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Magic Moments > 1985 > Julie's Departure Episode 153

Written by Judy Nunn, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 16/10/85, BBC One: 03/06/87, UK Gold: 02/06/93

Sarah complains to Harry that Danny came out on top in the bank interviews. Julie complains to Des about her father not understanding her wanting to be with Philip. Danny tells Shane that a little bird has told him that he got the job at the bank. A woman in the park tells Jim that she saw “his wife” walking off with Lucy earlier. Lucy listens to the tape of Terry and Charles Durham talking about their crimes, then puts it away and runs off to tell Julie…

Barbara arrives back and tells Charles that she didn’t find the tape at Paul and Terry’s place – Terry doesn’t have any tapes, so she either has it with her, or it’s at the Robinson house. Barbara suspects that Terry might have taken it to a solicitor, but Charles doesn’t think she would do that yet. They then wonder if Daphne has it, but rule that out. Charles says that, if Terry does have it, then they’ll just have to get her to show them where it is…

. . .

At number 26, Lucy comes in and asks where her dad is. Scott says that he’s at the park, looking for Lucy and he’s going to be angry when he gets back. Scott then looks through the tapes and asks Lucy if she’s been listening to them, and she tells him about the strange tape she listened to earlier. Scott says that he doesn’t have time to listen to it, then Jim arrives home and tells Lucy that he’s been searching for her everywhere. She tries to tell him about the tape, but he says that he’s had about enough of her for one day, and to go and get washed up, as they’re going to the Ramsay house for a barbecue.

Lucy runs outside, tape in hand, and finds Basil in the garden. She starts complaining to him about how everyone is mad at her and won’t listen to her about the tape, which she drops on the ground as she hugs the door. Scott then comes and asks his sister to help carry some food over to the Ramsay house and she reluctantly goes, taking Basil with her, but leaving the tape on the grass.

. . .

Later on, Julie, Scott and Lucy are helping Jim to bring the plates back, complaining that the food wasn’t as good as Helen’s, and Jim reminds them all that Helen isn’t there right now. Julie then says that she’s going to visit Terry and Paul, and says that she wants to see all of the dishes cleaned by the time she gets back.

Julie arrives at number 30, interrupting her brother and his wife getting comfortable on the couch. She sits with them and explains that she had a fight with Jim and, although they’re being very civilized about it, she now needs to break some news to him and doesn’t know how. Terry tells her to practice on them, so she explains that she’s resigned from her job and is going to move in with Philip and the kids to look after them. Paul asks if Julie really means it, not impressed with his sister’s plan and says that Julie is giving up her life. She says that it’s what she wants to do, so Paul gives her his blessing. She says that she’s going to go and break the news to Philip now, but Paul is more interested in when she’s going to tell their father…

. . .

. . .

Julie walks into the kitchen of number 26 and finds her dad cleaning up. She says that she’s invited Paul and Terry over for dinner, then explains that they need to talk about something. Jim says that he wasn’t interfering when he went to see Philip, in fact, he likes the man. Julie says that she realises that now, and it’s good, because she’s going to move in with Philip and the kids. He says that it all sounds very organised, and Julie reminds him that it’s what she’s noted for. Jim tells her not to sell herself short, and says that’s very proud of the woman she’s turned into. She points out that he’s not losing a daughter, but gaining a whole new family, and they share a hug.

At the hospital, Julie, Debbie and Michael arrive to visit Philip. He says that they’re spoiling him with two visits in one day, and Julie explains that she has some news. Philip sends the kids off to look at the horses, so that they can talk. Julie then breaks the news that she’s going to move in with him and the kids. Philip is delighted and says that he’s lucky to have found her, but she hugs him and says that she’s the lucky one.

. . .

. . .

Douglas and Helen arrive at their country hotel and the lady at receptionist tells them that they’re in rooms 16 and 17, before handing them their keys. She asks if she can get them anything – the hotel does a very good Devonshire tea. Helen smiles, as it’s been years since she’s had one and asks if they have fresh strawberries. The lady explains that, normally, they do, but their delivery didn’t come from the farm today. She goes to get the tea, as Helen goes to use the payphone to call the family. Douglas tells her that they’re probably having a wonderful time without her, and to just enjoy her break.

At number 24, Eileen and George have finished dinner, and she fusses over him as he sits down on the couch. He says that he hardly sees her these days, now that she’s looking after the Ramsays, but she tells him that it’s a full-time job, though she never gets any thanks, not that she expects any. George is trying to tell her that his work with Pacific Bank is finished now and he’ll be moving on, but Eileen starts going on about Maria leaving with her fancy man and now Helen’s the same with Douglas Blake. She says that she could never trust a man who dresses like Douglas, so squeaky clean, and she prefers her man a little more rough around the edges – like George.

