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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 149

Written by John Smythe, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 10/10/85, BBC One: 28/05/87, UK Gold: 27/05/93

Terry says that she can't go to the police about Charles, or she'll end up in prison too
Shane flirts with Daphne
Des tells Sarah to get dolled up for her date
Helen learns that Douglas has cancelled the exhibition

Art Gallery - Exterior: Helen is shocked, and Mrs Gibbs says that she hopes that she hasn't spoken out of turn. Helen goes inside to make a phone call - Mrs Gibbs chats to Daphne, and says that she was as surprised as Helen when Douglas cancelled, and a little disappointed, as the gallery has a very good reputation. Daphne admits that Helen felt very lucky to have her exhibition there, and she asks if Douglas gave a reason for the cancellation. Mrs Gibbs says that he was very charming, but he didn't say why he was doing it, and she just assumed it was Helen's decision. Daphne then asks if the gallery knew of Douglas, as he's supposed to be well-known in the art world - Mrs Gibbs says that the first she heard of him was when he came to show them Helen's work, though she doesn't really try to keep up with all the comings and goings in the art world. Helen then returns and says that she's left a message with Douglas's sister, for him to call her urgently. Helen thanks Mrs Gibbs for her help, and she and Daphne leave.

Park: Danny is telling Scott about how he was chatting to a girl about algebra, but when he said '3x' the teacher thought he said 'free sex' and he got into trouble for it. Another student, Ian, then comes by on his bike and asks Scott if he can put up a poster - advertising a talent quest - at Wally's coffee shop. Danny looks at the poster and starts thinking up band names, suggesting that this could be his and Scott's ticket to fame and fortune.

. . .

No 26: Daphne can't believe that Douglas went ahead and cancelled without even letting Helen know - but Helen thinks that there must be an explanation, as they've put so much time and effort into it. Daphne is beginning to worry, but then Douglas arrives at the door. Daphne asks if she should go, but Helen insists that she stay - Douglas asks what was so urgent, and Helen says that he must know. He still acts like he knows nothing, so she explains that she went to the gallery, and they said that he'd cancelled the exhibition. Douglas says that he was hoping to keep this from Helen until he'd found another gallery, and then explains that Mrs Gibbs' partner in the gallery, Naomi, wasn't too keen on Helen's work. Daphne looks completely unconvinced by the tale he's telling, but Helen slowly comes around to what he's telling her, and he insists that things will be fine once they find a gallery with the right chemistry. Scott then arrives home and goes straight to him room, and Daphne decides to leave. Helen sits down with Douglas, and he apologises for handling this situation so badly. Helen says that it's all made her realise that she's been approaching her exhibition quite unrealistically - painting has never been about money or ego for her, and it's not worth Douglas giving himself an ulcer for her to achieve success. He agrees that they can still be good friends, even without an exhibition.

No 30 - Kitchen: Daphne and Terry are doing some ironing, and Daphne is sharing her concerns about Douglas. Terry thinks that he might have been trying to spare Helen's feelings, but as Daphne continues to talk about it, Terry becomes distracted and almost irons a hole in a towel. She then says that she keeps thinking about how easily Charles could destroy her life, and she can't stand the thought of the Robinsons banishing her from their lives. She says that she has a plan, and she needs to get hold of the tape and then pass it on to a solicitor, with instructions to pass it on to the police if anything should happen to her. Daphne thinks it's a good idea, but asks where she fits into it.

No 30 - Lounge Room: Daphne is on the phone to Charles, arranging a date for Friday night - and she drops it into the conversation that Terry is throwing a party that night too. After she hangs up, Daphne asks Terry why there needs to be a party, and Terry explains that it's so that Charles will think she's otherwise occupied, and that there's nothing suspicious going on. She says that she'll claim that Daphne wasn't invited as they had an argument, and she'll make sure that Scott hears all about it, as that's where Charles is getting his information. Daphne doesn't look completely convinced.

