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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 151

Written by Jill James, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 14/10/85, BBC One: 01/06/87, UK Gold: 31/05/93

Max tells Danny to quieten down with the band practice
Terry and Daphne make plans to get the tape back
Des is surprised when Danny applies for the junior bank clerk job
Charles catches Terry in his house, retrieving the tape

Charles Durham's House: Charles asks Terry if she knows the penalty for breaking and entering, but she says that at least it would be her first offence. Charles won't let Terry leave, and says that this wasn't the cleverest of plans - Terry says that the most stupid thing she did was to ever get involved with him. He tells her that he'll just have to teach her a few lessons, to smarten her up.

No 28: Daphne answers the door to someone in a clown mask, with a fake gun, and she screams, only to then realise that it's her granddad, Harry Henderson. Des hears the scream and runs in, but rolls his eyes when he sees that Harry is back. Harry explains that he's in hiding from a very jealous husband, so if anyone calls for him, he's not there. Des tells him that, if he's come looking for a bed, then there isn't one, as the spare room is currently taken. Harry explains that he's rich now, after winning on the slot machines in Las Vegas, so he'll be booking himself into a hotel - Des then leaves, and Harry sits Daphne down and asks her what she's been up to.

. . .

Charles Durham's House: Terry tells Charles that he might as well let her go, now that he's got the tape, but he says that he's considering his options. She asks what more he could want with her, and he says that she and Daphne thought they would get away with this, but he won't allow it. Terry asks him who tipped him off, and he says it was 'someone with a great love of the outdoors', making Terry realise that perhaps it wasn't Scott after all. She tries to leave, but he says that he still hasn't made up his mind about what he's going to do with her - and asks her not to push him any further, or she might regret it.

No 28: Harry is going through his bag, and asks if he could put his clothes through the washing machine before he goes. He talks about what a lovely little girl she was, and mentions that he thinks his jetsetting days might be over. He goes over and starts talking to Daphne about investing his winnings in a small business, or in the stock exchange, but she isn't listening, and tells him that she's got a problem. Harry says that whenever he has a problem, he goes out on the town, which gives Daphne an idea, and she tells him that she needs his help.

Charles Durham's House: A tearful Terry starts pleading with Charles to let her go, but he says that she should have thought about the consequences before she broke in. She says that people will start wondering where she is if she doesn't go soon, and she hints that Paul will come looking, but Charles realises that she's bluffing and that Paul has no idea where she is. He decides that it might be a suitable punishment to keep her there for a few days, so she has to go home and explain her whereabouts to a jealous husband. Just then, there's a banging on the door and Harry bursts in, pretending to be drunk and providing a distraction as Terry grabs the tape and escapes.

Car: Terry gets into the car and thanks Daphne for her help. She says that a huge weight has been lifted now, and she's going to lodge the tape with a solicitor on Monday - and she'll just have to hide it somewhere until then. Harry then gets into the car, but before he can say much, Daphne starts the car and speeds off.

. . .

No 30: Jim and Des are putting up streamers and balloons, as Helen and Douglas organise the food and talk about their trip to the country the next day. Max comes over and says that he's just about given up on Paul turning up - and it's looking like Terry might miss the party too.

No 26/No 30: Terry lets herself in, and makes a quick call to the party, telling Des that she couldn't find the champagne Paul wanted, but she's on her way back now and she won't be long. She then hides the tape in a box of cassettes on top of the record player, and leaves the house.

No 30: Everyone is trying to work out where they're going to hide when Paul arrives. Des suggests the bedroom, and Jim suggests behind the couch, but they realise that they won't be able to synchronise it, so then Max says that they should all hide behind the curtains.

No 28: Daphne and Harry arrive back, and he wonders what's going on as she helps him with his coat and shoes. She offers to call a hotel and book a room for him, but he says that he'll do it later, and he talks about how the big hotels lack the personal touches that he likes. He tells Daphne that she's very lucky to have this lovely house, and how he's struggling to find the right place to sleep - Daphne quickly realises what he's hinting at.

No 30: Back at the party, Douglas is thanking Jim and Helen for making him feel like part of the family - he tells Jim about the trip to the country the next day, and says that he's hoping to get Helen's opinion on a cottage that he's thinking about buying. Danny then announces that someone's coming, and they all get behind the curtains, but it's just Terry who walks in. Jim says that she went to a lot of trouble to get that champagne, but before she can say much, they hear Paul coming. As Max tries to dive in behind the curtains, he pulls them down, and Paul walks in to find everyone, except Terry, in hysterics as they shout 'surprise!'.

. . .

No 28: Des arrives home and tells Daphne that the party was good, once Terry and Paul finally turned up. He's alarmed as Harry walks into the room in his dressing gown - Des says that he was supposed to be going to a hotel, but Harry explains that Daphne took pity on him. Harry then tells Daphne that he can't sleep in her room, as he's allergic to women's cosmetics, so he's taking his old room back. Des realises that this means that he's lost his bed, but Daphne says that it's just for one night, and he can have her bed. Des stands up, but then admits that he'd feel a bit odd sleeping in Daphne's bed, so she gets up and goes to bed, telling him that he'll just have to stay on the couch.

No 28: The next morning, a grumpy Des is furious as Harry comes in, telling him that it's a beautiful morning and time to get up. Des reminds Harry that it's the weekend, and says that he's barely had a wink of sleep on the couch, but Harry tells him that he's weak and he needs toughening up - suggesting that they go out for a jog together. Des wonders why, if Harry is so tough, he couldn't sleep on the couch last night, but Harry says that Sarah would never have approved of seeing an old man asleep on the couch, as she's very conservative. He then goes to take a shower - Des shouts out to remember who pays the water bills, then turns over to try and get some more sleep.

Charles Durham's House: Charles is reading the newspaper, but Barbara can't understand how he can be so calm when Terry managed to get away with the tape. She wants to know what happened - Charles explains that Terry grabbed the tape and ran whilst a drunken lout was getting in the way. Barbara can't imagine how Charles allowed her to escape, but he says that it's very easy to say these things in hindsight. She asks what they're going to do now - he says that the sooner they can sort this out, the sooner they can get married, and Barbara agrees to help him, whatever the cost.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny is having breakfast as Max wanders in, and Danny makes a joke about his father bringing the curtain down at the party. He says that he's offered to go over and fix it later, but Danny says that he was planning another driving lesson with Shane. Max then offers to give Danny a lesson, saying that he'll be able to give him some better tips than Shane. Danny then mentions that he's thinking about buying a car - Max wonders how he would afford it, but Danny tells Max that he might just be surprised.

. . .

Road: The lesson isn't going very well, so Max tells Danny to swap seats with him - he says that he'll show Danny what he was doing wrong, and how to do it correctly. As Max is then demonstrating what Danny was doing wrong - swerving all over the road as he came around a corner - the police spot the van and pull Max over. Sergeant Hawkins tells Max that he was swerving all over the road - Max protests that he was showing Danny what he'd done wrong, but the excuse doesn't cut it. The sergeant asks to see Max's licence, and tells him that he's parked too close to the corner - Max quickly offers to fix that problem, but then reverses straight back into the police car.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Terry Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Neil Melville as Sergeant Hawkins

Trivia Notes
The guest characters were not credited for this episode
First appearance of Johnny Lockwood as Harry since episode 68
Harry lived in Japan for six months, and once slept in the Mojave desert

Summary by Steve