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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 148

Written by John Smythe, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 09/10/85, BBC One: 27/05/87, UK Gold: 26/05/93

Terry won't tell Daphne where she's stashed the tape
Eileen is furious with Max for his behaviour in front of George
Julie introduces herself to Michael and Debbie
Eileen is annoyed to learn that Sarah will be staying on at Des's place
Paul manages to upset Michael and Debbie
Daphne tells Des to choose between her and Sarah

No 28/No 30: Daphne says that she's serious about her ultimatum, and explains that he, Sarah and Eileen are all as bad as each other and she's sick of it. Des tells her that she's being irrational and they'll talk later when she's calmed down. She then goes to make a phone call. At number 30, Terry answers the phone, and Daphne asks her if she's given the tape to Charles yet. Terry manages to get rid of Paul, before continuing the conversation - Daphne asks her if her life with Paul is important to her, and why she doesn't just hand over the tape. Terry says that it's her only insurance, and that Daphne has no idea what Charles is capable of. Daphne asks why Terry doesn't just take the tape to the police, but Terry explains that if she did that, then she'd end up in prison too - and she just wants to put the past behind her now.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is drawing a charcoal sketch of her own foot, when Daphne calls by for a chat. She asks what Helen would do if a friend was behaving in a way that would put them in danger - Helen says that, assuming it's an adult, all Daphne can do is offer her advice and allow that person to make up their own mind. Helen assumes that Daphne is just being dramatic about her living arrangements, and tells her just to be patient. Daphne then asks Helen about her exhibition plans, and Helen invites her to come to the gallery tomorrow for a look around. Daphne accepts, and says that she has visions of a wedding in the gallery, with the bride surrounded by her own work. Helen pretends to have no idea what Daphne is talking about, and insists that she's given no thought to it.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Daphne calls by to visit Des - he asks why she wasn't at breakfast, and she admits that she's already sick of Sarah's perfect table settings. She suggests that it might help if Sarah had a boyfriend, and Des walks off, looking thoughtful. Shane and Paul then come in, telling Daphne about their game of squash, and completely ignoring a customer behind them who actually wants to use the bank's facilities. Across the room, Des broaches the subject of Sarah moving out - she says that she actually had another offer this morning, and she goes off to make a call. Des then approaches employee Joe (at first incorrectly calling him Colin) and asks if he'd like to take Sarah out on a date. Joe doesn't look entirely happy with the idea.

Ramsay Street: Paul parks the car, and he, Shane and Daphne get out. As Paul starts taking his shopping inside, Shane asks Daphne how things are going with Sarah - Daphne says that Sarah is a lot like Eileen, which is probably why they hate each other. She admits that she's thinking about moving out, and Shane says that he's thinking the same, since Eileen started work as the Ramsay housekeeper. He suggests that they should find a place together, but Daphne tells him that there's no way in the world that's happening, as she'd hate to ruin a good friendship.

Welsby General Hospital: Julie is still waiting for news on Philip - a nurse approaches her and says that there's no change in his condition, and that Julie should go home. She tells Julie to write down a contact number, and she'll call her if there's any change. Julie writes down a couple of telephone numbers, and the nurse tells her to go home and get some sleep - Julie leaves, but on her way tells the nurse that if Philip wakes up, he must be told that the children are alright.

No 28: Daphne is just starting to prepare a casserole, as a thank you to Paul for the lift home, when Sarah suddenly appears from the bedroom, carrying some of her things. Sarah tells Daphne that she's moving out, and that Daphne must be delighted, as now they'll rarely have to see each other at all. Daphne says that she'd still like them to part on good terms, but Sarah assumes that Daphne is just trying to alleviate her guilt. She says that she has to hurry, as she's doing this in her lunch hour, and she was quite worried about coming home during the day, as she saw Daphne leaving the bank with those two men and wondered what sort of thing she might be coming home to. A furious Daphne then says that she'll help and goes to get Sarah's things from the bathroom. Sarah then smashes a glass in the kitchen by accident, and breaks down in tears - she then notices that Daphne is watching, and quickly pulls herself together and leaves the room.

. . .

