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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 152

Written by Judy Nunn, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 15/10/85, BBC One: 02/06/87, UK Gold: 01/06/93

Daphne is shocked by the return of Harry Henderson
Daphne and Harry help Terry to escape from Charles Durham
The curtains collapse as Paul returns home to his surprise party
Max reverses his van into a police car

Cottage: Helen and Douglas have been looking around a cottage in the country, and she says that it's going to need a new kitchen and bathroom, and all new wiring. Douglas admits that he hasn't thought of that, and he's glad to have Helen's advice. She says that it's still a wonderful property, and a renovator's dream, and Douglas admits that he'd need some help, as his wife was always the decorator in the family. Helen offers her assistance, which Douglas admits would certainly help him to make the decision about buying the cottage. They walk back to the car, and Douglas tells her of his plans before lunch - Helen says that she wishes the day could go on forever, as it's so lovely to be out in the fresh air. Douglas says that it could go on forever, or at least for the weekend, if they found a guesthouse. Helen makes it clear that she isn't ready for anything more than friendship, but Douglas insists that his offer had no ulterior motive, so Helen agrees and says that she'll have to call Jim.

No 24: Max is furious that, after all his years of driving experience, some cop tells him that he can't park properly. Danny has a bit of a laugh at his dad's expense, after their earlier conversation about how Max is such a good driver, but Max threatens to take the repairs and fines out of his pocket money. Danny asks if the insurance will cover it, and Max says that he'll give them a call later. Danny offers to take his dad out to lunch, to cheer him up, and Max wonders where the money is coming from, but decides to go and get Jim too, and invite him along.

. . .

No 26: Max arrives, to find Scott listening to a recording of Max singing, and switches it off. He asks where Jim is, and is told that he's outside. Max wanders through to find Jim in the utility room - he tells him about the lunch invitation, but Jim suggests that they have a barbecue instead, as they have plenty of meat in the freezer. They make the arrangements, and then the phone rings - it's Helen. Jim says that he's pleased to hear that she's having a nice time, and that the family will survive without her for one night. Max remarks that he hopes Helen knows what she's getting herself into, and then leaves. Lucy asks her dad if she can take Basil for a walk, as she wants to see her friend, Barbara. She promises not to talk to any strangers, and then explains that a policeman came to the school yesterday to talk to them. Jim asks about Barbara, and Lucy says that she isn't from school, she's old - about 20! - and they're special friends. Jim allows his daughter to go, but tells her to be back in half an hour.

Park: Lucy meets with Barbara, and tells her about the barbecue, asking if she'd like to come. Barbara says that she's busy, and starts asking about Debbie and Michael, and whether they're still staying with Paul and Terry. Lucy explains that Paul and Terry have gone to the country for a picnic today, and then Barbara gives her a box of chocolates - Lucy says that she's glad that Barbara isn't a stranger, or she wouldn't be allowed to take the chocolates from her.

No 28: As Des eats a baked bean and mashed potato sandwich, Harry dances around the kitchen, telling him that he needs more fresh air and exercise. Des then decides to go out, reminding Harry that he still needs to find somewhere else to stay. Sarah then comes in and starts tidying up, and Harry tells her that she'd be a real stunner if she made more of an effort. She says that she doesn't want to be a stunner, and is then shocked when she comes across the aptitude tests for the bank job and sees that Danny Ramsay came out on top. She declares that he'll need to get a haircut if he's going to come and work at the bank.

Welsby General Hospital - Exterior: A nurse points Jim in the direction of Philip, who's sitting in a wheelchair in the hospital grounds. He says that Julie's just on her way out, and asks Philip if he needs anything, but he explains that Julie has everything covered. He admits that he doesn't know how he would have coped without her, and Jim then leaves, as Julie comes over. She tells Philip that the kids are inside in the playroom, but are looking forward to seeing him; Philip thanks her for everything.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Harry walks in, looking for Max, but Danny says that he's out. Harry explains that he was hoping to speak to him about help with somewhere to live - Danny thinks that Max could help him to find a bedsit, but Harry admits that he was thinking more of a house. He says that he'll come back later, but then remembers and congratulates Danny on the job at the bank. Danny is surprised and asks Harry what he knows - Harry says that a little bird told him that the job's his for the taking.

