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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 159

Written by C. V. Schofield, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/10/85, BBC One: 11/06/87, UK Gold: 10/06/93

Helen is delighted that Douglas has bought the cottage for them
Daphne tries to resist going to work for Harry
Eileen congratulates Helen on her engagement
Douglas tells Helen that they've missed out on the cottage
Eileen tells Des of her plans to go on holiday to Hayman Island

No 26: Jim finds a very happy Scott trying out his new guitar, and says that there'll be no excuses now for doing badly at the audition. Jim then finds Helen in the kitchen, telling her that it was very generous to buy the guitar, but she should be saving her money to spend on her new home. She looks at him quizzically and he tells her that he's found a spare $58,000 so the cottage is hers. She asks if he's remortgaged the house, but Jim says that it was some money in the business that wasn't doing anything. She realises that it was for their new project and says that she can't accept, as borrowing from family and friends almost always ends badly. He reminds her that it's only for couple of weeks, until Douglas sells his house, and Helen says that she's very grateful but she can't accept - and she's sure that Douglas will feel the same way. Once Helen has left the room, Jim calls Douglas and asks if he could come over to help deal with a problem.

No 28: Sarah is trying on a wig, and admiring herself in the mirror, but quickly takes it off when Daphne walks into the house. Sarah tells her that Des left some food on the stove, but it looks burnt. Daphne then asks why Sarah is in such a strange mood, and Sarah accuses her of talking about her behind her back, as she's seen her whispering with Terry all the time. Daphne just ignores her, then spots the wig in a box, and says that it looks like something Harry would wear for a comedy act.

No 26: Jim thanks Douglas for coming, and explains that he's got the money for the cottage but he needs help to persuade Helen to accept it. Helen is surprised to walk in and find Douglas, and she realises that they're ganging up on her - Jim tells her that she should at least discuss the situation with Douglas before any decision is made. Jim then goes to do some gardening, and Douglas sits down with Helen, who explains that she wouldn't feel right about taking the money, as something could very easily go wrong. She says that it feels too close, so Douglas suggests that they could put everything in his name.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 26 Front Garden: Ross arrives to see Jim, who explains about Helen knocking back the loan. Helen then calls down from the front door, and they go inside.

No 26: Jim and Ross ask what the verdict is, and Douglas says that it's a very generous offer and they'd like to accept it.

No 30: Someone knocks at the door and Terry calls out to ask who it is. A voice replies that it's market research, but when Terry opens the door - with the chain still on - it's Barbara. She says that she's a friend of Charles, and she needs to talk to Terry urgently, for both their sakes.

No 30: Terry is wondering why Barbara has suddenly switched sides, and Barbara admits that Charles told her all kinds of things, which she believed. Terry suspects that this is just another of Charles' plans, but then Barbara says that it isn't and that she wants to escape from Charles too. She says that it was Lucy who made her realise how bad her behaviour was, as she was using a child and it didn't feel good. Barbara then tells Terry that she needs her help.

. . .

No 28: Sarah arrives back from the shops, with the news that Terry has a new boyfriend, as there's a flashy car parked outside number 30. Daphne is very alarmed to hear it and rushes out of the house.

No 30: Barbara is explaining to Terry that she had a terrible row with Charles, who blamed her for everything and threatened to kill her if she tried to get away. Terry says that it wouldn't the first time, as that's what the tape is all about. Barbara says that she can't escape on her own, but maybe if they worked together, they could find a way to get back at him. They're interrupted by Daphne banging on the door to check that everything's OK - when Terry explains, Daphne thinks that she's crazy to allow Barbara into the house. Barbara says that she and Charles have split up for good, and Daphne wonders why Barbara is still driving Charles' car. Barbara explains that they had a fight and she left in a hurry, and Terry believes this and says that she's there if Barbara needs to talk. Barbara thanks Terry for being so understanding, after everything that's happened, and leaves. Daphne then tells Terry that she's just been conned by an expert.

No 26: Helen and Douglas, along with Jim and Ross, are making a toast to their new life together in the house of their dreams. Helen thanks them all for making it possible, and Douglas thanks her for making it all worthwhile.

No 30 - Kitchen: Daphne still can't believe that Terry fell for Barbara's lies, but Terry says that she was very convincing and that she still isn't sure whether it was all lies. Daphne suspects that this is all part of Charles' plan to make them fight and stop trusting each other, and says that, if they're going to get through this, they'll have to stick together.

