doesn't want to discuss it any further, however, and he leaves for work.

High School: Danny is telling Scott about his day, and the problems he's having with various teachers. He says that Miss Drew seemed to suddenly hate Max even more when she found out that he was a plumber, and he also says that Mr Dean, the maths teacher, got annoyed because he didn't hand any work in. He tells Scott that he couldn't be bothered doing it, as he knows he would have messed it up. Scott wonders why Danny is feeling so sorry for himself, but then a car pulls up in front of them. The kid driving, Leo, tells a couple of other kids to come for a ride. They get in, and he asks Scott and Danny if they're coming too - Scott looks disapproving, but Danny decides to get in, and the car drives off.

Street: Leo parks the car and the four boys get out. Danny says that he can't just leave it there, before realising that it's stolen. Leo asks Danny if he's scared, and warns him against going to the police or telling his dad. Danny insists that he wouldn't do that, as he's used to this kind of thing anyway - Leo says that, if Danny's used to it, he can steal the next car. Danny makes no firm commitment to do it, and says that it's not very smart for them all to be hanging around a stolen car, before walking off.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 24 Garden: Scott has been telling Shane about what happened, and Shane says that Max is going to have a word with Danny later and hopefully put an end to all these problems - though he won't hold his breath. Danny then walks up the driveway - Scott asks him when Leo got his own car, but Danny just tells Scott to grow up and he goes inside. This confirms to Shane and Scott that the car was stolen. Shane doesn't think that Danny's a bad kid, he just seems to be trying to act like one, and he goes inside to have a word with his little brother.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane asks Danny if he's forgotten about the last time he got mixed up with the police, but Danny says that it's none of Shane's business. Danny admits that he didn't know that the car was stolen, until it was too late - Shane says that he's worried about the direction Danny is going in, and the way he's taking out his frustrations about Max on everyone else. Danny says that none of them really care, so why don't they just leave him alone to mess up his own life - but Shane tells him that they do care and they want to help, but Danny doesn't seem to want to help himself. He tells Danny that he isn't the no-hoper he believes himself to be, he's just a normal person who isn't always perfect. Danny realises that he's right.

No 26 - Lounge: Max is sharing his Danny problems with Jim and Scott - Jim tells him that things will work themselves out sooner or later. He says that, if Helen continues seeing Douglas Blake, then soon enough they'll be in similar situations, although at least the Robinsons will still have Julie to take care of them. Helen calls Jim for some help with something, and Scott is beginning to tell Max how unhappy Danny is, but they're interrupted by Douglas knocking at the door. Max introduces himself, and reminds Douglas about the plumbing work he did for him earlier in the year - Max then also apologises for the mix-up, thinking Amanda was his wife and not his sister. Douglas accepts the apology, and tells Helen that she's lucky to have people who care about her so much. He says that, instead of looking at galleries, he'd had an idea about something else they could do, and they leave. Max then tells Jim that he should probably start reading a few cookbooks, as by the look of Helen at the moment, it might not be long before she's moving out.

Ramsay Street: Douglas and Helen walk down to his car, and she wants to know more about the big surprise. He admits that he might have exaggerated a little bit, and says that he just thought that they could forget about art for the evening, and get to know each other better. She gets into the car and asks where they're going - he admits that he hadn't thought that far ahead, but suggests a walk by the river, or a coffee somewhere. Helen suggests hang-gliding, but Douglas quickly realises that she's joking, and they agree to have a walk by the river. Douglas tells her that she's a very special woman.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim and Max are chatting about Shane's job, and Max wonders how much longer Shane will be able to stick it out, as he doesn't enjoy bowing and scraping to rich people. Max doesn't think that Shane is particularly ambitious, and he wonders if he messed him up with the diving, but Jim says that Max worries too much, and the boys will both find their feet eventually. Scott says that it's difficult to figure out what you want to do in life, and he talks about his ambitions to write biographies. Danny then arrives, surprised to find that Max is there, and they start to argue about Max's attempts to argue with Miss Drew. Scott then tells Max the limerick that they made up earlier - Max thinks it's hilarious and they go to write it down, with Max telling Danny that he'll cook tonight. Max then tells Jim that he's very glad that Danny has Scott for a mate, as it stops him from going too wild.

. . .

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott is showing Danny all of the papers he needs to sort through, before he can even start Bess's biography. Danny thinks that it seems like a lot of work, but Scott says that it'll be worth it. Danny then asks Scott if he thinks he's an idiot for getting in that car earlier - Scott confirms that he does, and Danny says that he won't be getting involved with Leo Watkins or his mates again.

No 26 - Lounge: Later, Jim is sitting on the couch, enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, when Bess arrives with some more of her papers for Scott. She says that she's very pleased to see Scott aiming for a career in journalism, and she's just sorry that she won't be around to help. Jim thinks that Scott will make it on his own, and Bess says that he must be very proud of his family. He says that he is, and that he wouldn't have missed a moment of them all growing up - Bess tells him that he's a lot like his father, and that she's always been sorry that Jim wasn't old enough to know him before he did. Jim wonders out loud if that would have made any difference.

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Danny isn't very good at using the typewriter, and Scott shows him how to do it - Danny suspects that it's going to take Scott a long time to write a whole book on it. Bess then comes in, Scott introduces her to Danny and she hands over the rest of her papers. She apologises to Scott for the volume of things he has to sort through, but he says that he's enjoying it, and she leaves Scott and Danny to start sorting.

No 26 - Lounge: Bess returns from the bedroom, and tells Jim that she needs to get back to the motel and start packing. Jim's surprised that she's going so soon, but she reminds him that she could never stay in one place for long. Jim wishes that she would settle down and find a flat nearby, but she says that she'd be miserable - she loves her nomadic lifestyle and she doubts that will ever change. She points out that she could never live a life like Jim's, any more than he could live one like hers, but they're both happy and that's all that matters.

. . .

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott and Danny are looking through the papers, amused by some of the photographs, when Danny finds a letter and asks why Scott didn't tell him about it. Scott doesn't know what Danny is talking about - he hands over the letter and Scott reads it and looks shocked.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: June Salter as Bess Robinson, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Robert Korosy as Leo Watkins

Trivia Notes
Robert Korosy, who plays Leo in this episode, would return in 1986 as Gerry Butler
Past character Maria Ramsay is mentioned
The registration number of the stolen car is IBL 357

Summary by Steve