No 26 - Kitchen: As Julie walks in, Jim is annoyed that he forgot the take the meat out of the freezer. She tells him to put it in a bag and run it under hot water. Jim is worried that Lucy isn't home yet, and is beginning to regret suggesting the barbecue, when Julie asks him why he went to speak to Philip. Jim says that he wasn't interfering, and if Julie can't accept that, then maybe she isn't mature enough for a relationship. She asks that he just doesn't interfere in her life and allows her to make her own decision - Jim insists that he just wants what's best for her and Philip, and that she's still his little girl. Julie tells him that he just has to learn to trust her and allow her to make her own way.

No 28: Julie is visiting Des, but isn't saying much - Des asks about Philip, and then tells Julie to send his best wishes; Julie says that Des should give the message to Jim, as he's sure to pass it on. Des says that Julie is doing a great job looking after Philip and the kids, so it isn't any wonder that she's stressed, but he also understands Jim's concerns. Julie, however, thinks that all this should prove that she's mature enough to stand on her own two feet. She then hands over her resignation from the bank - Philip just wants to give her a leave of absence, but she says that she's made up her mind. She tells Des that she's planning to move in with Philip and the kids, to look after them, though she hasn't had the chance to tell her dad yet. She thinks that it's the best decision for everyone, but agrees that she'll talk it over with her family. She then asks Des again if he's going to accept her resignation.

. . .

No 24: Scott finds Danny doing some sums, working out his budget, but is surprised when he sees it, and asks Danny where he's suddenly going to get all this money from. Danny then tells Scott about his job at the Pacific Bank, making him promise not to tell anyone.

No 26: Max finds Jim struggling with the still half-frozen meat, and goes to get some tools that he thinks might help. Scott and Danny come in - Jim tells them not to say a word about the meat, but they offer to help by putting it in the microwave, just as Max returns with a saw and a chisel. Jim then decides to go and find Lucy, as she's been gone for ages.

Park: Barbara offers to give Lucy a lift home - Lucy starts talking about the party again, and says that there'll be some great music. Barbara suddenly asks if they play tapes or records, and Lucy says that her brother Scott has a great collection of tapes - Barbara asks if Paul and Terry have any tapes, but Lucy says that she doesn't think so, as all the tapes are at her house.

Barbara's Car: Lucy is worried when she hears that it's after 12pm, and says that her dad will be furious. As Barbara's car pulls into Ramsay Street, Jim is just walking down to the park, but he doesn't see them. Barbara stops the car outside number 26 and she asks about Jim, how strict he is and whether he goes out much. Lucy says that she's lucky as someone in her family is always there when she gets home. Barbara says that she'd like to meet Jim, and Lucy says that she'll bring him next time she goes to the park.

No 26: Lucy finds Scott and Danny listening to a tape, and says that she wants to hear the one of Max singing. Scott and Danny decide to go next-door to listen to their tape - with Scott telling Lucy not to mess with his tapes. Julie then asks Lucy where she's been - Lucy says that she was at the park, and Julie tells her that their dad's gone looking, so Lucy had better have a good excuse when he gets back.

Park: Jim approaches an old lady, who's sitting on a bench feeding the birds, and asks her if she's seen his daughter. After he describes Lucy, the lady says that she was here, but then she left. She also comments that Jim's wife is very pretty, and he asks what she means - she says that there was an older lady with a dog too, and they went off together.

. . .

No 26: Julie realises that she's going to have to go out and find Jim, as Lucy calls the Ramsay house to tell Danny and Scott that the barbecue is ready. Julie then asks Lucy to find some music and bring it outside - Lucy picks up Terry's tape and asks what's on it; Julie says that she has no idea, but to have a listen and bring it outside if it's suitable. Lucy then starts playing the tape, and is confused to hear a conversation between Charles and Terry, in which Charles is telling Terry that Robert shot some people to get rid of them...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: James Condon as Douglas Blake, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Helene Jacoby as Lady in Park

Trivia Notes
The guest characters were not credited for this episode

Summary by Steve