No 24: Scott arrives so that he and Danny can practice their musical act, and Scott says that he's had a few ideas for lyrics, and thinks that they should get a girl to sing lead vocals. Danny performs a few lyrics of his own, about hating school and home, but Scott thinks that they should sing about something else, and that Danny shouldn't get his hopes up about this leading to fame and fortune. Danny says that he isn't stupid, and he knows that he won't be leaving school to become a rock star - Scott is confused, as he didn't mention anyone leaving school, but Danny quickly changes the subject back to the guitars.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is explaining that she isn't that bothered about the exhibition being cancelled, and to prove it, she's invited Douglas to dinner the following evening. Lucy wonders if she'll have to start calling his 'Grampa' now, but the awkward moment ends when Terry comes in. As Scott also comes in, she says that she's glad to have them all in one room, as she wants to throw a surprise party for Paul's birthday. Lucy suggests making it a joint engagement party for Helen and Douglas - and Helen sends her to her room to do homework. Scott decides to go and do some homework too, and whilst he's still in earshot, Terry tells Helen about her fight with Daphne. Once Scott has gone, Terry also mentions that Daphne was telling her about the exhibition, and said that there was something not right about the whole thing. Helen is furious, but Terry says that she'd expect little else from Daphne, as she's such a pain.

No 28: Daphne is on the phone to Terry, who's explaining her conversation with Helen. Daphne understands why she had to do it, and then Sarah arrives home. She says that the date was terrible, the film were verging on pornography and he had his hands all over her. Daphne says that at least he was upfront, and that Sarah needs to get used to that sort of thing from men, but she also needs to know where to draw the line. Sarah thinks that Daphne is suggesting that she led him on, and reminds her that she was the one who encouraged her to wear make-up and get dolled up, so this is all her fault.

No 28: The next morning, Sarah is still struggling without her glasses, and as Danny comes in the back door, she shouts at him to stop and tell her who he is. He mistakenly thinks that Des has moved in a new woman, and says it's about time, but she explains that she's the new tenant and she's Des's cousin. She becomes very irritated with Danny, as he says that he just came to visit Des or Daphne, but Sarah says that they've both gone out, and she won't have her privacy invaded by a scruffy teenager. Before she throws him out, however, Sarah asks Danny to help find her glasses.

No 26 - Kitchen: Daphne is admiring Lucy's drawing of Helen and Douglas - Helen then sends Lucy and Scott off to school. Daphne shows the drawing to Helen, and then mentions what she knows about Douglas - that she thinks he's lying about Naomi, Mrs Gibbs' partner in the gallery, not liking Helen's work. Helen becomes very defensive, and says that gossip like that can be very damaging.

. . .

Park: Lucy and her friend Nina are feeding the ducks, when Barbara comes over and starts chatting to Lucy again. Lucy tells her all about the surprise party, and that Daphne and Terry are very good friends, but they're fighting at the moment. Lucy even invites Barbara to the party, but Barbara says that she'll be busy that night. Nina then looks at her watch, and tells Lucy that they need to hurry to school.

No 26: That evening, after dinner, Douglas says that he should be going now, but tells Jim and Scott that he'll see them the following evening, at Paul's party. Helen sees Douglas to the door, where he asks if he can see her again tomorrow, before the party. She says that she's helping with the party, so it would have to be in the morning. Douglas arranges to come over first thing, and they can take Lucy to school and then see what happens.

No 28/No 30: Daphne is doing aerobics, and Danny is asking her for advice on costumes that he and Scott can wear in the talent quest. She suggests a Mad Max theme, but then Sarah walks in, and Danny quickly leaves. Sarah then remarks that Daphne shouldn't be carrying on like that in front of a man, but Daphne says that she'll be doing worse at her stripping job later, and Sarah is horrified. The phone then rings, and Daphne answers - it's Terry, but Daphne calls her 'lover boy' to get rid of an eavesdropping Sarah. Daphne says that it's nice to hear from Terry, as she was beginning to think that their argument was real. Terry is sorry about it all, but insists that it's for a good cause.

. . .

Charles Durham's House: Barbara passes on the information from Lucy, that Terry and Daphne are good friends, but they're fighting at the moment. Charles realises that they're up to something, and he needs to think about this carefully. Barbara says that he should just meet Daphne and see what happens, insisting that she wouldn't mind. Charles says that he'll go then, and he'll play their silly little game.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Ruth Yaffe as Mrs Audrey Gibbs, Alex Papps as Ian, Toni-Paula Briggs as Nina

Trivia Notes
Alex Papps, who plays Ian in this episode, would later return in 1987 as Greg Davis

Summary by Steve