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Magic Moments > 1985 > Michael's Arrival Episode 147

Written by Bill Searle, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 08/10/85, BBC One: 26/05/87, UK Gold: 25/05/93

Julie tells Helen that Philip's been in an accident and is in hospital... Julie is told that Loretta has just died... Philip tells Julie that he needs her help with looking after Michael and Debbie...

Julie agrees to help Philip, and comforts him as he worries about what a mess he's made of things. She tells him to focus on the children and the future, though Philip can't see a future for any of them. He worries about how they'll find out about their mother, so Julie agrees to tell them. Philip asks her to look after them, so she says that she'll go and pick them up in the morning - she holds Philip's hand and starts to cry.

. . .

. . .

Terry calls by number 28 for a visit, worried that it's a bit late to be turning up on their doorstep. Des invites her in, and she explains that she actually needs a word with Daphne, so Des heads off to bed. Daphne realises that it's about Charles, and suggests that Terry should tell Paul about all of this, but Terry says that she isn't strong enough, and she's worried about what Charles will do next. Daphne doesn't think that he'll cause any more trouble, and asks Terry why she doesn't just hand over the tape - Terry explains that it's her insurance, and when Daphne asks where it's stashed, Terry says that it's in the last place that Charles would think to look.

The next morning, in the Robinson kitchen, Julie wanders out, having had very little sleep. Jim and Helen both encourage her to sit down and take it easy for a little while, but she says that she hasn't got time, as Philip has asked her to go and collect his children. Helen thinks that's a good sign, but Julie says that he's still very ill, and she then asks Jim if it would be OK for her to bring Debbie and Michael back with her. Helen and Jim wonder why she needs to, and she explains that Loretta died last night. Helen comforts her granddaughter, who then rushes out of the house.

. . .

At number 24, there's a frosty atmosphere as Eileen serves breakfast to Max, and tells him that she hopes he's going to go to the bank and apologise to George. Max doesn't see what he has to apologise about, and calls George a pipsqueak. Eileen takes great offence at this, and takes Max's bowl of cornflakes before he's finished eating them. She starts to slam around the kitchen, as he pours himself another bowl, and then brings him some coffee. He asks if she's going to be like this all day, but she explains that, once she's cleaned up, she's going out. She then takes Max's second bowl of cornflakes over to the sink, and he starts pouring himself a third bowl.

Julie arrives at Mrs Finn's farm, where she explains that she's a friend of the Martins and has come to collect Debbie and Michael. Mrs Finn is quite annoyed, as she was only meant to have the children for the afternoon and they've been there all night. She talks about how unreliable Loretta has always been, but then Julie breaks the news about the car accident and Loretta's death. Mrs Finn is shocked, and Julie explains that she needs to tell the children what's happened, and take them back to her house in the city. Mrs Finn goes to gather up Debbie and Michael's belongings, as Julie walks over to where they're playing and introduces herself.

. . .

. . .

At the bank, Eileen is telling George that she's made her feelings perfectly clear where Max is concerned. George thinks that he's a very uncouth man and that Eileen should just quit her job as his housekeeper, but she says that she agreed to work for him for one month, so that it what she must do. Eileen is then surprised to see Sarah, commenting that it's unusual for anyone from her side of the family to be in town, and she is further surprised to hear that Sarah is planning to stay on at Des's place for more than the few days that were originally planned.

Terry is at number 26, where Helen has been telling her about what's happened to the Martin family. Terry thinks that this is going to be a lot for Julie to take on - Helen says that Julie is very good at coping with other people's problems, just not her own. Julie then comes in, with Debbie and Michael, and Terry introduces herself and Helen. Terry then takes the kids into the kitchen for a drink, and Helen tells Julie that everyone will do whatever they can to help. She suggests that Julie should eat or drink something, but Julie can't face it and talks about how upset the kids were when they found out. Terry then returns with the children and suggests that they come and stay at number 30, as she has lots of room and could use some company with Paul away. Julie is reluctant, but when she realises that Debbie and Michael are happy with the arrangement, she agrees to it and thanks Terry.

. . .

Julie is outside with the children. They're playing in the garden, and Debbie finds a caterpillar in the flowers. Terry brings out some sandwiches, but then Helen calls Julie to come inside for a moment.

Helen brings Julie into the house, telling her not to panic, but the hospital has just called and Philip's had a bit of a setback. Julie fears the worst and decides that she'll have to go down there, asking Helen to keep an eye on Debbie and Michael.

