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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 142

Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 01/10/85, BBC One: 18/05/87, UK Gold: 18/05/93

Scott again asks Bess to tell Jim that she's dying, but she refuses
Helen and Douglas grow closer
Jim finally tells Bess how much he resents her

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen asks Jim if he's apologised to Bess, and says that she was very upset last night and has decided to leave town as soon as possible. Jim doesn't think that he has anything to apologise for, believing that it was about time that those things were said. Helen, however, believes that he simply attacked Bess and now he's being self-righteous about it. Jim says that he meant everything he said and he won't take it back, and he wishes that Bess could have been more like Anne as a mother. Helen says that Anne was a natural homemaker, but Bess wasn't and she was already a famous and established journalist when she married Jim's father, and she couldn't simply change who she was. Jim takes her point and says he'll talk to his mum again, next time she's in town. Helen thinks that now would be a better time, but Jim says that he's leaving for a couple of days, on a last-minute business trip. He goes to get ready, passing Scott in the doorway. Scott is in a terrible mood, talking about giving up on the biography now that Bess is leaving. Helen says that Bess will be back one day, but Scott isn't so sure, and says that he'll never forgive Jim for driving her away.

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Scott rushes into his room. He picks up some of Bess's papers but can't bring himself to look at them, and then lies down on the bed, in tears.

. . .

No 26: Helen is worried about Scott, but Jim says that Bess is leaving because she wants to, and she'll come back when she wants to, so there's no point in discussing it. He goes to leave for work, but Helen accuses him of running away from the problem, as it's become too big for him to deal with. She says that Bess didn't realise how Jim felt, and suggests that he try to fix this before Bess leaves and things drag on. Jim makes no promises, saying that it's gone on for this long, so a little longer won't hurt.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane suggests that he could give Danny a driving lesson after school - Danny thinks he's going to get to drive the Mercedes that Shane drives for work, but Shane says that they might be better off borrowing Max's van. As Max walks in, Shane asks him, and Max agrees to it with no arguments. He then goes off looking for the newspaper, and Danny says that Max seems to be becoming more and more human every day.

Ramsay Street: Terry is seeing off Paul as he leaves for work, and he says that he'll see her the following evening. Shane then offers him a lift into the city in the Mercedes.

No 24 - Kitchen/High School: Danny is rushing around, late for school, and once he's gone, Max makes a call to the school, asking to speak to Miss Drew. She answers, and he asks if she thinks it's funny to call him names like 'fat frog', but she says that it's about as funny as him doing Danny's homework for him. She says that they encourage parents to supervise their children's homework, not cheat. He demands that she remark the essay, as his French is better than hers, but she explains that she got her degree in Paris. Max says that he learnt French from a Czechoslovakian - 'and you can't get more foreign than that'. He thinks that she's just being rude because he's a plumber and she thinks he's stupid, but Miss Drew says that she's yet to meet an honest plumber, who could do something simple like fix a drainpipe and not charge a ridiculous price for it. Max says that he could easily do that, and she tells him that, in that case, he can leave the running of the French department to her. They both hang up, furious.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is going through her paint supplies, when Terry calls by to apologise for her argument with Paul the previous night. Helen insists that it was the least of their problems - the stars must have been badly aligned, as it wasn't the only argument of the evening. Terry says that she should have thought before opening her mouth, and says that she'll probably want children in a couple of years - Helen tells her to be certain it's what she wants, and not just Paul pushing her into it. Terry then asks Helen if she'd like to go into town later for some lunch and window shopping. Helen thinks it sounds like a lovely idea, but then Douglas calls with some important news, and she has to cancel. Terry is understanding, as Helen says that Douglas thinks he's found the perfect gallery, so the exhibition could be going ahead after all.

Ramsay Street: Charles Durham purposefully walks towards number 30.

No 30 - Lounge: Terry is doing some cleaning when there's a knock at the door. She opens it, with the chain on, and Charles asks if he can come inside. Terry won't allow him in, and she says that as long as she has the tape, he can't do anything to her. He says that's true, and tells her to let him in, which she does. He tells her how much danger she's putting them both in by hanging on to that tape, but Terry reminds him that he's always known about it and said he couldn't care less. He tells her that things have changed recently, and that Robert will kill them both if he finds out that it even exists. Terry reminds Charles that he's the one who opened his big mouth, and that she didn't say or do anything. Charles tells her that Robert is killing people for far less, and that they'll both lose everything, including their lives, if he finds out. He leaves, telling her that he isn't going to give up.

