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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 158

Written by C. V. Schofield, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 23/10/85, BBC One: 10/06/87, UK Gold: 09/06/93

Terry tells Shane how her ex, Charles, has been hassling her and she asks Shane to stay overnight
Eileen tells Des that she has turned down George's marriage proposal

No 28: Des and Max are shocked, and Des asks his mum why she turned George down. She's surprised to see so much interest in her personal life, and Max realises that now would be a good time to leave, as he has a date with Kate. Eileen tells Des that George was disappointed, but he'll get over it, but Des doesn't understand, as he thought that Eileen liked George. She asks that he keep his opinions to himself, and stop broadcasting her business all over the neighbourhood. He then suggests that she might change her mind, and asks again why she knocked him back, but Eileen glares at Des and he quickly leaves her alone.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Max arrives for his date with Kate, who tells him that her pipes are still working well. She admits that she's already missing having Danny around at school, and that she hopes he'll make a go of his career in banking. She then suggests that they should go and see a band - Max isn't quite sure about the idea, but Kate persuades him.

No 26: As Helen is preparing for an evening out, Jim is preparing dinner, and getting irritated by Scott, who's sitting at the table, playing the guitar very badly. He says that it's the guitar that's the problem and without a new one, he doesn't stand a chance at the talent quest. Jim says that he might get him a new one for his birthday, and Scott wishes that he could be earning money like Danny, though Jim thinks that a complete education is more valuable. Douglas then arrives to see Helen, with the news that the registry office is booked and their home is ready to move into, once she's chosen their furniture. She's delighted to hear that he's made an offer on the country cottage they both loved - Lucy then hears the news and is upset. Jim, however, is very happy for Helen as she and Douglas leave for dinner. Lucy asks Jim if he's going to be happy when Helen moves out - he just gives her a big hug.

. . .

No 28: Des is helping Daphne to put the shopping away, still wondering why Eileen turned down George's proposal, as Helen seems to be very happy to be getting married later in life. Daphne points out that Helen and Eileen are two very different women. Harry then walks in, all ready to celebrate Eileen's engagement which means she'll no longer be working at the shop - and is stunned by the news that she turned George down. Daphne realises that the whole thing was set up by the men to get Eileen out of their homes and businesses, and tells Harry that it serves him right, as he complains about how Eileen is putting off all of his customers. Harry again asks Daphne to come and run the shop for him but she says that, although she is looking for a new job, she wants something that'll be more '9 to 5'. Harry realises that he'll just have to give Eileen her notice, and Des says that Daphne should at least give the job a try.

Pacific Bank: The next morning, Douglas comes out of a meeting with Des after receiving some bad news. After he's gone, Des notices that George is becoming annoyed by small mistakes, and he calls himself a stupid old fool. Des suggests that Eileen's the fool, as she's making a big mistake - George, however, thinks that she can do much better than him, and says that he knew he wouldn't be lucky enough to marry two wonderful women in one lifetime.

No 28: Eileen is telling Daphne that she finds George a very nice man, but that's not a good enough reason to marry someone. Daphne agrees, and also agrees with Eileen's point that it gets more difficult as you get older. Eileen says that she just wants some consideration, and Daphne says that she gets that from plenty of people, and especially from George, which gives Eileen plenty to think about.

Ramsay Street: As she's leaving number 28, Eileen bumps into Helen and offers her congratulations on the engagement. She also apologises for jumping to conclusions about Helen's weekend, but Helen says that it's all water under the bridge.

. . .

No 26: Jim and his business partner, Ross Warner, are going through some blueprints, as Helen walks in. Ross tells her that, if these plans don't work out, it might be the dole queue for the lot of them. Jim then notices that Helen's carrying a guitar case and she admits that she couldn't resist helping Scott with his audition, as it means so much to him. Ross offers his congratulations on her engagement and she makes sure that he's coming to the wedding. Ross and Jim then go back to the plans, worrying about the amount of money that's tied up in it.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Eileen arrives to meet with George, and Harry does his best to make everything go smoothly. Eileen then sits down and tells George that she's been doing some thinking - Harry then interrupts with her tea, and refuses to leave until George finally orders a hamburger. Eileen wonders if George is upset with her, and he says that he still has the ring, and she only has to say if she's changed her mind. She says that she doesn't mean to be cruel, and she's enjoyed their friendship, but she doesn't think that it would work and she can't explain why. George asks if they could remain friends, but Eileen remains silent, and he decides to leave, just as Harry returns with the hamburger. Harry is then quietly delighted as Eileen announces that she's going to have to resign.