No 26: The next morning, Helen asks Jim if he needs anything from the supermarket - he looks around, and then admits that it's going to be very strange having someone new in the kitchen. He tells Helen that he's contacted an agency, who are sending a couple of applicants for the housekeeper's job. Helen tells him that the new woman will need to be careful, as the children all like plain food, but also some variety. Jim points out that it could be a man, and Helen wonders if they'll be fresh out of the army. Jim then suggests that she could conduct the interviews, as she knows all of the right things to ask. She says that Jim should do it, but she'll reserve the right to step in. She looks around the kitchen and admits that it's become a part of her after so many years. Her daydreaming is interrupted by Terry, who's come over to show Jim and Helen a postcard from Paul.

No 28: Daphne is absentmindedly looking out of the window, across at number 30, when Sarah gets up and asks if the car is still there, and whether it really was Terry's new boyfriend. Daphne gives her a dirty look and asks if she wants some coffee, then asks why she isn't at work. Sarah says that she isn't feeling too well, so she's going to see the doctor this morning and will hopefully return to work in the afternoon. She suggests that she's maybe been working too hard, and Daphne points out that she's been going out a lot too and has been looking a bit 'off'. Sarah tells her that not everyone is obsessed with their appearance - then Daphne offers her a lift to the surgery, and Sarah briefly forgets that she's said she's going to the doctor, before correctly herself. Daphne looks thoroughly confused by the whole conversation.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is chatting away to some customers, when Jim comes in to put an ad in the window, looking for a housekeeper. Harry points out that he might get in trouble for sex discrimination, as the ad specifies a woman - Jim can't really see the problem, and is happy to go along with it when Harry suggests that he should interview any women who come into the shop to make enquiries.

Charles Durham's Flat/No 30: As Terry is cleaning the house, Charles calls her and says that she sounds very cheerful for someone whose life's on the line. She says that she isn't scared of him now, and she won't waste any time talking to him. Charles then tells her that Barbara had a little accident last night, but then she shouldn't have taken the car without his permission. Terry says that he seems very good at making empty threats, and adds that she's going to tell Paul all about this when he gets back tomorrow. Charles says that he's heard that Paul is quite possessive, and he doesn't believe that she'll tell him anything - he then threatens to come and tell Paul himself, and let him listen to the tape. Terry accuses him of making another empty threat, but he says that she shouldn't test him, as he's running out of patience.

. . .

Beauty School: A nervous Sarah walks in, as other women look at her, and then enters a door with 'Eva Kayes School of Beauty and Deportment' on the door.

No 30: Barbara arrives to see Terry again - Terry asks if she's OK, and Barbara explains that Charles was very threatening when she returned his car, but he didn't hurt her as there were other people around. She explains that she stayed in a motel last night, but couldn't sleep, and she asks what Charles said on the phone. Terry explains that it was more empty threats, but she isn't scared of him now, though Barbara says that she's more scared now, after yesterday. Terry says that they should stick together and then he can't get to them, and Barbara agrees but admits that Charles is like some kind of psychopath and she's worried about what he'll do next.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Terry calls in to visit Daphne, and to order some food. As Daphne takes her order, they talk about Barbara, and Terry says that she needs support at the moment.

No 26: Douglas and Helen are again thanking Jim for his help, and he says that they're all looking forward to the odd weekend at the cottage. Helen admits that the house will need some work before they can have any guests to stay, and Jim says that he's good with a paintbrush, and that Terry can help with the plumbing. Helen says that they've helped enough and she and Douglas should do the work themselves, but Jim calls her stubborn. She agrees, and says that she's glad that Douglas managed to talk her into accepting. Jim tells her that he was just glad to be able to repay some of her kindness from over the years.

. . .

No 30/Charles Durham's Flat: Terry is reading a Jackie Collins novel, when the phone rings. It's Charles, and he asks what she's doing - she claims that she has friends over for dinner, but he says that he knows she's alone, and has all the doors and windows locked, claiming that he watches every move she makes. She hangs up the phone, becoming very upset, but then it rings again - she ignores it. Shane then knocks on the door and calls out to her, and she rushes to let him in, breaking down in his arms.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Rodd McLennon as Ross Warner, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson

Trivia Notes
The role of Jim's business partner, Ross Warner, would later be played by Tim Hughes in 1988

Summary by Steve