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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 141

Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 30/09/85, BBC One: 15/05/87, UK Gold: 17/05/93

Douglas and Helen decide to forget work and go on a date
Danny is surprised by the content of a letter amongst Bess's things

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott looks at the letter, and Danny asks why he never told him that Bess was dying. Scott can't believe it, and wonders why she didn't say anything to anyone. Danny says that he's really sorry, and wonders if they should just pretend that they haven't seen it. Scott realises that won't work, and Danny says that they'll have to return the letter to her - Scott realises that he'll have to tell Bess what he knows.

No 26 - Lounge: Bess and Jim are still arguing about her nomadic lifestyle, when Scott comes in, trying to keep himself composed. Danny leaves, as Scott asks Bess if he can have a word. They're interrupted by Lucy, closely followed by Julie - Lucy wants some help with her computer programming homework, and Bess says that, although she likes anything new, she feels that she's a bit too old for computers. Scott then says that it's urgent, and asks Bess if they can talk in private.

. . .

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott hands the letter to Bess, and asks her if it's true. She's surprised, as she didn't realise that the letter was amongst her papers, and says that she didn't want anyone to find out. He asks why she isn't in hospital, or getting treatment, but Bess explains that she still has so many things to do, and she doesn't want to waste the time she has. Scott says that he's only just gotten to know her and he doesn't want to lose her - she hugs him, and says that nobody can live forever, and regrets are only for people who've wasted their lives, which she doesn't think she's done. Scott asks why she hasn't told anyone, and she explains that she doesn't want people creeping around and feeling sorry for her. She asks Scott to promise that he won't tell anyone, not even Jim. He doesn't think it's right, but agrees to it, and they hug again. She then quickly changes the subject and starts looking at some of her old photos, telling Scott about her travels. She suggests having a slide night, and Scott loves the idea and takes Bess into the lounge to see if everyone else is interested.

No 26 - Lounge: Scott tells Jim about the slides and suggests looking at them that evening, but Jim is tired and Julie is going out. Scott becomes upset, as Helen comes in and asks what all the fuss is about. Scott is annoyed that nobody can be bothered and says that they'll just keep putting it off, but then they all agree on the following evening. Bess leaves to walk back to her motel, and Helen goes to start dinner, as Jim tells Scott that he wants to talk to him. Jim says that it's rude to push people into doing things when they don't want to, and Bess was clearly uncomfortable with the slide night idea. Scott says that he cares about Bess, and Jim clearly doesn't want her around. Jim tells Scott that he isn't interested in the slides, and can think of far more interesting things to do, and points out that Bess has never been interested in his life, so why should be he interested in hers. Scott then shouts that Jim has never done anything interesting and he's just jealous, before storming out of the room.

Ramsay Street: Scott meets Danny outside his house, to walk to school, and says that Bess wants to keep it all a secret, because she doesn't want everyone feeling sorry for her. Danny understands that, but Scott doesn't, and thinks that Jim would be behaving differently towards his mum if he knew the truth. Scott then runs over to see Paul at number 30, with Danny following.

No 30 - Kitchen: Paul is underwhelmed with his breakfast, but Terry says that she never claimed to be able to cook. Scott and Danny then arrive, and Scott invites Paul and Terry over for Bess's slide night. Terry accepts, and the boys then quickly leave as Paul and Terry start getting romantic - but Paul then breaks the mood by suggesting that they go out for breakfast.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Julie and Helen watch as Helen's art display is taken down at the bank, and Julie asks her gran if she knows what's wrong with Scott. She suspects that Scott is annoyed about the way Jim has been treating Bess, but Helen says that Scott is entitled to his opinion - though Julie thinks that her brother doesn't have to be quite so rude about it. Helen is surprised to notice that her self-portrait has a red sticker on it, and wonders who bought it, before Douglas arrives and says it was him. Julie gets back to work, and Helen insists that Douglas take the picture as a gift. He tells her that he wants to pay for it, but she can try to convince him otherwise over a cup of coffee.

Cafe Caprice - Exterior: Helen and Douglas sit outside the cafe and he admits that he wants the picture as it reminds him of his late wife a little bit. He says that he misses her very much, but he mustn't keep on looking back, as it spoils the present as well as the future. Helen understands, and says that he must accept it as a gift and she won't take no for an answer. She says that it also means that she can accept his help without feeling guilty. Douglas then admits that he's struggling to find a suitable gallery, as they're all either booked up or charging too much. Helen realises that they may have to cancel the whole thing, and says that she doesn't mind, as she was mostly doing it to please the family. Douglas realises that she's putting on a brave face, and says that he wants to do this for her, as she deserves it. They both then agree that there's more to life than exhibitions.