. . .

At number 26, Jim asks if anyone else wants coffee, before breaking the news to Lucy that it’s time for bed. She complains that it’s still too early, but Jim insists, so Lucy asks Terry to take her to bed. As she goes, Lucy says that Scott’s got some great tapes and he should play one of them, but nobody listens. Paul wonders how Helen is enjoying her trip, and says that it must be nice for her to get away from the family. Scott points out that Helen is finding the family a lot easier to cope with since Paul moved across the street, and says that Jim is coping fine on his own. Jim agrees, before realising that he’s left the coffee on the stove and running off to get it.

Charles Durham then calls number 30, just as Terry and Paul get back. They try to ignore it, but Paul tells Terry to answer. She picks up and Charles says that he knows that he can’t hurt her, but unless he gets that tape within 24 hours, somebody close to her is going to get hurt. Terry hangs up, lying to Paul that it was a wrong number, but looks extremely worried as she hugs her husband.

. . .

The next morning, Helen walks into the hotel restaurant for breakfast, but can’t see Douglas anywhere. The waitress shows Helen to a table and asks if she’d like to order. Helen says that she’d prefer to wait for Mr Blake, as he must be having a lie-in, but agrees to have a cup of coffee while she waits.

Terry is making breakfast and starts asking Paul if he’d like bacon or scrambled eggs done the way he likes, with cheese and chives, but he says that toast and tea are fine. She tells him that she just wants to look after him, and he asks for the marmalade. Terry brings it over, and Paul tells her that he likes looking after her, too, as she starts to look concerned.

. . .

Back at the hotel, the breakfast seating is almost over, and the waitress asks if she can get anything for Helen, who’s still alone. Helen turns her down, but is then joined by the lady from reception, who says that it was such a shame that Douglas had to pay the bill and rush off like that. Helen looks confused, but pretends to know what the woman is talking about, before standing up to leave. Just then, Douglas comes in, with a fresh bag of strawberries for her. He apologises for taking so long, and says that he has lots more food in the car, as he thought they could have a picnic on the way home.

Later that morning, Douglas and Helen are sitting at a picnic table amongst some trees, and Helen comments that it’s a beautiful place. Douglas admits that he doesn’t want the weekend to end as he’s enjoyed it so much. Helen apologises for thinking that he’d just walked out and left her and says that it made her realise how much she’s come to care for him. She admits that it’s been a long time since she’s felt this way, but Douglas says that he doesn’t want her to say anything she isn’t sure of. Helen says that she is sure, and she never thought she’d find anyone after Bill died.

. . .

At number 30, Paul tells Terry that he’s enjoying having her looking after him, but their conversation is interrupted by the phone. Paul runs to answer it, but Terry tells him not to, as it’ll just be Daphne, who said she’d call. Paul has already picked up the phone, but it’s work, asking him to fill in on a flight to Canberra, as somebody’s sick. As he goes to get changed, Terry seems relieved that her husband is out of the way, and says that she’ll just potter around in the garden now that she’s got the place to herself.

Douglas and Helen then arrive back, and Helen wonders if the family have been living on hamburgers and pizzas all weekend. They’re about to go inside when Eileen comes over and starts prying into whether Helen spent the weekend with Mr Blake. Helen finally snaps at Eileen, telling her that she’s full of self-righteousness but her views have absolutely no bearing on Helen’s choices or her happiness. Eileen slinks off as Helen goes inside with Douglas, looking rather pleased with herself.

. . .

Inside number 26, Jim is tidying up when he suddenly spots Helen and Douglas in the driveway and rushes around the room, putting things away, cleaning up plates and fluffing up cushions. Helen and Douglas walk in and Jim happily greets them, telling Helen that everything has run like clockwork. Douglas tells Jim that Helen had rather hoped that everything would fall apart without her, and would have been on the phone every five minutes if he hadn’t stopped her. Helen and Douglas sit down, and she starts talking about the guest house and their picnic on the way back, as Jim tells her that there were no problems at home. Helen says that she’s glad to hear that, as she may not be living there for much longer…

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: Katrina McEwan as Debbie Martin, Samuel Hammington as Michael Martin, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Alan Cassell as George Young, Unknown as Guest House Owner, Unknown as Waitress

Trivia Notes
• Final appearance of Vikki Blanche as Julie Robinson, after just seven months in the role. Christopher Milne (Philip), Katrina McEwan (Debbie) and Samuel Hammington (Michael) also depart in this episode, though the characters of Julie, Philip, Debbie and Michael would all return in 1992, with all four roles recast
• Julie's final words are "I'm the lucky one."
• The guest characters in this episode are uncredited

Summary by Steve