No 28: Sarah comes into the kitchen, looking for her egg cosies, and Daphne apologises to her. She says that she hasn't been very accommodating, and suggests that, if they don't judge or try to change each other, they might get along. Sarah wonders if it would really work, but Daphne says that they should give it a try, as their own small contribution to world peace. Sarah agrees, and Daphne says that Des will be very pleased that the egg cosies are staying. As Sarah goes to leave, Daphne asks her if she really had somewhere else to go, and Sarah admits that she didn't.

Pacific Bank: Julie is at the bank, having just taken some money from her account, and Des comes over to ask about Philip and the children. Julie admits that it hasn't really sunk in yet, and Des then explains that he's doing the rosters and there isn't going to be much cover, so he needs to know when Julie thinks she'll be back at work. Julie admits that she isn't sure that she's even going to come back to work, as someone has to look after the children, and Philip asked her. Des smiles, realising how much Julie still loves Philip, and she apologises to him about the rosters, and leaves.

No 30: Paul is lying on the couch, listening to music, when Julie knocks on the door. She asks if there've been any messages for her, and Paul explains that there haven't, and that Terry has taken the kids out for the afternoon. He then sits Julie down and gives her a shoulder tub, telling her how proud he is of her.

Pacific Bank: Des is very surprised as Sarah says that Daphne's changed her mind about the living arrangements. She goes on to say that she won't be home for dinner, as she's been asked out to a movie. She becomes highly offended as Des tells her to really 'knock him out' and show him what she's like out of uniform - he says that she needs to make an effort, as life's too short.

. . .

No 30: Daphne has called by with her casserole, and she, Paul and Terry are whispering, as Julie is asleep on the couch. Paul goes to check on the kids, and Terry takes Daphne into the kitchen - she says that she spotted Charles near the coffee shop the other day, and she thinks that he's been using Scott to get information about her. The phone then rings, and Paul rushes to answer it, but it wakes Julie. Paul tells her that it was the hospital, and that Philip is out of danger, and expected to make a full recovery. Terry takes Daphne back into the kitchen, and tells her that she's determined to fix the mess she's in, but she doesn't want to involve Paul.

No 28: Daphne arrives home to find Sarah preparing for her date - and using Daphne's make-up. Sarah says that she didn't think Daphne would mind, as she's always suggested that Sarah should 'paint her face'. Sarah asks for some help, but Daphne explains that she has to meet Helen now - though she gives Sarah a few tips before she goes. Just then, Des comes home and Sarah is annoyed and quickly gathers everything up and rushes off. Daphne then leaves, and Des is completely confused as he opens the fridge and finds cosies on the eggs.

No 26: Helen is looking everywhere for her keys, as Daphne arrives, apologising for being late and explaining that there was a crisis at home. As Helen finally finds her keys, Daphne explains that Sarah is quite strange, but she's doing her best to be tolerant of her.

No 28: Des is surprised when Sarah appears, having given herself a complete makeover. He asks if she's going to be able to see without her glasses, and she says that she can't see close up, but if they sit at the back of the cinema, she'll be fine. A car sounds its horn outside, and Des is surprised to see that it's Joe - Sarah sounds Des outside and tells him to get Joe to come to the door, like a proper gentleman.

. . .

Art Gallery - Exterior: Daphne and Helen arrive outside the gallery, and Helen talks about how helpful Douglas has been, and how it's very prestigious to have her first exhibition at a place like this. As they walk through the gardens, Helen spots Audrey Gibbs, one of the owners, and introduces her to Daphne. She explains that she's come to show Daphne where the exhibition will be held, but Audrey explains that Mr Blake came in earlier and cancelled the exhibition. She apologises, saying that she thought Helen would have known all about it.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Steven Cross as Joe, Ruth Yaffe as Mrs Audrey Gibbs, Janine Mackay as Nurse

Trivia Notes
In the scene where Paul is lying on the couch at Number 30, he is listening to the Neighbours theme on his walkman
Steven Cross is credited as Colin/Joe for this episode, due to Des constantly calling him by the wrong name
Ruth Yaffe, who plays Audrey Gibbs in this episode, would return as Barb Connel in 1994 and as Sofia Cammeniti in 2007

Summary by Steve