No 26 - Lounge: Later, Helen is painting Bess's portrait, and Bess wonders why Helen is being so secretive about Douglas. Helen admits that he's nice, and she's going to see how things go. She wonders how different her life might have been, had she not moved in with Jim and the children, but tells Bess that she doesn't regret a moment of it. Scott then arrives home, and Helen goes to the kitchen - Scott then asks Bess again if she'll time Jim that she's dying, as he deserves to know, but she refuses to say anything.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny is making a sandwich, and doing a bad job of slicing some bread, when Scott calls by. Scott says that Danny's the only person he can talk to about this, and explains that Bess won't let him tell Jim. Danny asks what he's going to do - Scott says that he feels like telling Jim anyway, as he deserves to know. Danny says that it's Bess's decision, even if Scott thinks it's wrong, and he can't let her down. Scott thinks that Danny might be right, but admits that he doesn't feel like he knows anything anymore.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is asking Bess about her thesis on anthropology, and asks what she'll do once it's complete. Bess stops briefly, then jokes that she's thinking about taking up athletics. Helen admits that it wouldn't surprise her, and says that she wishes she could do the things that Bess does, but she feels too old. Scott then comes in, looking for the projector, and Helen tells him that it's in Jim's wardrobe. Bess admits that she once thought about slowing down, but it only lasted a minute, as she's seen too many interesting people become boring just like that. She goes into the lounge with a tray of tea things, and starts to help Scott with the projector. Lucy then comes in and gets in the way, and knocks Bess onto the sofa. Scott gets very angry with Lucy and sends her away, and Bess warns Scott that he shouldn't be taking this out on his sister. Bess says that she's not about to collapse into pieces and he doesn't need to be so overprotective, but she thanks him for caring so much.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Later, the slide night is continuing, and Bess is showing the family some pictures of her time in Tibet. She then shows one of Western China, with some people being taken for execution, and Bess says that she was there when Jim was around 4 years old. Lucy asks Jim if he went with Bess, but he says that he was probably farmed off to Aunt Daisy as usual. Another slide then pops up of Jim as baby, and Lucy asks Bess if she was away a lot. She admits that she was, and this then sparks a debate about whether a mother should be away from their child that much. Julie and Paul both think that they shouldn't be apart that much, though Helen points out that most mothers don't have the pressure of a career. Terry says that she doesn't want kids anyway, and she and Paul start to argue about it, until Helen points out that this probably isn't the time for such a discussion. They then leave, and Jim says that Paul's got a problem there. Bess says that it's Terry's problem too, as she shouldn't be forced to have a family if she doesn't want one. Lucy then declares that she doesn't want children, and if she does have them, she'll have a career too. Julie wonders if that's good for the child, and Bess says that Jim didn't miss out on anything, or feel neglected - Jim then admits that he did feel neglected, as well as unwanted and unloved, thanks to Bess's career.

No 30 - Lounge: Paul can't believe that Terry made such a big announcement in front of everyone, without mentioning it to him first. She apologises, but says that she doesn't see it as all that important. Paul, however, tells her that he wants a son to carry on his name - Terry asks what would happen if they had a girl, and Paul tells her that they'd try again. Terry then becomes upset, and says that her father wanted a boy, and never forgave her for not being one. She says that she only became a plumber in some twisted attempt to please her dad. Paul starts to get angry that they're only discussing these things now that they're married, and Terry is about to storm out, but Paul stops her and says that he loves her. She tells him that she hates fighting all the time, and they decide to go out for supper.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim is telling Bess how much he always envied his friends with their normal mothers and families, when he never knew who he'd be staying with from one day to the next. Bess is shocked that he's never told her, but Jim says that he never wanted an adventuress for a mother. Bess says that he never wanted for anything, and he was spoilt. Bess thinks that he disliked it because it wasn't what was expected, but it didn't do him any real harm. Jim declares that they'll never understand each other, and he says that he can't be bothered to try anymore.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: June Salter as Bess Robinson, James Condon as Douglas Blake

Trivia Notes
Robert Korosy, who plays Leo in this episode, would return in 1986 as Gerry Butler
Past character Maria Ramsay is mentioned
The registration number of the stolen car is IBL 357

Summary by Steve