Cafe Caprice - Exterior: Helen and Douglas sit down outside the cafe, and order some coffees. Helen tells Douglas that the gallery is perfect - he explains that the owner is a friend of a friend, and she's been getting very involved in nurturing new artists recently. Helen is surprised that anyone would want to help anyone as insignificant as her, but Douglas tells her not to undersell herself, and says that now he needs to work on the publicity, refusing Helen's offer of financial help. She says that he's very persuasive, and then he invites her for a picnic in the country. She tells him that it'll have to wait a few days, until Bess leaves town. Douglas comments that Jim must be very proud of his mother - Helen simply says that yes, he should be.

Edward Wingram's Office: Bess is signing some documents, and Edward says that he can't quite believe the news, and he's going to miss her very much. She tries to play it down, and says that they've both lived long and happy lives, and can't expect more than that - Edward says it'll be a greyer world without her in it. She then hands over a box containing Jim's father's war medals, saying that she wants them to go to Jim. She takes out her war correspondance badge, intending to give it to Scott, as he's the only one likely to follow in her footsteps. Edward is surprised to hear that her family is so conservative, and that Jim sees her as a disappointment, and tries to comfort her - he tells her that she's just being maudlin, but Bess says that she didn't realise how unhappy he was for all these years, and can't forgive herself for that.

. . .

No 26 - Scott's Bedroom: Danny is complaining about Miss Drew being particularly hard on him today, but Scott is barely listening, worried about the situation with his dad and Bess. Scott says that he can't let Bess leave without Jim knowing the truth, and Danny points out that, whatever he does, he'll be letting someone down. Bess then appears in the doorway, and Danny quickly excuses himself, explaining that he has a driving lesson. Once alone, Bess gives Scott her badge, saying that she hopes it brings him lots of luck. He wishes that she didn't have to give it away, but she then asks about the book - Scott asks her if she can stay a bit longer and help him with it. Bess says that she should leave now, but Scott blames Jim for everything. Bess points out that she was never planning to stay for too long, and her instinct says that now's the time to go. Scott becomes upset at the thought of never seeing her again, and hugs her, asking her to stay for dinner. She won't stay, but agrees to have a farewell dinner with the family before she goes.

Ramsay Street: Danny is putting on the L plates and preparing for his lesson, when Shane's car phone in the Mercedes starts ringing. He finds out that he's needed at the office, so he has to cancel the lesson. He rushes off, telling Danny to lock up Max's van. As Shane drives away, Danny removes the keys from the ignition, then puts them back in and smiles to himself.

Ramsay Street: Max is walking home in the rain a bit later, and he notices some serious damage to one side of the van.

No 24/High School: Max rushes into the house, shouting out Danny's name, but the phone is ringing. He answers and it's Kate Drew, who wants to call a truce with him. She says that she'll remark the essay, if he agrees to fix the knocks in her drainpipes. Max thinks about it, and then agrees, and they both hang up. Max laughs to himself, then starts shouting Danny's name again.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Danny is in the Robinson kitchen, and Scott is saying that although he's still upset about Bess, he isn't angry like he was before. He says that they're having a farewell dinner, and he's hoping that Bess will tell Jim the truth. Jim then comes in, looking for an important work folder, and sends Scott off to his room to look for it. At the same time, Max comes in the back door, and Danny asks him what's wrong. Max starts to rant at him, but then Jim overhears - he apologises to Max for the damage to the van, and explains that he had to swerve the car to avoid Basil, but is happy to pay for any damage. Max realises that he was wrong and offers to help Danny go through the road rules, after he's cooked them some tea. They leave, and Jim is still looking for the folder. He asks Scott if he's seen a brown suitcase, and Scott thinks that it's over at Paul and Terry's. Jim explains that he's going on a business trip, and Scott quickly tells him that he'll have to put it off. Scott explains about the farewell dinner for Bess, and is very upset as Jim says that he won't be there.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: Suzanne Lobez as Kate Drew, June Salter as Bess Robinson, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Geoffrey Pullan as Edward Wingram

Trivia Notes
The gallery owner is named Elizabeth James
None of the guest characters were credited for this episode

Summary by Steve