No 26: Jim is showing Ross to the front door, just as Douglas arrives to see Helen. Jim calls out to Helen, and introduces the two men to each other. Ross then says his goodbyes, and Helen asks Douglas if everything's alright, as she wasn't expecting him. He apologises for letting her down again and explains that they've lost out on the cottage.

No 26: Douglas is explaining that he couldn't sell his house in time, and someone else came in with a cash offer. Jim suggests that he could get a bridging loan and use his house as collateral but Douglas explains that he's tried already and was knocked back, probably due to his age. Helen insists that it doesn't matter, and Jim then suggests that Des might be able to help, though Douglas explains that it was Des who knocked him back for the loan earlier.

No 28: A very happy Harry returns home and tells Daphne that she is now employed as his new manageress. Daphne asks if he fired Eileen, but Harry insists that she left of her own accord, claiming that she needed a change of scene. Daphne asks who's running the shop at the moment, and Harry explains that he had to close, as it's always so quiet in the afternoon. Daphne tells him that it's no way to run a business, and he again says that's why she needs to come and help him. She turns him down, but he then says that she'll just have to look after him in his old age, when his business is in ruins and he's bankrupt. Daphne agrees to give it a try and asks when she starts - Harry says that there's no rush, and she can come to the shop once she's finished her lunch!

No 26: Max calls by with his quote for the plumbing work on Jim's new building - Jim reminds him that he can't make any promises that Max will get the job though. Max then asks if there's a problem with Helen and Douglas, as he just saw them driving off looking very unhappy. Jim explains that there's just been a hitch with the buying of their new house.

Pacific Bank: George is telling Des that it was very good of Eileen to be so honest with him, but he doubts he'll ever find another woman like her. Des says that he'll probably continue to see her around, but George then explains that he's decided to take a holiday, and has made some enquiries about a trip to Hayman Island.

. . .

No 26: Jim and Max have been discussing Helen's situation, and Jim is becoming quite annoyed about it, as she's worked so hard all her life and now she's heading for retirement and is having to settle for second best. He says that he'd do anything to help her, as she's dedicated most of her life to helping him, and says that, if he had a spare $58,000 lying around, he'd give it to her without a second thought.

No 26: A bit later, Lucy is telling Helen about her day at school, when Scott arrives home. Lucy tells him that Helen's bought him a present, and makes him search for it - he then finds the guitar behind the desk and is absolutely delighted with it.

. . .

No 28: Des asks Eileen if she'd like to stay for dinner, but she says that she'd prefer a quiet night at home - especially if Des is cooking! He says that he doesn't want her to be alone and asks if she'd like to move in for a while, but Eileen knows that it wouldn't work. She says that she realises that it would have been good for Des if she'd married George, but she couldn't go through it again. Des asks her what she means, and she explains that even the thought that George might one day leave her, and she'd be left with nothing to live for once again, is too much for her. She says that there are so many adjustments to make in a marriage - and she's too old to change, so it wouldn't work. Des comforts her as she starts to cry, and she says that he's the one thing in her life that she doesn't regret. Des then tells her about Daphne taking her old job at the coffee shop, and Eileen wishes her luck and says that she's made her face some harsh truths lately. She suggests that Des could do a lot worse than to marry a woman like Daphne - and she goes on to say that she's sorry that she's going to miss Helen's wedding, but she's decided to take a holiday - to Hayman Island!

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Suzanne Lobez as Kate Drew, Alan Cassell as George Young, Rodd McLennon as Ross Warner

Trivia Notes
The guest characters are uncredited for this episode
The role of Jim's business partner, Ross Warner, would later be played by Tim Hughes in 1988

Summary by Steve