. . .

At the bank, Des and Sarah are arranging their lunch breaks, and he thanks her for bringing in the papers he forgot that morning. Sarah says that it's fine, but then mentions her little 'run-in' with Daphne earlier, who seemed to be implying that Sarah was plain and should tart herself up a bit. Des doesn't think that sounds like Daphne, and wonders if Sarah misunderstood, but she insists that Des doesn't just know when women are being bitchy to each other. They then head off for lunch, with Des telling Sarah that she looks fine without any face paint.

At number 30, Terry is reading a story to Michael and Debbie, as Paul comes in, surprised by the scene that greets him. Terry finishes the story and then introduces Paul, who isn't all that pleased when he finds out that Terry's looking after them. He barely lets her get a word in, as he rants about how he hardly ever gets an afternoon off, and then asks where the kids' mother is - Michael and Debbie start to cry, and Paul is mortified as Debbie says that her mother is dead.

. . .

At number 24, Max is sorting through a mountain of paperwork, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's George, and Max tries to get rid of him by saying that Eileen isn't there, but George explains that he's come to tell Max what a coarse and unpleasant man he is. Max is amused, but George continues to tell Max that he should appreciate having a fine woman like Eileen to look after him and that he needs to change his ways. Max asks him to keep his nose out of other people's business, but George says that this is his business, and that Eileen deserves much better. He then leaves, but says that he'll be forced to return if Max doesn't tone down his behaviour.

At the hospital, Julie is waiting anxiously, and wants to go and see Philip when the nurse comes out of his room. She's told that she can't go in yet, and the nurse suggests that Julie should go home and get some rest. Julie, however, says that she's not going anywhere until they get sick of her and let her see Philip.

. . .

At number 28, Des is making a sandwich, as Paul calls by. He tells Des about the Martin kids and he behaved like a bit of a jerk, but he thinks that Terry is handling it all very well, which has surprised him. Des says that kids can often bring out surprising sides to people's personalities, and Paul asks him if he still thinks about Joan and her kids. He admits that he does, every day, and Paul says that one day he'll look back on his bachelor days with fondness, when he has a house full of kids running around. Sarah then appears, laying doilies on the back of the couch and telling Des not to ruin his appetite, as she's cooking later. Des introduces Paul to Sarah, and explains that she's staying until she finds her feet in the city. Paul jokingly suggests that Eileen would be perfect to show Sarah around, but Sarah takes great offence and leaves. Des tells Paul that he has no idea what he's just said.

Eileen bursts into the Ramsay house, cleaning as she goes and telling Max that she'll make his tea, but Danny and Shane will have to have theirs cold. She says that Max is lucky that she's there at all, but he asks her not to send her boyfriend around to have a go at him. Eileen is pleased that George did that, as it was about time that somebody put Max in his place. Max calls George a ponce, and a furious Eileen storms out, saying that she's going to see Des.

. . .

At number 28, Des, Daphne and Sarah are watching a documentary and finishing a bag of M&Ms, but Sarah is bored of the programme, and Des agrees with her. Daphne is outvoted, so Sarah is about to put some music on, when Eileen arrives. Eileen complains about Max, but Sarah suspects that the feeling is mutual, and then says that she's going to bed. Eileen says that Sarah lacks civility, like the rest of the Richards family, but Des points out that Eileen hasn't seen the girl in years, and is just basing her opinion on her dislike of Sarah's mother. Eileen says that she can't help her dislike, but at least Sarah won't be around for long - Des, however, says that he's thinking about asking Sarah to stay, much to Eileen's horror and Daphne's surprise. Eileen tells Des that he will live to regret it, and promptly leaves. Daphne then checks whether Des was joking - and tells him that if Sarah is staying, then she's going.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Katrina McEwan as Debbie Martin, Samuel Hammington as Michael Martin, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Shirley Heriot as Mrs Finn

Trivia Notes
First appearance of the character Michael Martin. After his two appearances in 1985, the character would return as both a regular and for several guest stints in the 1990s, with Troy Beckwith taking over the role
This episode also sees the character of Debbie Martin recast, the first character in Neighbours to be recast. Mandy Storvik previously played Debbie in episode 91, but now Katrina McEwan takes over the role
Katrina McEwan would return in the 1990s as Louise Barker
The nurse is uncredited
Past character Joan Langdon is mentioned

Summary by Steve